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Southwark, Surrey, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.5030795, Longitude: -0.0987052


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Agnes  Southwark, Surrey, England I480034203
2 Ellen Hannah  1884Southwark, Surrey, England I77402664099361
3 Louisa  1813Southwark, Surrey, England I2283
4 Sarah  Abt 1791Southwark, Surrey, England I1748851974
5 Albury, Eleanor Jane  11 Sep 1865Southwark, Surrey, England I08338077196
6 Allin, Maxwell Stephen   I77402437232603
7 Assender, Ann  29 Jun 1836Southwark, Surrey, England I480088357
8 Assender, Eleanor  3 Nov 1832Southwark, Surrey, England I480088355
9 Assender, George  17 Oct 1834Southwark, Surrey, England I480088356
10 Assender, Joseph  29 Oct 1828Southwark, Surrey, England I480088354
11 Assender, Joseph James  14 Nov 1804Southwark, Surrey, England I480088351
12 Axe, Elizabeth  Abt 1737Southwark, Surrey, England I7098276827
13 Axe, John  Abt 1738Southwark, Surrey, England I7098276815
14 Axe, Mary  Abt 1740Southwark, Surrey, England I7098276826
15 Babbage, Thomas  1 Mar 1818Southwark, Surrey, England I77402446645062
16 Bishop, Emma  Abt 1828Southwark, Surrey, England I99301
17 Bonehill, Aaron  21 Mar 1851Southwark, Surrey, England I1750123253
18 Bonehill, Ada Sarah  Jun 1909Southwark, Surrey, England I1750123256
19 Bonehill, Emma  Abt 1848Southwark, Surrey, England I1750123270
20 Bonehill, Frederick  5 Jun 1911Southwark, Surrey, England I1750120913
21 Bonehill, John Charles  22 Oct 1845Southwark, Surrey, England I1750123269
22 Bonehill, Mary Ann  Abt 1840Southwark, Surrey, England I1750123266
23 Borner, Florence JK  1920Southwark, Surrey, England I1750577202
24 Borromeo, Louisa  1857Southwark, Surrey, England I77402664085672
25 Bowers, Mary Ann  Abt 1851Southwark, Surrey, England I1750123254
26 Bray, Henry John J  Abt 1883Southwark, Surrey, England I1748845319
27 BREMER, Elsie Margaret  7 Aug 1927Southwark, Surrey, England I77402664228441
28 Brownlow, Sarah  Abt 1837Southwark, Surrey, England I30129
29 Buckham, Alfred G  1880Southwark, Surrey, England I77402664104998
30 Buckham, Ann Susannah  1873Southwark, Surrey, England I77402664105215
31 Buckmaster, May Gertrude  Mar 1906Southwark, Surrey, England I7738448064
32 BULMER, Arthur Wallace  3 Mar 1912Southwark, Surrey, England I122023870
33 Burrin, Brian GP  1935Southwark, Surrey, England I3500438732
34 Burton, Alice Elizabeth  25 Aug 1901Southwark, Surrey, England I77402450795551
35 CADBY, Joseph  Nov 1817Southwark, Surrey, England I77402664228861
36 Carty, Mary Ann  1851Southwark, Surrey, England I77402511988194
37 Cawkwell, Ann  10 Sep 1813Southwark, Surrey, England I69117
38 Cawkwell, Frances  22 Mar 1803Southwark, Surrey, England I69113
39 Cawkwell, Frances Louisa  22 Apr 1834Southwark, Surrey, England I69152
40 Cawkwell, John  19 Jul 1807Southwark, Surrey, England I69115
41 Cawkwell, John Edward  13 Mar 1810Southwark, Surrey, England I69116
42 Cawkwell, Mary  5 Oct 1838Southwark, Surrey, England I69155
43 Cawkwell, Sarah Catherine  3 Nov 1839Southwark, Surrey, England I69156
44 Cawkwell, Stella  14 Oct 1835Southwark, Surrey, England I69153
45 Cawkwell, William Joseph  17 Aug 1837Southwark, Surrey, England I69154
46 Cawkwell, William Oxenforth  16 Dec 1804Southwark, Surrey, England I69114
47 CHITTENDEN, HarrietM  1840Southwark, Surrey, England I77402664106032
48 Choveaux, Lewis (Louis) Nicholas  1833Southwark, Surrey, England I103109
49 Clements, Ernest Thomas  Between Jul-Sep 1872Southwark, Surrey, England I80418
50 Coggan, Robert  Abt 1889Southwark, Surrey, England I1750136271

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allamby, Emma  1849Southwark, Surrey, England I77402511136915
2 Bennett, William  1884Southwark, Surrey, England I7739695225
3 Bonehill, Ada Sarah  Mar 1911Southwark, Surrey, England I1750123256
4 CADBY, Joseph  Jun 1877Southwark, Surrey, England I77402664228882
5 Cawkwell, Ann  5 Dec 1813Southwark, Surrey, England I69117
6 Cawkwell, John  11 Dec 1808Southwark, Surrey, England I69115
7 Cawkwell, Mary  20 Nov 1838Southwark, Surrey, England I69155
8 Cawkwell, William  12 Jan 1837Southwark, Surrey, England I7739820864
9 Copley, Roger  1560Southwark, Surrey, England I121003834
10 Coster, Edward Charles  Between Oct-Dec 1906Southwark, Surrey, England I3500438690
11 Dodson, Sarah Scarborough  3 Feb 1841Southwark, Surrey, England I69151
12 Dumville, Benjamin Beer  10 Jan 1830Southwark, Surrey, England I77402664090096
13 Fenton, Rosetta Ann  Oct 1902Southwark, Surrey, England I99236
14 Fletcher, Richard  Between Oct-Dec 1881Southwark, Surrey, England I77402664079991
15 Godfrey, Emily Augusta  1899Southwark, Surrey, England I480192803
16 GREASBY, Emma  1851Southwark, Surrey, England I77402664104988
17 GREASBY, Patience  1851Southwark, Surrey, England I77402664105206
18 GREASBY, Susannah Deborah  1881Southwark, Surrey, England I77402664105208
19 Greasby, Thomas Francis  1929Southwark, Surrey, England I77402664105454
20 GREASBY, Thomas Gunby  1881Southwark, Surrey, England I77402664105201
21 GREASBY, William  1898Southwark, Surrey, England I77402664104987
22 Hayllar, Sarah  1846Southwark, Surrey, England I1748479858
23 Hyden, William James  1 Mar 1904Southwark, Surrey, England I18027636
24 Ingell, Hezekiah  18 Aug 1835Southwark, Surrey, England I33187
25 Ingle, Thomas  9 Sep 1803Southwark, Surrey, England I77402664080110
26 Ingle, William  27 Sep 1798Southwark, Surrey, England I77402664080109
27 Kenward, Frederick  1888Southwark, Surrey, England I3500305385
28 Mallum, Elizabeth  9 Feb 1837Southwark, Surrey, England I77402664080107
29 Packer, Marian Johanna  Between Oct-Dec 1966Southwark, Surrey, England I77402664079790
30 Phillips, Charles  1880Southwark, Surrey, England I480193328
31 Punyer, Isabella  Dec 1960Southwark, Surrey, England I18041826
32 Reed, Elizabeth  1938Southwark, Surrey, England I77402664079462
33 Sleap, Joseph Axe  22 Oct 1859Southwark, Surrey, England I6778
34 Thomas, Beatrice  Nov 1987Southwark, Surrey, England I77402664228573
35 Thomas, Henry Ebenezer  1883Southwark, Surrey, England I39007
36 Thomas, James  Jan 1871Southwark, Surrey, England I2542
37 Thomas, John Butler  Mar 1880Southwark, Surrey, England I10921
38 Thomas, John Butler  Dec 1880Southwark, Surrey, England I10923
39 Thomas, Margaret  Feb 1998Southwark, Surrey, England I77402664228575
40 Thomas, William John  Abt 1847Southwark, Surrey, England I35687
41 Twisden, William  19 Feb 1841Southwark, Surrey, England I1750047880
42 WHISTLE, Susannah  1883Southwark, Surrey, England I77402664104984
43 Wilson, Frances  19 Oct 1826Southwark, Surrey, England I69112


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Babbage, Thomas  1 Apr 1818Southwark, Surrey, England I77402446645062
2 Davis, Samuel Sidney  Southwark, Surrey, England I181871184
3 Twisden, Charles  18 Jun 1771Southwark, Surrey, England I1750047859


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Fennell, Martha  1881Southwark, Surrey, England I1748843961
2 Fennell, Thomas  1881Southwark, Surrey, England I1748843962
3 Fennell, William  1881Southwark, Surrey, England I1748843960
4 Miller, Thomas  1838Southwark, Surrey, England I93513
5 Miller, Thomas  1841Southwark, Surrey, England I93513
6 Miller, Thomas  1852Southwark, Surrey, England I93513
7 Miller, Thomas  1857Southwark, Surrey, England I93513
8 Waterhouse, Lawson  1861Southwark, Surrey, England I1749373420


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bonehill, Aaron  1851Southwark, Surrey, England I1750123253
2 Bonehill, Benjamin  1851Southwark, Surrey, England I1750123257
3 Cartwright, Ann  1851Southwark, Surrey, England I1750123258
4 Willett, Joseph  Southwark, Surrey, England I1750062379


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Dunn  21 Feb 1850Southwark, Surrey, England F3333816618
2 Bonney / Ilsley   F28026795
3 Boss / Juniper  22 Aug 1920Southwark, Surrey, England F672668404
4 Caley /   21 Feb 1850Southwark, Surrey, England F3333816495
5 Cawkwell / Wilson  26 Mar 1797Southwark, Surrey, England F14646
6 Coster / Wynn   F1943986951
7 Everett / Townsend  1857Southwark, Surrey, England F1840916
8 Fillingham / Harrison  26 Jan 1868Southwark, Surrey, England F1943987419
9 Greasby / Adams  1904Southwark, Surrey, England F3333821675
10 Greasby / KETLEY  1904Southwark, Surrey, England F3333821679
11 Ilsley / Punyer  Apr 1900Southwark, Surrey, England F28026391
12 Ingell / Mallum  16 Feb 1792Southwark, Surrey, England F3333811381
13 Ingle / Gibbings  1840Southwark, Surrey, England F3333811382
14 Kingshott / Sallows  8 Jul 1793Southwark, Surrey, England F1944440421
15 Margetts / May  1 Sep 1919Southwark, Surrey, England F28023285
16 Margetts / Wilson  1 Dec 1903Southwark, Surrey, England F28025010
17 Rhodes / Ware  1805Southwark, Surrey, England F1345572315
18 Sleap / Pole  18 Sep 1841Southwark, Surrey, England F3333887945
19 Thomas /   Dec 1920Southwark, Surrey, England F2302
20 Thomas / GALE  5 Nov 1893Southwark, Surrey, England F3333884991
21 Thomas / Page  Dec 1920Southwark, Surrey, England F12533
22 Waterhouse / Cooper  Between Jan and Mar 1867Southwark, Surrey, England F672427234