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Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England



City/Town : Latitude: 53.82821783, Longitude: -0.115356445


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cecilia  Abt 1851Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748854462
2 Acey, Susanna  1849Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I90392
3 Aldburgh, Richard Esq  Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750704359
4 Bailey, Frederick  30 Jul 1886Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I702344
5 Bailey, James Robert  1880Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I702341
6 Bailey, John  30 Mar 1883Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I702342
7 Bailey, Leonard  10 Apr 1885Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I702343
8 Beckwith, Grace  Abt 1567Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750689307
9 Caley, Ambrose  17 Feb 1789Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I06933417881
10 Don, Alice  1873Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I90087
11 Don, Henry  1846Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I90947
12 Duke, John  Abt 1798Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750248469
13 Foster, Anne  18 Nov 1804Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750347473
14 Heuthwaite, Ann  Oct 1780Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750403808
15 Hutchcroft, Ann  16 Jan 1820Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I7738448999
16 Hutchcroft, Ann Elizabeth  12 Jun 1825Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I7738449001
17 Hutchcroft, Mary Ellen  28 May 1817Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I7738449000
18 Hutchcroft, William  20 Jan 1822Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I7738448998
19 Jobling, William  1840Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I91226
20 Kitson, Thomas  1800Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I90113
21 Laister, Charles  Abt 1866Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I3500142456
22 Macklin, Martha  Abt 1851Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750248487
23 Matterson, Ann  Abt 1779Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851335
24 Matterson, Edward  Abt 1777Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851340
25 Matterson, Edward  Abt 1790Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851341
26 Matterson, Hannah  Abt 1782Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851334
27 Matterson, Jane  Abt 1796Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851339
28 Matterson, John  Abt 1751Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851351
29 Matterson, John Kitching  Abt 1777Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851342
30 Matterson, Mary  Abt 1775Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851336
31 Matterson, Mary  Abt 1780Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851337
32 Matterson, Mary  Abt 1812Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851338
33 Matterson, Peter  Abt 1748Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851333
34 Matterson, Peter  Abt 1775Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748836826
35 Matterson, Robert  Abt 1787Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851345
36 Matterson, Thomas  Abt 1781Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851346
37 Matterson, Timothy  Abt 1792Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851347
38 Matterson, William  Abt 1773Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851348
39 Matterson, William  Abt 1784Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851349
40 Rattle, Mary Ann  1837Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I91350
41 Smith, James  1840Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I91235
42 Tebb, Ann  Sep 1782Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750404615
43 Tebb, Christopher  Jun 1775Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750404613
44 Tebb, Dorothy  Aug 1790Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750404618
45 Tebb, George  May 1777Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750403627
46 Tebb, Isabel  Feb 1787Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750404617
47 Tebb, Margaret  Jan 1780Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750404614
48 Tebb, Mary  Oct 1785Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750404616
49 Tebb, William  1772Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750404604
50 Weatherill, Rachel  1835Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I91114

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Duke, John  15 Aug 1798Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750248469
2 Matterson, Ann  18 Jul 1779Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851335
3 Matterson, Christiana  7 Sep 1794Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851325
4 Matterson, Edward  20 Feb 1777Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851340
5 Matterson, Edward  14 Mar 1790Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851341
6 Matterson, Hannah  25 Nov 1782Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851334
7 Matterson, Jane  25 Sep 1796Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851339
8 Matterson, John  10 May 1751Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851351
9 Matterson, John Kitching  18 Jun 1777Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851342
10 Matterson, Mary  13 Mar 1775Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851336
11 Matterson, Mary  26 Aug 1780Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851337
12 Matterson, Mary  8 Jul 1812Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851338
13 Matterson, Peter  14 Aug 1748Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851333
14 Matterson, Peter  28 May 1775Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748836826
15 Matterson, Robert  19 May 1787Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851345
16 Matterson, Thomas  1 Jul 1781Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851346
17 Matterson, Timothy  5 Feb 1792Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851347
18 Matterson, William  21 Jun 1773Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851348
19 Matterson, William  5 Apr 1784Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1748851349


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Inch, George  1892Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I701245
2 Tebb, Christopher  3 Dec 1820Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750404613
3 Tebb, Isabel  Apr 1788Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750404617
4 Tebb, Mary  1785Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750404616


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Tebb, Isabel  7 Apr 1788Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750404617
2 Tebb, Mary  21 Dec 1785Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750404616


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Acey, Susanna  29 Nov 1849Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I90392
2 Heuthwaite, Ann  19 Oct 1780Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750403808
3 Kitson, Thomas  16 Nov 1800Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I90113
4 Tebb, Ann  23 Sep 1782Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750404615
5 Tebb, Christopher  9 Jul 1775Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750404613
6 Tebb, Dorothy  15 Aug 1790Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750404618
7 Tebb, George  1 Jun 1777Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750403627
8 Tebb, Isabel  18 Feb 1787Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750404617
9 Tebb, Margaret  5 Jan 1780Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750404614
10 Tebb, Mary  27 Oct 1785Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750404616
11 Tebb, William  13 Dec 1772Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750404604


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Winn, Richard  1781Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I77402664087807


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Branton, Thomas  1841Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I90633
2 Chatterton, Richard  1851Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I1750122603
3 Don, Alice  1881Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England I90087


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Batty / Pexton  7 Jun 1802Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England F6976
2 Matterson / Waddington  11 Oct 1810Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, England F672309995