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Ardingly, West Sussex, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.048537, Longitude: -0.078114


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Backshall, Samuel  Abt 1825Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301360
2 Baker, Peter  Abt 1836Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301359
3 Baker, Susan  Abt 1834Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301358
4 Box, Sarah  Abt 1792Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301305
5 Bursty, John  1566Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500310880
6 Comber, Amy  1765Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301372
7 Comber, Ann  1785Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301288
8 Comber, Catherine  1794Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301270
9 Comber, Eleanor  1787Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301289
10 Comber, Elizabeth  1792Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301292
11 Comber, Elizabeth  1792Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301269
12 Comber, Elizabeth  1798Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301295
13 Comber, Elizabeth  Abt 1824Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301309
14 Comber, Ellen  1821Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301304
15 Comber, Ellen  Abt 1833Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301313
16 Comber, Emma  1826Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301310
17 Comber, Harriott  1796Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301271
18 Comber, John  1790Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301291
19 Comber, John  1796Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301294
20 Comber, John  1818Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301302
21 Comber, Mary  1789Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301290
22 Comber, Mary  1790Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301268
23 Comber, Mary  Abt 1822Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301308
24 Comber, Richard  1794Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301293
25 Comber, Richard  Abt 1831Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301312
26 Comber, Roger  1551Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500310875
27 Comber, Sarah  1786Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301267
28 Comber, Thomas  1800Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301297
29 Comber, Thomas  1833Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301299
30 Comber, Thomas  Abt 1839Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301314
31 Comber, William  1799Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301296
32 Comber, William  1823Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301303
33 Comber, William  Abt 1828Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301311
34 Gatland, Gerard  26 Oct 1567Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500310888
35 Gatland, Henry  30 Aug 1573Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500310886
36 Gatland, Richard  31 May 1565Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500310887
37 Goring, Ann  Abt 1756Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301238
38 Henley, James  Abt 1801Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301361
39 Holman, Charity  Abt 1705Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301250
40 Holman, Elizabeth  1794Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301329
41 Holman, Elizabeth  1796Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301330
42 Holman, Jane  1801Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301332
43 Holman, Joseph  Abt 1701Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301248
44 Holman, Joseph  1756Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301237
45 Holman, Mary  1798Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301331
46 Holman, Richard  Abt 1701Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301249
47 Holman, Sarah  Abt 1707Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301251
48 Holman, Sarah  1804Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301333
49 Holman, Walter  Abt 1710Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301239
50 Holman, William  Abt 1697Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301247

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baker, Edward  1871Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301334
2 Comber, John  1795Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301291
3 Comber, Roger  12 Mar 1639Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500310875
4 Gatland, Elizabeth  29 Nov 1613Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500310876
5 Gatland, Thomas  1600Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500310881
6 Newnam, Joane  1589Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500310882
7 Tully, John  1773Ardingly, West Sussex, England I3500301255


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Gatland / Newnam  21 Sep 1561Ardingly, West Sussex, England F1345574320
2 Scrace / Caselden  2 Jun 1748Ardingly, West Sussex, England F672131328