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Walthamstow, Essex, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.590197, Longitude: -0.017402


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Algar, Edward Redvers  4 Aug 1902Walthamstow, Essex, England I80834
2 Bosman, Victor Harrington   I192485324
3 Bowyer, RobertMichael   I77402109329442
4 Chipperfield, Alfred Edward  Abt Sep 1895Walthamstow, Essex, England I69909082
5 Colbert, Albert Edward  1 Jun 1896Walthamstow, Essex, England I18026863
6 Dodds, Cynthia  1928Walthamstow, Essex, England I13606
7 Gill, Walter Richard  23 Jan 1907Walthamstow, Essex, England I77402444269787
8 Ginn, Elizabeth  1724Walthamstow, Essex, England I3500307902
9 Ginn, John  1713Walthamstow, Essex, England I3500307896
10 Ginn, John  1723Walthamstow, Essex, England I3500307901
11 Ginn, Margaret  1715Walthamstow, Essex, England I3500307898
12 Ginn, Mary  1715Walthamstow, Essex, England I3500307897
13 Ginn, Sarah  1719Walthamstow, Essex, England I3500307899
14 Ginn, William  1721Walthamstow, Essex, England I3500307900
15 Harrington, Barbara Joan   I192484678
16 Hawes, Jeffrey ,William  19 Aug 1952Walthamstow, Essex, England I77400352435076
17 Ilsley, George John  1878Walthamstow, Essex, England I18041191
18 Jennings, Alice Mary Louisa  8 Dec 1885Walthamstow, Essex, England I3500308554
19 Jupp, Florence  Abt 1900Walthamstow, Essex, England I3500306051
20 Jupp, Thomas Christopher  1898Walthamstow, Essex, England I3500306050
21 Kelsey, Gladys Violet E  Mar 1905Walthamstow, Essex, England I1748584564
22 Langley, Richard William  JunWalthamstow, Essex, England I77402664096005
23 Millman, Amy  1885Walthamstow, Essex, England I77402664088541
24 Millman, Annie  1879Walthamstow, Essex, England I77402664090481
25 Millman, Florence Martha  11 May 1880Walthamstow, Essex, England I77402664093064
26 Payne, John Henry   I192479454
27 Payne, Rosina   I192479543
28 Puryer, Florence  1891Walthamstow, Essex, England I77402598137403
29 Robinson, Constance  27 Jun 1888Walthamstow, Essex, England I77398329201935
30 Tew, Archibald T  1887Walthamstow, Essex, England I3500313333
31 Tew, Herbert  1890Walthamstow, Essex, England I3500313334
32 Thomas, Alfred Bakewell  1869Walthamstow, Essex, England I3152
33 Thomas, Ann Freeman  Dec 1873Walthamstow, Essex, England I39031
34 Thomas, Arthur  Feb 1899Walthamstow, Essex, England I40989
35 Thomas, Elizabeth Amelia  Sep 1884Walthamstow, Essex, England I39672
36 Thomas, Ernest John E  Jun 1900Walthamstow, Essex, England I38821
37 Thomas, Frederick Benjamin H  20 Feb 1904Walthamstow, Essex, England I24145
38 Thomas, George Bertram  1875Walthamstow, Essex, England I3153
39 Thomas, George William  1912Walthamstow, Essex, England I15278
40 Thomas, Gerald Harry  Sep 1872Walthamstow, Essex, England I39030
41 Thomas, Herbert Blakeley  Sep 1867Walthamstow, Essex, England I3151
42 Thomas, HildaMinnie  Dec 1901Walthamstow, Essex, England I38822
43 Thomas, LilianMaud  Jun 1905Walthamstow, Essex, England I38824
44 Thomas, Lillian  1891Walthamstow, Essex, England I77402664228713
45 Thomas, Mabel Rebecca  11 Dec 1894Walthamstow, Essex, England I15274
46 Thomas, Walter Henry  Jun 1903Walthamstow, Essex, England I38823
47 Thomas, William Quinton  Jun 1865Walthamstow, Essex, England I3150
48 Trussler, George  1896Walthamstow, Essex, England I1748487412
49 Trussler, William  1900Walthamstow, Essex, England I1748487413
50 Turner, Dorothy Mabel  Mar 1907Walthamstow, Essex, England I18043059

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Asprey, Stephen  30 Dec 1885Walthamstow, Essex, England I77402664093235
2 Axe, Henry  19 Apr 1906Walthamstow, Essex, England I480033141
3 Carr, John Henry (Jack)  15 Dec 1956Walthamstow, Essex, England I44000025
4 Carrington, Thomas  1963Walthamstow, Essex, England I1748484140
5 Ginn, Elizabeth  1724Walthamstow, Essex, England I3500307902
6 Ginn, John  1713Walthamstow, Essex, England I3500307896
7 Ginn, William  1799Walthamstow, Essex, England I3500307900
8 Harrington, Rita Cecilia  17 Aug 2002Walthamstow, Essex, England I176482707
9 Jacobs, VioletMary Elizabeth  Dec 1967Walthamstow, Essex, England  I11260
10 Thomas, EmmaMary Ann  1986Walthamstow, Essex, England I15272


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Twisden, Thomas  6 Sep 1769Walthamstow, Essex, England I1750047858


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Wildash, George Frederick  2 Apr 1911Walthamstow, Essex, England I480095096


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Asprey, Stephen  1881Walthamstow, Essex, England I77402664093235
2 Kelsey, Annie  2 Apr 1911Walthamstow, Essex, England I24113


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hawkes / Clancey  7 Sep 1901Walthamstow, Essex, England F13850