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Stockport, Cheshire, England



Location : Latitude: 53.4226275, Longitude: -2.1533203


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adshead, Henry  15th Apr 1920Stockport, Cheshire, England I7001644599
2 Adshead, Veda   I7738448356
3 Ashes, Amy  1901Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750123176
4 Ashes, Bertha  1903Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750123177
5 Ashes, Florence  27 Jul 1892Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750123175
6 Ashes, Mary Elizabeth  1887Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750123174
7 Ashes, Percy  4 Dec 1890Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750122932
8 Axe, Briony Catherine   I1748568500
9 Axe, Charlotte Megan   I1748568501
10 Axe, Christopher Stuart   I1748568499
11 Axe, Matthew Liam   I1748568498
12 Baguley, Daniel Richard   I479354752
13 Baguley, David   I565399
14 Baguley, Paul   I565400
15 Baguley, Richard Andrew   I565401
16 Baguley, Stephen Albert   I565398
17 Baguley, Victoria Grace   I479354753
18 Barlow, Leonard  4 NovStockport, Cheshire, England I77402558507988
19 Bennett, Harry  14 Sep 1912Stockport, Cheshire, England I66952
20 Bennett, Robert W  1934Stockport, Cheshire, England I66953
21 Booth, Charles  1880Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750188613
22 Booth, Elsie  1903Stockport, Cheshire, England I7739694933
23 Booth, Henry  1892Stockport, Cheshire, England I7739694932
24 Booth, John  1904Stockport, Cheshire, England I7739694934
25 Booth, May  1910Stockport, Cheshire, England I7739694935
26 Booth, Susan  1577Stockport, Cheshire, England I3500311997
27 Bradley, Albert  1915Stockport, Cheshire, England I7739821231
28 Bradley, Annie Elsie  1897Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750300156
29 Bradley, Edith  1893Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750300153
30 Bradley, Eliza  1892Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750300152
31 Bradley, Frank  1870Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750300151
32 Bradley, Frank  1896Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750300155
33 Bradley, James  1902Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750300158
34 Bradley, John  1913Stockport, Cheshire, England I7739821230
35 Bradley, John Francis  1909Stockport, Cheshire, England I7739821229
36 Bradley, Joseph Daniels  1905Stockport, Cheshire, England I7739821227
37 Bradley, Mary Lilian  1906Stockport, Cheshire, England I7739821228
38 Bradley, May  1899Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750300157
39 Bradley, Philomena  1903Stockport, Cheshire, England I7739821226
40 Bradley, Sarah Frances  1895Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750300154
41 Brookes, Anthony  9 Sep 1943Stockport, Cheshire, England I3500598732
42 Brookes, Edwin  17 Jan 1893Stockport, Cheshire, England I3500598728
43 Brookes, Edwin  16 Jan 1916Stockport, Cheshire, England I3500598729
44 Brookes, Edwin Joseph  03 Feb 1939Stockport, Cheshire, England I3500598731
45 Burton, Karl Edward   I1748774819
46 Burton, Mervyn Edward   I1748774817
47 Carrick, Hilda  Sep 1940Stockport, Cheshire, England I93528
48 Carrick, Jean  Dec 1948Stockport, Cheshire, England I93530
49 Clarkson, Sharon   I77402446873361
50 Coffey, Emma Leigh   I1750577215

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Chetwode, Sir John Baronet  Stockport, Cheshire, England I7739164380


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1960Stockport, Cheshire, England I77402664088961
2 Adshead, Henry  12th Jan 2016Stockport, Cheshire, England I7001644599
3 Backhouse, James  Q4 1948Stockport, Cheshire, England I77402664090526
4 Backhouse, Mabel Amelia  Q3 1969Stockport, Cheshire, England I77402664089946
5 Backhouse, Samuel  Jun 1986Stockport, Cheshire, England I77402664088967
6 Barlow, Leonard  27 May 2012Stockport, Cheshire, England I77402558507988
7 Bee, Francis  Between Jan-Mar 1890Stockport, Cheshire, England I77400352428598
8 Booth, Charles  1911Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750188613
9 Boothby, Sydney  Between Apr-Jun 1960Stockport, Cheshire, England I66256
10 Bradley, Albert  1915Stockport, Cheshire, England I7739821231
11 Bradley, Frank  1896Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750300155
12 Bradley, Philomena  1905Stockport, Cheshire, England I7739821226
13 Brookes, Edwin  29 Aug 1964Stockport, Cheshire, England I3500598728
14 Brookes, Edwin  24 Mar 1982Stockport, Cheshire, England I3500598729
15 Brookes, Edwin Joseph  16 Jun 2006Stockport, Cheshire, England I3500598731
16 Butcher, Owen  Between Apr-Jun 1920Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750940477
17 Coggan, Alfred Vaughan  Abt 1986Stockport, Cheshire, England I3500598724
18 Coggan, Annie  1983Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750250483
19 Coggan, Elizabeth Josephine  01 Sept 1982Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750250482
20 Coggan, George  1868Stockport, Cheshire, England I53762
21 Coggan, James  20 Feb 1943Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750209125
22 Coggan, John James  25 Jun 1972Stockport, Cheshire, England I7739821232
23 Coggan, Maria  1884Stockport, Cheshire, England I53781
24 Coggan, Sarah  1960Stockport, Cheshire, England I53802
25 Coggan, Sarah Alice  1984Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750250484
26 Coggan, William  1871Stockport, Cheshire, England I53814
27 Connell, Esther  Mar 1989Stockport, Cheshire, England I77402664089265
28 Cowie, Henry Edward Colvin  1963Stockport, Cheshire, England I96652
29 Critchley, Annie  22 Jul 2008Stockport, Cheshire, England I3500598730
30 DeEaton, Cicely  1361Stockport, Cheshire, England I121003542
31 DICKSON, AndrewMaxwell  1989Stockport, Cheshire, England I77402664104043
32 Dobson, Laura Agnes  1987Stockport, Cheshire, England I77402664089055
33 Fox, Betsy  Aug 1993Stockport, Cheshire, England I77402664093032
34 Fox, Joseph  Dec 1998Stockport, Cheshire, England I77402664092166
35 Fox, William Thomas  22 Nov 1935Stockport, Cheshire, England I77402664088474
36 Foy, Ellen  26 Mar 1892Stockport, Cheshire, England I54732
37 Gaunt, James  Stockport, Cheshire, England I7738448359
38 Green, Elizabeth  Between Apr-Jun 1911Stockport, Cheshire, England I480038949
39 Grylls, Leslie Barrymore  1967Stockport, Cheshire, England I3500214948
40 Gylee, Frances  1926Stockport, Cheshire, England I7739694931
41 Hobson, John  About 1903Stockport, Cheshire, England I712994
42 Houghton, Ernest  Stockport, Cheshire, England I7738448357
43 Johnson, Arthur  1969Stockport, Cheshire, England I77402664085372
44 Jones, Arthur Burrows  1987Stockport, Cheshire, England I480043512
45 Jones, Martha Elizabeth  Between Oct-Dec 1871Stockport, Cheshire, England I54576
46 Jones, William Whitmore  Between Jul-Sep 1922Stockport, Cheshire, England I77400352436715
47 Kitchen, Reginald Boothby  1990Stockport, Cheshire, England I077402664082201
48 LAYTON, KENNETH  Aug 2003Stockport, Cheshire, England I121003141
49 Lewis, George Stephen  2010Stockport, Cheshire, England I7738448365
50 Maw, Francis Harvey  Martr 1875Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750347969

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Brookes, Edwin  02 Sep 1964Stockport, Cheshire, England I3500598728
2 Coggan, Elizabeth Josephine  08 Sep 1982Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750250482


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  02 Apr 1911Stockport, Cheshire, England I77402664088961
2 Mary  1861Stockport, Cheshire, England I18011058
3 Ashes, Florence  1901Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750123175
4 Ashes, Mary Elizabeth  1891Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750123174
5 Ashes, Mary Elizabeth  1901Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750123174
6 Ashes, Percy  1891Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750122932
7 Ashes, Percy  1901Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750122932
8 Ashes, William  1891Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750122931
9 Ashes, William  1901Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750122931
10 Backhouse, James  02 Apr 1911Stockport, Cheshire, England I77402664090526
11 Backhouse, Leonard  02 Apr 1911Stockport, Cheshire, England I77402664088158
12 Backhouse, Samuel  02 Apr 1911Stockport, Cheshire, England I77402664088967
13 Morgan, Elizabeth Ann  1891Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750122930
14 Morgan, Elizabeth Ann  1901Stockport, Cheshire, England I1750122930
15 Nicholson, Elizh  1861Stockport, Cheshire, England I18011627
16 Nicholson, John  1861Stockport, Cheshire, England I18011626
17 Nicholson, Matilda  1861Stockport, Cheshire, England I18011047
18 Nicholson, Thomas  1861Stockport, Cheshire, England I18011059
19 Nicholson, Thomas  1861Stockport, Cheshire, England I18011625


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Backhouse  Jun 1925Stockport, Cheshire, England F3333816549
2 / Norris  Dec 1952Stockport, Cheshire, England F3333816619
3 Beaty / Backhouse  Sep 1943Stockport, Cheshire, England F3333815168
4 Bell / Bramwell  Sep 1896Stockport, Cheshire, England F23153
5 Bennett / Hammerton  Between Jan-Mar 1934Stockport, Cheshire, England F13960
6 Bradley / Dawson  04 Dec 1799Stockport, Cheshire, England F672130790
7 Brodrick / Wood  Between Apr and Jun 1876Stockport, Cheshire, England F672329120
8 Brookes / Coggan  02 Oct 1915Stockport, Cheshire, England F1345646775
9 Brookes / Critchley  18 Sep 1937Stockport, Cheshire, England F1345646776
10 Brown / Coward  Oct 1890Stockport, Cheshire, England F5476
11 Butcher / McClean  Between Oct-Dec 1911Stockport, Cheshire, England F18642
12 Carr / Buchanen  1873Stockport, Cheshire, England F44000030
13 Coggan / Foy  22 Jun 1891Stockport, Cheshire, England F31165
14 Coggan / Parkinson  17 Nov 1892Stockport, Cheshire, England F672800196
15 Comley / Butcher  Between Oct-Dec 1928Stockport, Cheshire, England F18639
16 Davenport / Bramhall  Abt 1364Stockport, Cheshire, England F672154783
17 Fish / Margetts  1 Jun 1900Stockport, Cheshire, England F28024659
18 Foster / Oldfield  1926Stockport, Cheshire, England F3333822118
19 Fox /   Jun 1925Stockport, Cheshire, England F3333816487
20 Fox / Connell  Q4 1974Stockport, Cheshire, England F3333815832
21 Gould / Margetts  1 Sep 1927Stockport, Cheshire, England F28024660
22 Houghton / Rhodes  Stockport, Cheshire, England F1943986875
23 Johnson / Coggan  1924Stockport, Cheshire, England F3333813882
24 Lucas / Margetts  1 Sep 1938Stockport, Cheshire, England F28024661
25 Margetts / Bithel   F19020835
26 Margetts / Brelsford   F28021336
27 Margetts / Brown  1 Sep 1907Stockport, Cheshire, England F28021786
28 Margetts / Hargreaves  1 Aug 1905Stockport, Cheshire, England F28021335
29 Margetts / Kelsall  1 Mar 1937Stockport, Cheshire, England F28024326
30 Margetts / Middleton  1 Sep 1943Stockport, Cheshire, England F28023578
31 Margetts / Woodall  1 Jun 1905Stockport, Cheshire, England F28024658
32 Oates / Ratcliffe  Jun 1890Stockport, Cheshire, England F887558
33 Oldfield / HARROP  1901Stockport, Cheshire, England F3333821301
34 Parkin / Minshull  1888Stockport, Cheshire, England F3333811984
35 Peters / Fox  Mar 1945Stockport, Cheshire, England F3333814753
36 Pinnington / Coggan  1929Stockport, Cheshire, England F3333813881
37 Poskitt / Ward  18 Jun 1837Stockport, Cheshire, England F1345480898
38 Simcox /   Dec 1850Stockport, Cheshire, England F9958
39 Standring / Scruton  Jun 1959Stockport, Cheshire, England F19424
40 Walker / Gee  Mar 1870Stockport, Cheshire, England F10935
41 Walker / Taylor  Sep 1839Stockport, Cheshire, England F10926
42 Wiltshire / Mathews   F1944438818
43 Woodward / Booth  Dec 1889Stockport, Cheshire, England F20368