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Siddington, Cheshire UK



Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bickerton, Charles  1834Siddington, Cheshire UK I109695
2 Bickerton, Elizabeth  22 Oct 1872Siddington, Cheshire UK I109826
3 Bickerton, Harriet  1827Siddington, Cheshire UK I109698
4 Bickerton, Harriet  1866Siddington, Cheshire UK I109825
5 Bickerton, James  1830Siddington, Cheshire UK I109694
6 Bickerton, John  1860Siddington, Cheshire UK I109822
7 Bickerton, Joseph  1841Siddington, Cheshire UK I109696
8 Bickerton, Lucy  1863Siddington, Cheshire UK I109824
9 Bickerton, Sarah Ann  1861Siddington, Cheshire UK I109823
10 Bickerton, Thomas  1792Siddington, Cheshire UK I109692
11 Bickerton, Thomas  1832Siddington, Cheshire UK I109697
12 Bickerton, William  1837Siddington, Cheshire UK I109682
13 Bickerton (Natural daughter), Harriet  19 Jun 1881Siddington, Cheshire UK I109837
14 Dingle, Elizabeth  1833Siddington, Cheshire UK I109709
15 Dingle, Hannah  1805Siddington, Cheshire UK I109714
16 Gee, Annie  1885Siddington, Cheshire UK I109853
17 Lievesley, Mary  13 Jul 1907Siddington, Cheshire UK I109844
18 Norbury, Annie  1893Siddington, Cheshire UK I109829
19 Norbury, Charles William  7 Aug 1895Siddington, Cheshire UK I109830
20 Norbury, Ellen  1898Siddington, Cheshire UK I109831
21 Norbury, Elsie  7 Apr 1900Siddington, Cheshire UK I109832


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bickerton, Alice  4 Sep 1870Siddington, Cheshire UK I109720
2 Bickerton, Charles  16 Nov 1834Siddington, Cheshire UK I109695
3 Bickerton, Elizabeth Ann  6 Sep 1874Siddington, Cheshire UK I109722
4 Bickerton, Enoch  28 Jul 1867Siddington, Cheshire UK I109718
5 Bickerton, Frank  17 Mar 1872Siddington, Cheshire UK I109721
6 Bickerton, Hannah  18 Oct 1863Siddington, Cheshire UK I109716
7 Bickerton, Harriet  18 Nov 1827Siddington, Cheshire UK I109698
8 Bickerton, James  7 Mar 1830Siddington, Cheshire UK I109694
9 Bickerton, James  6 Oct 1861Siddington, Cheshire UK I109715
10 Bickerton, Joseph  8 Apr 1841Siddington, Cheshire UK I109696
11 Bickerton, Olivia  10 Jan 1869Siddington, Cheshire UK I109719
12 Bickerton, Thomas  17 Jun 1792Siddington, Cheshire UK I109692
13 Bickerton, Thomas  4 Nov 1832Siddington, Cheshire UK I109697
14 Bickerton, Thomas  18 Jul 1858Siddington, Cheshire UK I109724
15 Bickerton, Violet Mary  17 Mar 1878Siddington, Cheshire UK I109723
16 Bickerton, William  14 Jun 1837Siddington, Cheshire UK I109682
17 Bickerton (Natural daughter), Harriet  24 Jul 1881Siddington, Cheshire UK I109837
18 Dingle, Elizabeth  29 Sep 1833Siddington, Cheshire UK I109709
19 Dingle, Hannah  3 Nov 1805Siddington, Cheshire UK I109714
20 Gee, Annie  29 Mar 1885Siddington, Cheshire UK I109853
21 Gee, Elizabeth  25 Sep 1887Siddington, Cheshire UK I109854
22 Norbury, Annie  5 Nov 1893Siddington, Cheshire UK I109829
23 Norbury, Charles William  15 Sep 1895Siddington, Cheshire UK I109830


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bickerton, Charles  Sep 1911Siddington, Cheshire UK I109695
2 Bickerton, Elizabeth  Nov 1952Siddington, Cheshire UK I109826
3 Bickerton, Enoch  May 1868Siddington, Cheshire UK I109718
4 Bickerton, Harriet  Jun 1878Siddington, Cheshire UK I109825
5 Bickerton, James  Sep 1899Siddington, Cheshire UK I109694
6 Bickerton, Olivia  1877Siddington, Cheshire UK I109719
7 Bickerton, Thomas  1844Siddington, Cheshire UK I109692
8 Bickerton, Wiliam Henry  Apr 1866Siddington, Cheshire UK I109717
9 Dingle, Elizabeth  Apr 1930Siddington, Cheshire UK I109709
10 Dingle, Hannah  Feb 1894Siddington, Cheshire UK I109714
11 Norbury, William  Aug 1955Siddington, Cheshire UK I109828
12 Rathbone, Ann  Feb 1895Siddington, Cheshire UK I109820


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bickerton, Thomas  17 Aug 1844Siddington, Cheshire UK I109692