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Wells, Somerset, England



Latitude: 51.20918, Longitude: -2.64586


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bloodworth, ClaraMay  Mar 1903Wells, Somerset, England I97440
2 Bloodworth, Dorothy Ellen  Jun 1901Wells, Somerset, England I31959
3 Bloodworth, Dorothy Ellen  Jun 1901Wells, Somerset, England I97439
4 Bloodworth, Edward Glencoe  Jun 1900Wells, Somerset, England I97438
5 Bloodworth, Victor  Abt 1899Wells, Somerset, England I97437
6 Bloodworth, Wilfred Austin  Sep 1905Wells, Somerset, England I97441
7 Broderip, Edmund Greenhill  Abt 1808Wells, Somerset, England I1750047382
8 Broderip, Emma  Abt 1819Wells, Somerset, England I1750047370
9 Everett, Maria  12 Feb 1838Wells, Somerset, England I480088259
10 Fox, Beatrice L  1889Wells, Somerset, England I480039497
11 Fox, Charles A  Abt 1894Wells, Somerset, England I1748524541
12 Fox, ClaraMay  1901Wells, Somerset, England I1748524543
13 Fox, ElizabethMG  1890Wells, Somerset, England I480039498
14 Fox, Florence  1885Wells, Somerset, England I480039496
15 Fox, Mabel  1884Wells, Somerset, England I480039495
16 Gillmore, Albert John  Between Apr-Jun 1900Wells, Somerset, England I80907
17 Godfrey, Kate Emma  Sep 1871Wells, Somerset, England I18042391
18 Godfrey, Mary Ellen  Sep 1864Wells, Somerset, England I18042389
19 Hartry, Henry  13 Oct 1817Wells, Somerset, England I480039338
20 Porter, Sarah  Abt 1846Wells, Somerset, England I1750135557
21 Reynolds, Maurice  22 Jul 1847Wells, Somerset, England I77402664107798
22 Tozer, Annie Louisa  Sep 1900Wells, Somerset, England I4021
23 Tucker, Hannah Sophia  Jun 1871Wells, Somerset, England I77402664083426
24 Tucker, Letitia  1841Wells, Somerset, England I18027610
25 Whitcombe, KarenMargaret   I77402109326941


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Susan  Apr 1865Wells, Somerset, England I480039348
2 Dowden, Emma Jane  Dec 1916Wells, Somerset, England I18042335
3 Fox, Robert R.M.  Mar 1877Wells, Somerset, England I480039342
4 Godfrey, Thomas  Sep 1922Wells, Somerset, England I18042388
5 Trimingham, Sophie May  1 Mar 1944Wells, Somerset, England I18031353


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bloodworth / Broughton  Jun 1906Wells, Somerset, England F22802
2 Cary / Godfrey  Dec 1885Wells, Somerset, England F28026564
3 Fox / Cook  Wells, Somerset, England F1829191
4 Fox / Hockey  Apr 1846Wells, Somerset, England F1829165
5 Godfrey / Dowden  Dec 1863Wells, Somerset, England F28026561
6 Godfrey / Stride  Jun 1876Wells, Somerset, England F1976709
7 Godfrey / Willicomb  1838Wells, Somerset, England F1976729
8 Heal / Godfrey  Dec 1897Wells, Somerset, England F28026563
9 Margetts / Baker  1 Apr 1884Wells, Somerset, England F19020850
10 Novak / Hartry  Apr 1912Wells, Somerset, England F1829187
11 Stride / Fox  Dec 1880Wells, Somerset, England F5505
12 Unknown / Godfrey  Jun 1882Wells, Somerset, England F28026562