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Country : Latitude: 51.7814356, Longitude: -4.21875


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Wales Map


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann  1836Wales I1748484762
2 Cunedda King of Wales  Abt 404Wales I1748535983
3 Ednowain  Abt 908Wales I1748534463
4 ElizaMorris  Abt 1501Wales I18004211
5 Iris   I32187
6 Mary  Abt 1836Wales I1748853091
7 Owain Gwyneddap Gruffydd King of Gwyneth  Wales I1750049868
8 Violet (Dolly)  Abt 1899Wales I32184
9 Wendy   I77402459443986
10 Allen, Maureen E   I1750124581
11 ap Cynfyn, Bleddyn Sais Prince (Tywysog) of Powys  Abt 1025Wales I1748774956
12 ap Ednowain, Seissyllt  Abt 938Wales I1748534461
13 ap Eliseg, Cynan  Abt 936Wales I1748535321
14 ap Griffith (Gruffydd) Maelor, Madoc Prince of Powys, Lord of Bromfield  Abt 1148Wales I1748774964
15 ap Gruffydd, Gruffyd Fychan (Vychan II) Lord of Glyndyfwy  Abt 1333Wales I1748774975
16 ap Gruffydd Fychan of Glyndyfrdwy, Gruffydd Fychan (Vychan) 1st Lord of Glyndwrdwy, Lord of Dinas Bran  Abt 1245Wales I1748774967
17 ap Llewelyn, Thomas Lord in IsCoed (South Wales)  Wales I1748774980
18 ap Madoc, Griffith (Gruffydd) Maelor Lord of Bromfield  Abt 1121Wales I1748774962
19 ap Madoc Fychan (Vychan), Gruffydd Llwyd of Rhuddallt  1298Wales I1750404768
20 ap Madog Crupl Gloff, Madog Vychan Lord of Glndwrdwy  Wales I1750404770
21 ap Maredudd, Owain  Wales I1749991218
22 ap Owain, Llewelyn Lord of Gwynnionith  Wales I1748774979
23 ap Owain, Maredudd  Wales I1749991219
24 ap Owain Gwynydd, Davydd (David) I Prince of North Wales  Abt 1136Wales I1748535310
25 Bennett, Mark   I77402504117167
26 Boden, Thomas  1792Wales I7738447998
27 Borthwick, Margaret Leslie  7 Jan 1921Wales I77402109327086
28 Boswell, William  22 Feb 1876Wales I1748529619
29 Britain, Cyllin  Wales I121004016
30 Brown, Annie  1872Wales I0744880896
31 Brown, Elizabeth Alice  1870Wales I0744880881
32 Brown, Harry  Abt 1869Wales I0717450156
33 Brown, Henry Robert  1874Wales I0744880924
34 Brown, Lilian Gertrude  1871Wales I0717450272
35 Bryan, Thomas Glyn  1 Jul 1925Wales I08501555541
36 Bryan, Thomas Herbert  16 Feb 1906Wales I08501554839
37 Bulkeley, Janet (Jonet)  Abt 1440Wales I1750403236
38 Button, Elizabeth  Abt 1604Wales I18002716
39 Coit  Wales I21000454
40 Coit, John  1636Wales I21004802
41 Coit, Joseph  Abt 1639Wales I77402664082873
42 Coit, Martha  Abt 1644Wales I21004808
43 Coit, Mary  Abt 1642Wales I21004821
44 Cornes, Evan John   I480096286
45 Darch, Stanley  Abt 1896Wales I32183
46 David, Margaret  Abt 1581Wales I18002970
47 Davies, Catharine  1781Wales I480003689
48 Davies, Catherine Louisa  Bef 1877Wales I77402109324813
49 Davies, Edith Gwendoline  1895Wales I77402664095427
50 Davies, Kelvin   I47519

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Davies, Tara Jade  Wales I34306


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Owainab Edwin  1104Wales I1750049875
2 Ansley, Mary Ann  Abt 1875Wales I11568
3 Audley, William  1282Wales I1750051068
4 Brown, Beatrice Mary  2004Wales I77402109331814
5 Butler, Elizabeth  10 Oct 1628Wales I7738411519
6 Dafydd Davis, Sir James ap Howell ap  1450Wales  I111720
7 Davies, Jane  Abt 1820Wales I77402664228146
8 Davys ap Gruffudd, James  1559Wales I111641
9 de Lindsay, William Lord of Lamberton  6 Nov 1283Wales I1750055192
10 de Pyvelesdon, Isabella  1344Wales I1750403637
11 de Pyvelsdon, Richard of Emral  Abt 1389Wales I1750403248
12 Hanmer, Marged  1420Wales I1750404835
13 Lingard, Mary Anne  1862Wales I7738448795
14 Martin, Edith  1972Wales I77402394152968
15 McBurney, Elizabeth  1894Wales I41106
16 RODERICK, Sarah  Abt 1815Wales I77402664228094
17 Smith, Charles  23 Jan 1981Wales I47535
18 Somerset, Charles Marquess of Worcester, Lord Herbert  13 Jul 1698Wales I7739038923
19 Thomas  Abt 1984Wales I2473
20 Thomas, Eleanor  Abt 1890Wales I77402664228103
21 Thomas, John  Abt 1868Wales I77402664228111
22 Thomas, Rebecca  Abt 1845Wales I77402664228032
23 Thomas, Ronald Charles  21 Jun 1993Wales I2472
24 Trevor, Edward Jawerthap Dafyd  1448Wales I1750045968
25 Tyeys, Henry  Bef 22 Nov 1282Wales I1750051956
26 Walker, Samuel  1882Wales I41105
27 Wynn, Catherine  Abt 1615Wales I18004169


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ap Anarawd, Eliseg  Wales I1748534237
2 Gladstone, Lilian Steirt  Wales I39566
3 Mellors, Dorothy Lim  Wales I7739820821

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Poyer, Mrs. John  1564Wales I18002974


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 de Pyvelesdon, Alice  1230Wales I1750403261


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 ap Gruffydd Fychan (Vychan), Owain'Glyndŵr' Last native Price of Wales  16 Sep 1400Wales I1748774977
2 Tudor, Henry VIII King of England and Ireland  Between 1535 and 1542Wales I1749983792


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Bassett, Ralph  Wales I1750050417
2 de Criol, Nicholas  Wales I1750056612
3 de Tonee (Toeni, Toni), Roger V  Wales I1750043646
4 Evans, John  Wales I36095
5 Harcourt, Sir Richard  1282Wales I1750053140


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Sims (Symons), Richard  Wales I3500642868


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / RODERICK  1778Wales F3333884916
2 ap Owain Gwynydd / Plantagenet  1173Wales F672151973
3 Chetwynd / de Pyvelesdon  1300Wales F672928318
4 Coit / Jenners (Ganners)  Wales F3333813062
5 de Braose / Fawr ferch Llewellyn  Bef 1221Wales F672152397
6 Hanman / Milsom  1899Wales F828925
7 Herbert / Vaughan  Abt 1634Wales F18001286
8 Jones /   Abt 1840Wales F3333814279
9 Morgan / Thomas  Abt 1809Wales F3333884899
10 Powell / Lewis  Wales F3333884293
11 Price / Lloyd  1578Wales F18001283
12 Rhys / Gwenllian  Abt 1625Wales F18001277
13 Rowe / Eames  8 Jan 1865Wales F18000779
14 Stephens / Pickford  Wales F1346100483
15 Thomas /   Abt 1906Wales F294
16 Thomas / Cook  Abt 1924Wales F3333884903
17 Thomas / Gam  Abt 1422Wales F3333885168
18 Thomas / Howe  Abt 1833Wales F3333884911
19 Walker / Cooper-Cowper  Abt 1890Wales F4845
20 Walker / Laurence  Abt 1771Wales F3333884730
21 Walker / Williams  Abt 1959Wales F10467