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Stepney, Middlesex, England



Latitude: 51.54348, Longitude: -0.04885


Matches 51 to 100 of 191

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
51 Boustead, John  12 Jan 1849Stepney, Middlesex, England I7738448485
52 Boustead, Leslie  11 Mar 1937Stepney, Middlesex, England I77400352427080
53 Boustead, Robert Norman  Mar 1846Stepney, Middlesex, England I7738448484
54 Charlton, Harriet ,Lydia  Abt 1843Stepney, Middlesex, England I77400352435471
55 Charlton, Henry ,George  Abt 1854Stepney, Middlesex, England I77400352435472
56 Colbourn, John George  Abt 1841Stepney, Middlesex, England I1748490345
57 Cole, Arthur Henry  16 Dec 1885Stepney, Middlesex, England I1750124647
58 Coope, William Jesser  30 Jan 1765Stepney, Middlesex, England I86115
59 Court, Mary  Jul 1705Stepney, Middlesex, England I94543
60 Court, Mary  1 Feb 1738Stepney, Middlesex, England I94547
61 Court, Susanna  11 Jan 1708Stepney, Middlesex, England I94544
62 Court, Susanna  23 Nov 1751Stepney, Middlesex, England I94548
63 Court, Thomas  5 Mar 1737Stepney, Middlesex, England I94546
64 Crowson, Esther Rebecca  1853Stepney, Middlesex, England I52043
65 Crowson, SarahMary Hannah  1849Stepney, Middlesex, England I52047
66 Dalby, Ann Elizabeth  7 Aug 1813Stepney, Middlesex, England I51914
67 Dalby, George Daniel  29 Mar 1811Stepney, Middlesex, England I51913
68 Dalby, Harriet  Abt 1835Stepney, Middlesex, England I51915
69 Dalby, John Flowers  1845Stepney, Middlesex, England I52031
70 Dalby, Rebecca Watson  1829Stepney, Middlesex, England I51916
71 Ditchburn, Sarha  1839Stepney, Middlesex, England I1748486388
72 Downes, Rebecca Louisa  24 Feb 1874Stepney, Middlesex, England I23961
73 Edgecombe, William  21 Apr 1930Stepney, Middlesex, England I28585
74 Eskdale, William  Mar 1836Stepney, Middlesex, England I18042452
75 Farr, Jane  Abt 1846Stepney, Middlesex, England I08086795763
76 Ferguson, IsabelMary Ann  1849Stepney, Middlesex, England I39582
77 Fisher, Walter  Mar 1851Stepney, Middlesex, England I77400352427073
78 Flowers, John  Abt 1820Stepney, Middlesex, England I52030
79 Gatrell, George  1870Stepney, Middlesex, England I1750404338
80 Gatrell, Harriet  1872Stepney, Middlesex, England I1750404350
81 Green, Alfred  1879Stepney, Middlesex, England I1750404305
82 Green, Bertram  1882Stepney, Middlesex, England I1750404306
83 Green, Charles  1892Stepney, Middlesex, England I1750404307
84 Green, Emma  1847Stepney, Middlesex, England I1750404368
85 Green, Ethel  1886Stepney, Middlesex, England I1750404308
86 Green, Eva  1888Stepney, Middlesex, England I1750404309
87 Green, Frederick Andrew  1875Stepney, Middlesex, England I1748477375
88 Green, Maud  1881Stepney, Middlesex, England I1750404312
89 Guiver, Annie Jane  1851Stepney, Middlesex, England I247615621
90 Harris, Mary Ann  1827Stepney, Middlesex, England I480193278
91 Hutton, Sarah  1861Stepney, Middlesex, England I3500313322
92 Jameson, Elizabeth  Jun 1853Stepney, Middlesex, England I38496
93 Jones  1919Stepney, Middlesex, England I39797
94 Jones, Arthur George  1871Stepney, Middlesex, England I1750404321
95 Jones, Harry Sydney  1878Stepney, Middlesex, England I1750404323
96 Jones, Marie Jessie  1868Stepney, Middlesex, England I1750404320
97 Jones, Minnie Beatrice  1872Stepney, Middlesex, England I1750404322
98 Kurring, Mary Ann S  1907Stepney, Middlesex, England I08347115733
99 Mansford, June I  1929Stepney, Middlesex, England I73522
100 Mansford, Reginald Joseph  27 Dec 1903Stepney, Middlesex, England I3500214829

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