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Thorne, Yorkshire UK



Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Audas, Edith  4 Dec 1900Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111600
2 Audas, Stanley  21 Feb 1902Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111601
3 Boothman, Joseph  1846Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111483
4 Boothman, Mary H.  1863Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111490
5 Isle, Charles William  1865Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111533
6 Isle, Frederick  1894Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111540
7 Isle, George  24 Apr 1871Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111535
8 Isle, Hannah Elizabeth  7 Jun 1877Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111536
9 Isle, James  22 Apr 1873Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111643
10 Isle, Thomas  28 Jun 1863Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111532
11 Kellitt, Rebecca  1838Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111458
12 Kellitt, Sarah Ann  1833Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111466
13 Masting, Elizabeth  1863Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111537
14 Parkinson, Arthur Frederick  10 Apr 1881Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111523
15 Ramsey, Charlotte  1847Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111647
16 Ramsey, Elizabeth  1852Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111650
17 Ramsey, James  1844Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111646
18 Ramsey, Robert  1843Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111645
19 Ramsey, Thomas Isle  1849Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111648
20 Roberts, Charles William  1855Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111517
21 Roberts, Elkanah  1863Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111519
22 Roberts, Hannah  1851Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111515
23 Roberts, Joseph  1827Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111514
24 Roberts, Mary  1852Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111516
25 Roberts, Sarah Jane  1857Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111518
26 Stanley, Albert Richard  20 May 1875Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111558
27 Stanley, Alice  14 Jan 1873Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111557
28 Stanley, Eliza  9 May 1861Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111552
29 Stanley, George  1838Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111481
30 Stanley, George  1868Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111556
31 Stanley, George William  4 Nov 1864Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111554
32 Stanley, Hannah  1836Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111480
33 Stanley, Jane  1825Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111476
34 Stanley, Joseph  1830Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111478
35 Stanley, Joseph  8 Feb 1866Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111555
36 Stanley, Mary  1824Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111475
37 Stanley, Mary Elizabeth  10 Mar 1863Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111553
38 Stanley, Sarah  1827Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111477
39 Stanley, Sarah Ann  1884Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111470
40 Stanley, Thomas  1835Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111479
41 Stanley, William  1832Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111457


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Audas, Edith  30 Dec 1900Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111600
2 Audas, Herbert  11 Feb 1907Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111602
3 Audas, Stanley  16 Mar 1902Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111601
4 Boothman, Joseph  23 Aug 1846Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111483
5 Isle, Charles William  22 Oct 1865Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111533
6 Isle, George  24 May 1871Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111535
7 Isle, Hannah Elizabeth  8 Jul 1877Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111536
8 Isle, James  21 May 1873Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111643
9 Isle, Thomas  27 Jul 1863Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111532
10 Kellitt, Rebecca  26 Apr 1838Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111458
11 Kellitt, Sarah Ann  4 Oct 1833Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111466
12 Parkinson, Annie Mary  13 Jun 1880Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111521
13 Parkinson, Charles William  13 Jun 1880Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111522
14 Ramsey, Charlotte  21 Feb 1847Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111647
15 Ramsey, Elizabeth  19 Feb 1852Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111650
16 Ramsey, Elizabeth  8 Jun 1856Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111652
17 Ramsey, George  27 Mar 1854Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111651
18 Ramsey, James  6 Oct 1844Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111646
19 Ramsey, Richard  6 Oct 1850Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111649
20 Ramsey, Robert  19 Mar 1843Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111645
21 Ramsey, Thomas Isle  11 Feb 1849Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111648
22 Roberts, Sarah Jane  28 Dec 1857Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111518
23 Stanley, Albert Richard  2 Jun 1875Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111558
24 Stanley, Alice  19 Feb 1873Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111557
25 Stanley, George  26 Aug 1838Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111481
26 Stanley, George William  8 Jan 1865Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111554
27 Stanley, Hannah  23 Oct 1836Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111480
28 Stanley, Jane  21 Apr 1825Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111476
29 Stanley, Joseph  10 Jun 1832Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111478
30 Stanley, Joseph  22 Apr 1866Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111555
31 Stanley, Mary  1 Feb 1824Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111475
32 Stanley, Mary Elizabeth  22 Mar 1863Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111553
33 Stanley, Sarah  14 Oct 1827Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111477
34 Stanley, Thomas  19 Apr 1835Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111479
35 Stanley, William  10 Jun 1832Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111457


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boothman, Joseph Tippett  1879Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111482
2 Butler, Christiana  1881Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111474
3 Cliff, Emma Bagshaw  1938Thorne, Yorkshire UK I110921
4 Easton, Charlotte Ann  1915Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111545
5 Gulson, Waltham  1932Thorne, Yorkshire UK I110909
6 Isle, George  1945Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111535
7 Isle, James  1873Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111643
8 Isle, Jane  1876Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111603
9 Isle (Natural Child), Charles  1905Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111531
10 Ramsey, Charlotte  1848Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111647
11 Ramsey, Elizabeth  1856Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111650
12 Ramsey, George  1854Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111651
13 Ramsey, George  1888Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111644
14 Ramsey, Thomas Isle  1921Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111648
15 Roberts, Sarah Jane  1857Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111518
16 Stanley, George William  1865Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111554
17 Stanley, Joseph  1866Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111473
18 Stanley, Mary  1866Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111475


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Butler, Christiana  8 Nov 1881Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111474
2 Easton, Charlotte Ann  21 Aug 1915Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111545
3 Isle, James  26 Aug 1873Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111643
4 Isle, Jane  5 Nov 1876Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111603
5 Isle (Natural Child), Charles  12 Aug 1905Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111531
6 Ramsey, Charlotte  9 May 1848Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111647
7 Ramsey, Elizabeth  19 Feb 1856Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111650
8 Ramsey, George  17 Jul 1854Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111651
9 Ramsey, George  15 Feb 1888Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111644
10 Roberts, Sarah Jane  28 Mar 1858Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111518
11 Stanley, George William  9 Apr 1865Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111554
12 Stanley, Joseph  21 Feb 1866Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111473
13 Stanley, Mary  7 Feb 1866Thorne, Yorkshire UK I111475


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Andas / Isle  13 Mar 1900Thorne, Yorkshire UK F26396
2 Audas / Isle  13 Mar 1900Thorne, Yorkshire UK F26409
3 Boothman / Stanley  30 Dec 1844Thorne, Yorkshire UK F26382
4 Isle / Audas  12 Apr 1898Thorne, Yorkshire UK F26408
5 Isle (Natural Child) / Stanley  15 Jan 1863Thorne, Yorkshire UK F26393
6 Jackson / Isle  1933Thorne, Yorkshire UK F26407
7 Jinkinson / Stanley  24 Dec 1846Thorne, Yorkshire UK F26388
8 Peace / Roberts  26 Dec 1873Thorne, Yorkshire UK F26391
9 Ramsey / Isle  20 Dec 1841Thorne, Yorkshire UK F26428
10 Roberts / Stanley  19 Jun 1850Thorne, Yorkshire UK F26389
11 Stanley / Butler  21 Sep 1823Thorne, Yorkshire UK F26381
12 Stanley / Fish  4 Feb 1856Thorne, Yorkshire UK F26392