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Southend On Sea, Essex, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.534985, Longitude: 0.71855


Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adey, Betty Ruth   I0748342101
2 Atkinson, Eric Leonard   I1748695200
3 Axe, Chandler James   I1748748556
4 Axe, Charlotte Louise   I1748748552
5 Axe, Christopher   I1748694890
6 Axe, Georgina Alice   I1748748555
7 Axe, Ryan   I1748694891
8 Axe, Sophie Victoria   I1748748553
9 Ayling, James Lawrence E  1980Southend on Sea, Essex, England I77400352428412
10 Ayling, LaurenMarie  1987Southend on Sea, Essex, England I77400352428413
11 Cox, Emily Susan  1992Southend on Sea, Essex, England I77400352428415
12 Cox, Harry  1998Southend on Sea, Essex, England I77400352428416
13 Crisp, Andrew Peter   I1750405074
14 Crisp, Helen Laura   I1750405076
15 Crisp, James G   I1748529743
16 Crisp, Louise Jane   I1750405073
17 Crisp, Michael James   I1750405072
18 Crisp, Michael James  1975Southend on Sea, Essex, England I3500608513
19 Crisp, Paula Helen   I1750405075
20 Evans, PatriciaMc Allister   I1748585490
21 Fellows, Anne L  1949Southend on Sea, Essex, England I3500523141
22 Fellows, JohnM   I1750405120
23 Grant, Sir Arthur Henry Bart  24 Apr 1849Southend on Sea, Essex, England I1750061911
24 GRINHAM, Richard Milton  22 Apr 1922Southend on Sea, Essex, England I122023908
25 Jarvis, Helen C  Nov 1965Southend on Sea, Essex, England I1955
26 Langlois, Charlie William T  2003Southend on Sea, Essex, England I7738448617
27 Langlois, Ellie Elizabeth  2000Southend on Sea, Essex, England I7738448616
28 Law, Danielle   I1748774920
29 Law, Yvette Suzanne   I1748774921
30 Reynolds, Corinne Anita  8 Feb 1945Southend on Sea, Essex, England I13604
31 Reynolds, Glenna  15 Sep 1946Southend on Sea, Essex, England I13605
32 Roberts, Dennis Reginald  11 Apr 1920Southend on Sea, Essex, England i49000090
33 SEWELL, Edith Violet  Apr 1904Southend on Sea, Essex, England I122012449
34 SIMMONDS, Emily Esther  Abt 1898Southend on Sea, Essex, England I122012447
35 Skinner, EthelMay  Sep 1889Southend on Sea, Essex, England I77402109324863
36 Stephens, Vera Lilian   I1748695201
37 Thornton, Clara  1860Southend on Sea, Essex, England I1748484561
38 Wallace, Denise G   I1748748554
39 Woodward, David Stuart   I0748342132
40 Woodward, Rachel Louise   I0748342161


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Axe, Arthur John  1993Southend on Sea, Essex, England I1748694871
2 Axe, Craig Glen  11 Jul 2007Southend on Sea, Essex, England I1748694877
3 Axe, Edgar Sinclare Hubie  Jan 1986Southend on Sea, Essex, England I480043761
4 Axe, Edith  Between Jul-Sep 1985Southend on Sea, Essex, England I480094960
5 Axe, Edwin Charles  1 May 1977Southend on Sea, Essex, England I1748585485
6 Axe, Frank  16 Nov 1985Southend on Sea, Essex, England I480041389
7 Biswell, Edward Thomas  1988Southend on Sea, Essex, England I3500307771
8 Boothby, Cecil  13 Feb 1916Southend on Sea, Essex, England I77675
9 Boothby, Dorothy Beryl  May 2003Southend on Sea, Essex, England I67881
10 Boss, George Frederick  19 Apr 1983Southend on Sea, Essex, England I1750124642
11 Boughey, Sir William Fletcher Baronet  17 Apr 1912Southend on Sea, Essex, England I7739164434
12 Cox, Shane John  Sep 2006Southend on Sea, Essex, England I80492
13 Dyer, Charlotte Anne  2 Jul 1979Southend on Sea, Essex, England I77400352428798
14 Fellows, Leonard Walter  Dec 1996Southend on Sea, Essex, England I1750124425
15 French, Evelyn Doris  16 Jan 2000Southend On Sea, Essex, England I14928
16 Grimer, Montague Augustus  11 Jul 1969Southend on Sea, Essex, England I26008558
17 King, Dorothy Hilda  Sep 1975Southend on Sea, Essex, England I08228227301
18 Longman, Rose Violet  1 May 1996Southend on Sea, Essex, England I1748487263
19 Mabbott, Colin Geoffrey  Sep 1979Southend on Sea, Essex, England I100839
20 Maw, Eliza Ann  1950Southend on Sea, Essex, England I600009524
21 Mellors, NorahMary  19 Mar 2009Southend on Sea, Essex, England I07877803262
22 Mellors, Thomas Leslie  Sep 1980Southend on Sea, Essex, England I08022069394
23 Parry, Mary  Dec 1985Southend on Sea, Essex, England I1748585487
24 Peacock, Ivy Lilian  Jan 1991Southend on Sea, Essex, England I1748694873
25 Swan, Martyn Philip  Dec 2005Southend On Sea, Essex, England I08223395357
26 Thomas, Emma Rebecca  8 Feb 1944Southend on Sea, Essex, England I19203
27 Thomas, Florence Maud  1983Southend on Sea, Essex, England I13599
28 Thomas, Lilian  1962Southend on Sea, Essex, England I15273
29 Walker, Florence ,Matilda  Abt 2000Southend on Sea, Essex, England I77400352435263
30 Warren, Jean Elsie  2005Southend on Sea, Essex, England I1748694876
31 Withens, Sir Francis  9 May 1704Southend on Sea, Essex, England I1750046064
32 Young, PhyllisM  1 Jul 1989Southend on Sea, Essex, England I18029072


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Barley  19 Apr 1944Southend on Sea, Essex, England F1944438741
2 Axe / Evans   F672177376
3 Axe / Kempster-Butler   F672293165
4 Axe / Napper   F672293422
5 Axe / Tidey   F672264247
6 Axe / Wallace   F672293423
7 Ayling / Cox   F1944438631
8 Boothby / Bangert   F14276
9 Cox / Ballinger   F1944438632
10 Fell / Margetts   F28023394
11 Henaghan / Cox   F1345713707
12 Langlois / Coster   F1943986949
13 Philp / Margetts   F28023393