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Banstead, Surrey, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.322394, Longitude: -0.202476


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Harding, William G  Abt 1877Banstead, Surrey, England I1748483047
2 Muggeridge, Albert  1872Banstead, Surrey, England I1748477729
3 Muggeridge, Alice  1866Banstead, Surrey, England I1748477726
4 Muggeridge, Amilia  1824Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304970
5 Muggeridge, Ann  1800Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304985
6 Muggeridge, Ann  1810Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304992
7 Muggeridge, Ann  1830Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304974
8 Muggeridge, Clara  1881Banstead, Surrey, England I3500305022
9 Muggeridge, Edward  1817Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304994
10 Muggeridge, Edward  1841Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304978
11 Muggeridge, Edward  1863Banstead, Surrey, England I1748477724
12 Muggeridge, Eliza  1843Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304979
13 Muggeridge, Elizabeth  Abt 1798Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304984
14 Muggeridge, Elizabeth  1870Banstead, Surrey, England I1748477728
15 Muggeridge, Ellen  1879Banstead, Surrey, England I3500305020
16 Muggeridge, Emily  1879Banstead, Surrey, England I3500305021
17 Muggeridge, Emma  1810Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304991
18 Muggeridge, Frank  1886Banstead, Surrey, England I3500305026
19 Muggeridge, Frederick  1806Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304990
20 Muggeridge, Frederick  Abt 1839Banstead, Surrey, England I3500288027
21 Muggeridge, Frederick  1840Banstead, Surrey, England I1748477723
22 Muggeridge, Frederick  1864Banstead, Surrey, England I1748477725
23 Muggeridge, George  1874Banstead, Surrey, England I1748477732
24 Muggeridge, Hannah  1764Banstead, Surrey, England I3500305004
25 Muggeridge, Heniretta  Abt 1804Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304988
26 Muggeridge, Henry  1814Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304993
27 Muggeridge, Henry  1874Banstead, Surrey, England I1748477731
28 Muggeridge, James  1832Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304975
29 Muggeridge, Jeffery  1756Banstead, Surrey, England I3500305005
30 Muggeridge, John  1756Banstead, Surrey, England I3500305001
31 Muggeridge, John  1790Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304968
32 Muggeridge, Joseph  1820Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304997
33 Muggeridge, Joseph  1888Banstead, Surrey, England I3500305027
34 Muggeridge, Lewis  1873Banstead, Surrey, England I1748477730
35 Muggeridge, Louis  1869Banstead, Surrey, England I1748486944
36 Muggeridge, Louisa  1870Banstead, Surrey, England I1748486945
37 Muggeridge, Lucy  Abt 1802Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304986
38 Muggeridge, Mary  Abt 1793Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304982
39 Muggeridge, Phillis  1818Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304996
40 Muggeridge, Robert  Abt 1758Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304980
41 Muggeridge, Robert  1768Banstead, Surrey, England I19311
42 Muggeridge, Robert  Abt 1803Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304987
43 Muggeridge, Robert  1834Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304976
44 Muggeridge, Samuel  1760Banstead, Surrey, England I3500305002
45 Muggeridge, Sarah  Abt 1762Banstead, Surrey, England I3500305003
46 Muggeridge, Sarah  1795Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304983
47 Muggeridge, Thomas  1828Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304973
48 Muggeridge, Thomas  1882Banstead, Surrey, England I3500305023
49 Muggeridge, Thomas Benjamin  Abt 1823Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304998
50 Muggeridge, William  1805Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304989

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Muggeridge, Robert  7 Mar 1758Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304980
2 Muggeridge, Thomas Benjamin  24 May 1824Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304998
3 Perceval, Caroline Frances  18 Aug 1798Banstead, Surrey, England I7739192232
4 Perceval, Edward  11 Sep 1795Banstead, Surrey, England I7739288181


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Charman, Hannah  1796Banstead, Surrey, England I3500305000
2 Cleland, John  24 Oct 1893Banstead, Surrey, England I77402664082981
3 de Burgh, Hubert 1st Earl of Kent  12 May 1243Banstead, Surrey, England I1749991107
4 Muggeridge, Robert  1797Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304999
5 Muggeridge, Robert  1809Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304987
6 Muggeridge, Robert  1838Banstead, Surrey, England I3500304980
7 Stanton, Norah  1 Dec 2002Banstead, Surrey, England I77402455487317


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Perceval, Augustus Arthur Earl of Egmont  17 Aug 1910Banstead, Surrey, England I7739097080


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Coombes /   10 Jun 1922Banstead, Surrey, England F1345646746
2 Coombes / Waylan  10 Jun 1922Banstead, Surrey, England F3333813243
3 Miles / Muggeridge  12 Sep 1826Banstead, Surrey, England F1944315397
4 Muggeridge / Chantler  18 Nov 1862Banstead, Surrey, England F1345568848
5 Williamson / Bennett   F19020961