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Winchester, Hampshire, England


Notes: Replaced Dorchester on Thames as Capital of the kingdom of Wessex in about 686 after King Caedwalla of Wessex defeated King Atwald of Wight. Although it was not the only town to have been the capital, it was established by King Egbert as the main city in his kingdom in 827. The Saxon street plan laid out by Alfred the Great is still evident today. Winchester remained the capital of Wessex, and then England, until some time after the Norman Conquest when the capital was moved to London.

City/Town : Latitude: 51.06294, Longitude: -1.316504


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eleonor Princess of England  4 May 1306Winchester, Hampshire, England I1748534980
2 Barlow, William Harold  26 Oct 1894Winchester, Hampshire, England I7738400678
3 Bath, Alexander   I7001647129
4 Bath, Katherine Mary   I7001647130
5 Baverstock, John Edward   I29948
6 Bell, Millesus Aspray  1874Winchester, Hampshire, England I77402664088804
7 Bell, Stanley Aspray  1877Winchester, Hampshire, England I77402664090945
8 Bell, Wilkins Aspray  Abt 1875Winchester, Hampshire, England I77402664093483
9 Blake, Eva Florence  Abt 1867Winchester, Hampshire, England I18033491
10 Boothby, LouisaMaria  Abt 1806Winchester, Hampshire, England I77402101175942
11 Budd, Brian V   I18041844
12 Churcher, Annie  Q1 1863Winchester, Hampshire, England I77402664087673
13 Churcher, William  Jul 1838Winchester, Hampshire, England I77402664093625
14 Fowler, Lilian Annie  Jun 1888Winchester, Hampshire, England I58867
15 Hallifax, Michael Eustace   I1750043005
16 Holmes, Emily Grace   I28942
17 Howard, Janet  Mar 1945Winchester, Hampshire, England I3500447263
18 Howard, Mary  Mar 1945Winchester, Hampshire, England I3500447264
19 Ings, Walter John  2 Aug 1893Winchester, Hampshire, England I62372
20 Lisle, Margaret  1630Winchester, Hampshire, England I1748486184
21 Margetts, John Horace Winton   I18031945
22 Maw, David  Sep 1962Winchester, Hampshire, England I1750181401
23 Morshead, Barbara Treby  10 Oct 1876Winchester, Hampshire, England I100235
24 Noyce, Minnie Gertrude  Oct 1902Winchester, Hampshire, England I77400352428145
25 Palmer-Tomkinson, Santa  2 Feb 1970Winchester, Hampshire, England I74914
26 Paris, Jack HG  Sep 1912Winchester, Hampshire, England I1750130805
27 Percival, Winifred Agnes Josephine  Abt Dec 1867Winchester, Hampshire, England I1750053045
28 Plantagenet, Eleanor Princess of England  Abt 1186/1215Winchester, Hampshire, England I1748534941
29 Plantagenet, Isabella Empress of Germany, Princess of England  1214Winchester, Hampshire, England I1748534893
30 Plantagenet, Richard Fitz Roy  1190Winchester, Hampshire, England I121004363
31 Portal, Sir Francis Spencer Bart  27 Jun 1903Winchester, Hampshire, England I1750065613
32 Simeon, Rev John Pole  Abt Nov 1872Winchester, Hampshire, England I1750055472
33 Simeon, Percival Barrington  Abt Nov 1862Winchester, Hampshire, England I1750055469
34 Tompkins maybe, Annie  1863Winchester, Hampshire, England I38544
35 Tudor, Arthur Prince of Wales  20 Sep 1486Winchester, Hampshire, England I1749983790
36 Turnbull, Alastair I   I18041096
37 Turnbull, Malcolm A   I18041095
38 Waterer, Arthur R  1884Winchester, Hampshire, England I3500313421
39 Waterer, Edith E  1875Winchester, Hampshire, England I3500313425
40 Waterer, Flora J  1881Winchester, Hampshire, England I3500313420
41 Waterer, Frederick E  1886Winchester, Hampshire, England I3500313422
42 Waterer, George W  1873Winchester, Hampshire, England I3500313417
43 Waterer, Henry I  1879Winchester, Hampshire, England I3500313418
44 Waterer, Louisa J  1877Winchester, Hampshire, England I3500313426
45 Waterer, Mabel K  1881Winchester, Hampshire, England I3500313419
46 Whitelock, George  Abt 1821Winchester, Hampshire, England I1750246196
47 Wild, Annie M  1934Winchester, Hampshire, England I77400352426516
48 Wild, Robert EC  Mar 1939Winchester, Hampshire, England I77400352426517
49 Woolley, Jack  13 Nov 1920Winchester, Hampshire, England I77400352428155
50 Woolley, Jesse Walter  24 Aug 1916Winchester, Hampshire, England I77400352428153

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Morshead, Barbara Treby  12 Nov 1876Winchester, Hampshire, England I100235


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alfred (Ælfred)'the Great' King of Wessex and England  26 Oct 899Winchester, Hampshire, England I1748534416
2 Edgar'the Peaceable' King of England  8 Jul 975Winchester, Hampshire, England I1748532097
3 Baynes, Donald Christopher  18 Jan 1884Winchester, Hampshire, England I1750056067
4 Beckonshaw, Dame Alice  2 Sep 1685Winchester, Hampshire, England I1750043617
5 Bell, Carole Frances  08 Nov 1994Winchester, Hampshire, England I77402664092690
6 Brabyn, William  1 Jun 1947Winchester, Hampshire, England I18022597
7 Bromfield, Emily Worth  Abt Aug 1913Winchester, Hampshire, England I1750048502
8 Brooke, George M.A.  05 Dec 1603Winchester, Hampshire, England I1749991249
9 Buston, Rev Roger  Abt Aug 1886Winchester, Hampshire, England I1750061862
10 Cowie, Helen ElizabethMary  1954Winchester, Hampshire, England I96651
11 Darnell, Philip Shuttleworth  Abt Feb 1923Winchester, Hampshire, England I1750043621
12 de Clare, Sir William  Bef 23 Jul 1258Winchester, Hampshire, England I1750048842
13 Dennis, Anne Mary  Abt Nov 1895Winchester, Hampshire, England I1750065378
14 Gross, FrancesMary  2013Winchester, Hampshire, England I68454
15 Heathcote, Caroline Elizabeth  24 Nov 1910Winchester, Hampshire, England I7739192230
16 Hoggard, Wilfred  Jan 2005Winchester, Hampshire, England I077402664081246
17 Howard, Janet  Between Jan-Mar 1945Winchester, Hampshire, England I3500447263
18 Howard, Mary  Between Jan-Mar 1945Winchester, Hampshire, England I3500447264
19 Hutt, John Edward Ernest  1972Winchester, Hampshire, England I480043016
20 Markham, Emma Elizabeth  Between Jan-Mar 1972Winchester, Hampshire, England I77400352427091
21 Maw, David  Septr 1962Winchester, Hampshire, England I1750181401
22 Noyce, Minnie Gertrude  Jun 1988Winchester, Hampshire, England I77400352428145
23 of Normandy, Emma Queen consort of England  6 Mar 1052Winchester, Hampshire, England I1748534155
24 of Woodstock, Edmund 1st Earl of Kent, Prince of England  19 Mar 1329/1330Winchester, Hampshire, England I1748533729
25 Scudmore, Marjorie  1970Winchester, Hampshire, England I96659
26 Scudmore, Walter Victor  1947Winchester, Hampshire, England I96657
27 Simeon, Cornwall  18 Mar 1880Winchester, Hampshire, England I1750049050
28 Somerset, Blanche  28 Oct 1649Winchester, Hampshire, England I524002
29 Sturt, Charles Napier  13 Mar 1886Winchester, Hampshire, England I43464652
30 Warre, Richard  Jan 1730Winchester, Hampshire, England I75020
31 Westaway, Mark  8 Feb 1900Winchester, Hampshire, England I77402109326789
32 Woolley, Jesse Archibald  Between Apr-Jun 1973Winchester, Hampshire, England I77400352428021
33 Woolley, Joan Frances  Mar 1996Winchester, Hampshire, England I77400352428154
34 Woolley, Thomas George  Between Jan-Mar 1956Winchester, Hampshire, England I77400352428017


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Ulfsson of Denmark, Bjorn Earl Beorn  Winchester, Hampshire, England I1748695397


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 Alfred (Ælfred)'the Great' King of Wessex and England  23 Apr 871Winchester, Hampshire, England I1748534416
2 of Normandy, Emma Queen consort of England  12 Nov 1035Winchester, Hampshire, England I1748534155
3 of Normandy, Emma Queen consort of England  Aft Jun 1042Winchester, Hampshire, England I1748534155


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Giffard, William Bishop of Winchester  Between 1100 and 23 Jan 1129Winchester, Hampshire, England I77402664087592
2 of Winchester, Eadburh (Edburga) Princess of England  Winchester, Hampshire, England I1748534655
3 Ogle, Newton  Winchester, Hampshire, England I7739047362


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Belasyse, Rowland  Winchester, Hampshire, England I46296
2 Blunt, Elizabeth  Winchester, Hampshire, England I1750057574
3 Churcher, William  1881Winchester, Hampshire, England I77402664093625
4 Clobery, Sir John  Winchester, Hampshire, England I41930
5 Shepherd, Frances  1881Winchester, Hampshire, England I77402664093273
6 Trotter, Hugh Stuart Stucley (Hugo) DFC   I1750058187


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Budd / Vivash  Jun 1929Winchester, Hampshire, England F28026398
2 Chichester / Chamberlyne  Mar 1865Winchester, Hampshire, England F3333812614
3 Evans / Turnbull   F13757265
4 Hallifax / Southey  29 Apr 1916Winchester, Hampshire, England F672615945
5 Harrison / Turnbull   F32745408
6 Margetts / Blake  1 Jun 1890Winchester, Hampshire, England F19020862
7 Ryan / Turnbull   F82899280
8 Sampson / Woolley   F1944438551
9 Simeon / Harrisson  Abt Nov 1885Winchester, Hampshire, England F672624660
10 Simeon / Williams  5 May 1842Winchester, Hampshire, England F672620335
11 Steinwarz / Seth-Smith   F23806
12 Woolley / Hunt   F1944438552


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Blackwood / Van der Craats   F18702