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Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England



City/Town : Latitude: 53.683164, Longitude: -0.66628


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 York, Sarah  Abt 1733Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I31037
2 York, Benjamin  1794Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479206883
3 York, Ann  1819Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479206882
4 York, Alice  Abt 1831Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I1601
5 Wright, Richard  14 Jul 1892Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I06955642673
6 Wright, Philip  1894Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I06955642377
7 Wright, Kenneth  Apr 1900Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I06955641987
8 Wright, KathleenMary  20 Apr 1890Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I06955635414
9 Wright, Joseph Freer  Abt 1888Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I06955635413
10 Winn, William  1805Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011519
11 Topham, Mary Anne  Abt 1847Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I31025
12 Todd, Daniel  Abt 1786Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I31022
13 Thorpe, Harriet  Abt 1815Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I1525
14 Storr, Thomas  Abt 1832Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I85818
15 Spilman, William  Abt 1797Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I31006
16 Spilman, William  Abt 1772Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I31004
17 Spilman, William  Abt 1770Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I31003
18 Spilman, Thomas  Abt 1806Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30991
19 Spilman, Thomas  Abt 1804Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30990
20 Spilman, Thomas  Abt 1778Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30988
21 Spilman, Thomas  Abt 1775Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30987
22 Spilman, Thomas  Abt 1759Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30986
23 Spilman, Sarah  Abt 1831Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30978
24 Spilman, Sarah  Abt 1800Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30976
25 Spilman, Sarah  Abt 1796Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30975
26 Spilman, Robert Keighley  Abt 1864Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30971
27 Spilman, Robert Benson  Abt 1844Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30970
28 Spilman, Robert  Abt 1798Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30969
29 Spilman, Robert  Abt 1768Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30968
30 Spilman, Rachel Ann  Abt 1789Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30963
31 Spilman, Paul Aitken  Abt 1896Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30960
32 Spilman, Mary  Abt 1808Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30951
33 Spilman, Mary  Abt 1803Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30949
34 Spilman, Mary  Abt 1782Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30947
35 Spilman, Maria Benson  Abt 1841Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30944
36 Spilman, Margaret  Abt 1802Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30941
37 Spilman, Kathleen Walker  Abt 1894Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30935
38 Spilman, Joseph Cautley  Sep 1893Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30930
39 Spilman, John Topham  Abt 1880Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30924
40 Spilman, John Topham  Abt 1810Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30923
41 Spilman, John Huteson  Abt 1766Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30920
42 Spilman, John  Abt 1776Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30910
43 Spilman, John  Abt 1774Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30909
44 Spilman, John  Abt 1767Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30908
45 Spilman, John  Abt 1763Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30907
46 Spilman, Jane  Abt 1800Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30901
47 Spilman, Jane  Abt 1781Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30900
48 Spilman, Hannah  Abt 1838Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30882
49 Spilman, Florence  28 Jan 1876Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30876
50 Spilman, Ellin  Abt 1772Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30875

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 York, Sarah  14 May 1733Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I31037
2 York, Ann  27 Jun 1819Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479206882
3 Whiteley, Susannah  28 Aug 1810Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I1750243939
4 Westoby, Jane  4 May 1766Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I1748861701
5 Spilman, William  30 Jul 1797Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I31006
6 Spilman, William  10 Apr 1772Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I31004
7 Spilman, William  16 May 1770Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I31003
8 Spilman, Thomas  15 Jan 1806Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30991
9 Spilman, Thomas  23 Dec 1804Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30990
10 Spilman, Thomas  12 Jan 1778Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30988
11 Spilman, Thomas  1 Dec 1775Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30987
12 Spilman, Thomas  6 Feb 1759Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30986
13 Spilman, Sarah  5 Nov 1800Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30976
14 Spilman, Robert  12 Sep 1798Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30969
15 Spilman, Robert  27 Nov 1768Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30968
16 Spilman, Rachel Ann  6 Sep 1789Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30963
17 Spilman, Mary  3 Aug 1808Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30951
18 Spilman, Mary  31 Jul 1803Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30949
19 Spilman, Mary  6 Feb 1782Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30947
20 Spilman, Maria Benson  16 Nov 1841Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30944
21 Spilman, Margaret  10 Feb 1802Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30941
22 Spilman, John Topham  28 Aug 1810Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30923
23 Spilman, John Huteson  25 May 1766Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30920
24 Spilman, John  11 Nov 1776Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30910
25 Spilman, John  6 Sep 1767Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30908
26 Spilman, Jane  12 Jun 1800Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30901
27 Spilman, Jane  30 Jan 1781Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30900
28 Spilman, Ellin  13 Sep 1772Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30875
29 Spilman, Elizabeth  28 Apr 1765Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30869
30 Spilman, Daniel  9 Nov 1798Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30856
31 Spilman, Daniel  11 Apr 1774Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30855
32 Spilman, Daniel  18 Oct 1772Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30854
33 Spilman, Charles  15 Nov 1812Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30841
34 Spilman, Charles  16 Sep 1775Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30839
35 Neal, Mary  Abt 1837Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I1596
36 King, William  21 Jan 1836Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479206875
37 King, William  20 Mar 1803Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479206838
38 King, William  06 Oct 1771Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479206831
39 King, Thomas  08 Jun 1841Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479206877
40 King, Thomas  06 Jul 1810Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479206841
41 King, Thomas  14 Sep 1777Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479206834
42 King, Sarah  29 Oct 1843Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479206878
43 King, Sarah  31 Aug 1817Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479206845
44 King, Richard  10 Mar 1787Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479206835
45 King, Mary  13 Mar 1834Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479206874
46 King, Mary  23 Jan 1813Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479206843
47 King, Martha  13 May 1838Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479206876
48 King, John  19 Apr 1846Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479206879
49 King, John  27 Mar 1774Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479206832
50 King, Jenny  06 Jul 1810Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479206840

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Wright, Charles  25 Jan 1901Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I06955628717
2 Teanby, Joseph York  11 Dec 1908Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I31019
3 Teanby, Isaac  08 Feb 1845Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010085
4 Spilman, William  Abt 1852Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I31004
5 Spilman, Thomas  Abt 1806Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30991
6 Spilman, Thomas  Abt 1787Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30988
7 Spilman, Thomas  Abt 1776Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30987
8 Spilman, Sarah  Abt 1799Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30975
9 Spilman, Mary  Abt 1803Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30949
10 Spilman, Maria Benson  19 May 1923Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30944
11 Spilman, Margaret  Abt 1808Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30941
12 Spilman, Kate  25 Nov 1938Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30933
13 Spilman, John Topham  Abt 1811Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30923
14 Spilman, John Huteson  Abt 1766Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30920
15 Spilman, John  2 May 1908Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30917
16 Spilman, John  8 Feb 1864Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30911
17 Spilman, John  Abt 1776Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30909
18 Spilman, John  Abt 1767Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30908
19 Spilman, Jane  23 Sep 1821Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30901
20 Spilman, George  1923Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30880
21 Spilman, Daniel  11 Aug 1803Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30858
22 Spilman, Daniel  Abt 1773Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30854
23 Spilman, Constance  6 Mar 1918Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30851
24 Sarginson, Catherine  1878Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010027
25 Pocklington, Robert  1565Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I122023695
26 Marris, Sarah  2 May 1879Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010756
27 King, Jane  01 Mar 1810Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479206839
28 King, Ann  02 Jun 1776Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479206833
29 Hatfield, Reuben  19 Oct 1931Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30764
30 Harris, William  Bef 1841Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I1748851836
31 Epworth, Catherine  2 Jan 1815Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30758
32 England, William  17 Aug 1779Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011190
33 England, William  8 May 1770Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011195
34 England, Thomas  27 Apr 1815Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010592
35 Dinsdale, Hannah  Abt 1847Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I30754
36 Chafer, Walker  Dec 1898Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010019
37 Chafer, Sidney  1911Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011264
38 Chafer, Sarah Ann  13 May 1866Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010024
39 Chafer, Sarah Ann  17 Dec 1859Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010025
40 Chafer, Lydia  22 Jun 1848Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010039
41 Chafer, Lousia  30 Jan 1836Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010038
42 Chafer, Leonora  Dec 1863Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010026
43 Chafer, Leonora  1838Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010036
44 Chafer, Joseph Streets  1853Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010130
45 Chafer, Joseph  25 Nov 1869Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010147
46 Chafer, Joseph  12 Sep 1855Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I26955
47 Chafer, John William  1894Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011265
48 Chafer, John William  30 Dec 1865Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I26957
49 Chafer, John Edwin  1859Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010031
50 Chafer, John  25 Augu 1874Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010034

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Sarginson, Catherine  18 April 1878Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010027
2 Keightley, Mary  13 Mar 1905Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010018
3 Dudding, Richard  27 Oct 1657Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440084
4 Dudding, Katherine  19 Jun 1658Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440053
5 Dudding, Jane  26 Jan 1658Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440050
6 Dudding, Henry  16 Nov 1613Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440066
7 Dudding, Henry  14 Sep 1591Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440078
8 Dudding, Elizabeth  14 Jul 1664Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440057
9 Dudding, Dorothy  16 Jan 1657Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440051
10 Dudding, Catherine  17 May 1636Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440070
11 Chafer, Walker  19 Dec 1898Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010019
12 Chafer, Sidney  1 Mar 1911Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011264
13 Chafer, Leonora  30 Jan 1838Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010036
14 Chafer, Joseph Streets  26 June 1853Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010130
15 Chafer, Joseph  26 Nov 1869Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010147
16 Chafer, John William  30 Dec 1865Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I26957
17 Chafer, John Edwin  17 Dec 1859Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010031
18 Chafer, Jarvis  23 Oct 1859Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010146
19 Elizabeth  20 Feb 1730Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440016


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Dudding, Robert  19 Feb 1661Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440056
2 Dudding, Robert  10 Feb 1625Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440068
3 Dudding, Robert  24 Feb 1582Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440077
4 Dudding, Richard  4 Jul 1725Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500439994
5 Dudding, Richard  8 Dec 1678Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440040
6 Dudding, Richard  4 Oct 1655Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440052
7 Dudding, Richard  2 Feb 1604Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440063
8 Dudding, Richard  6 Jun 1592Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440084
9 Dudding, Richard  Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440073
10 Dudding, May  27 Jun 1621Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440067
11 Dudding, Mary  24 Dec 1689Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440044
12 Dudding, Mary  15 May 1659Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440054
13 Dudding, Margaretta  24 May 1648Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440049
14 Dudding, Katherine  9 Nov 1656Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440053
15 Dudding, Katherine  31 Mar 1587Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440080
16 Dudding, Joseph  20 Feb 1730Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440018
17 Dudding, Joseph  1 Nov 1666Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440059
18 Dudding, John  20 Feb 1692Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440015
19 Dudding, John  31 May 1660Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440055
20 Dudding, Jane  15 Aug 1685Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440043
21 Dudding, Isabell  15 Jul 1545Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440087
22 Dudding, Henry  8 May 1613Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440066
23 Dudding, Henry  1 Jan 1586Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440078
24 Dudding, Ellen  14 May 1579Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440075
25 Dudding, Elizabeth  Oct 1696Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440046
26 Dudding, Elizabeth  8 May 1664Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440057
27 Dudding, Elizabeth  12 Sep 1591Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440082
28 Dudding, Eleanor  31 May 1683Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440042
29 Dudding, Edmund  26 Jul 1690Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440045
30 Dudding, Edmund  18 Jan 1581Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440061
31 Dudding, Dorothy  17 Apr 1681Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440041
32 Dudding, Dorothy  14 Dec 1668Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440060
33 Dudding, Dorothy  27 Feb 1653Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440051
34 Dudding, Anne  16 Sep 1665Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440058
35 Dudding, Anne  10 Jul 1610Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440064
36 Dudding, Anne  5 Oct 1588Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I3500440081
37 Chafer, Walter  1 Mar 1908Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011257
38 Chafer, Thomas Ernest Lockwood  2 Feb 1880Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011288
39 Chafer, Samuel  9 June 1878Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010153
40 Chafer, Rose  27 Nov 1907Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011260
41 Chafer, Rose  9 June 1878Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010155
42 Chafer, Miriam  15 Mar 1914Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011263
43 Chafer, Miriam  3 Jan 1874Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010156
44 Chafer, Mary Ann  10 Dec 1884Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011286
45 Chafer, Lucy  24 Feb 1887Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011285
46 Chafer, Leonard Charles  29 Sep 1872Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011287
47 Chafer, Kathleen  20 Feb 1903Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011262
48 Chafer, Joseph  25 Jan 1872Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010157
49 Chafer, John William  25 Aug 1894Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011265
50 Chafer, Hester  29 Jan 1890Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011284

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Maw, Mary  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479767709
2 Deacon, Sarah Helena  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479772594
3 Bray, Mary  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479772591
4 Bray, Lucy  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479772587
5 Bray, Harry  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479772586
6 Bray, George  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479772589
7 Bray, Fred  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479772578
8 Bray, Frank  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479772582
9 Bray, D'Arcy Arthur  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479772596
10 Bray, Blanch  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479772579


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Neal, Thomas  Abt 1851Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I1586
2 Neal, Thomas  Abt 1841Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I1586
3 Neal, Henry  Abt 1881Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I1581
4 Neal, Henry  Abt 1871Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I1581
5 Neal, Henry  Abt 1861Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I1581
6 Neal, Henry  Abt 1851Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I1581
7 Harris, William  1881Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I16112
8 Harris, William  1851Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I16112
9 Harris, William  1841Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I16112
10 Drury, William  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I1750249742
11 Drury, James  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I8107
12 Drinkall, William  1881Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I1748857082
13 Drinkall, William  1851Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I1748857082
14 Drinkall, William  1841Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I1748857082
15 Drinkall, Henry  1851Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I1748857086
16 Chafer, Walker  1881Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010019
17 Chafer, Walker  1871Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010019
18 Chafer, Walker  1861Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010019
19 Chafer, Walker  1851Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010019
20 Chafer, Joseph  1851Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I26955
21 Bray, Mary  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479772591
22 Bray, Harry  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479772586
23 Bray, George  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479772589
24 Bray, Fred  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479772578
25 Bray, Frank  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479772582
26 Bray, Edwin  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479772593
27 Bray, Alfred William  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I479772576


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Wright, Richard  1901Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I06955642673
2 Wright, Philip  1901Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I06955642377
3 Wright, Mona Elizabeth  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I06955737810
4 Wright, Kenneth  1901Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I06955641987
5 Wright, KathleenMary  1901Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I06955635414
6 Wright, KathleenMary  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I06955635414
7 Wright, Joseph Freer  1901Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I06955635413
8 Wright, Joseph Freer  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I06955635413
9 Wright, Freer  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I06955671141
10 Wright, Charles  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I06955628717
11 Wright, Charles  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I06955737812
12 Wright, Catherine May  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I06955737807
13 Whiteley, Richard  1851Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I1748851623
14 Tong, Elizabeth Sarah  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010560
15 Teanby, Isaac  1841Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010085
16 Taylor, Sarah  1851Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010145
17 Streets, Hannah  1851Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I26956
18 Streets, Charles  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010619
19 Sarginson, Catherine  1871Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010027
20 Sarginson, Catherine  1861Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010027
21 Sarginson, Catherine  1851Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010027
22 Sarginson, Catherine  1841Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010027
23 Morwood, John  1861Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I05840618509
24 Morwood, John  1851Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I05840618509
25 Morwood, John  1841Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I05840618509
26 Morwood, Jane  1841Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I122003198
27 Lockwood, Jane  1901Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011290
28 Lockwood, Jane  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011290
29 Lockwood, Jane  1881Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011290
30 Lacey, Charlotte  1911Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I122001156
31 Keightley, Mary  1881Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010018
32 Keightley, Mary  1871Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010018
33 Keightley, Mary  1861Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010018
34 Keightley, Mary  1851Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010018
35 Drush, Mary Ann  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010514
36 Drury, Mary Jane  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I8112
37 Drury, Florence  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010543
38 Drayton, Kate Elizabeth  02 Apr 1911Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011255
39 Drayton, Kate Elizabeth  1901Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011255
40 Clayton, Ann  1881Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010159
41 Clayton, Ann  1871Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010159
42 Clayton, Ann  1871Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010159
43 Clayton, Ann  1861Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010159
44 Chafer, William Thomas  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010152
45 Chafer, William Thomas  1881Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010152
46 Chafer, William Thomas  1871Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010152
47 Chafer, William Thomas  1861Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010152
48 Chafer, William John  1891Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010558
49 Chafer, William  1851Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18010041
50 Chafer, Walter  02 Apr 1911Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England I18011257

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Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 York /   Abt 1816Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England F676556
2 King / Twidale  24 Nov 1802Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England F676549
3 King / Cowlin  1833Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England F676553
4 Dudding / Johnson  5 Mar 1598Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England F1345607301
5 Cook / Cragg  1768Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England F247960
6 Chafer / Streets  21 Sep 1840Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England F7661
7 Chafer / Sarginson  16 May 1815Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England F18009995
8 Chafer / Hunter  15 May 1821Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England F18010006
9 Chafer / England  15 Jun 1796Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England F18010002
10 Chafer / Drayton  1893Alkborough, Lincolnshire, England F18010215