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Battersea, Surrey, England



Latitude: 51.47492, Longitude: -0.16898


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Angliss, EdithMary  Mar 1879Battersea, Surrey, England I37842
2 Atkinson, Henry  Abt 1822Battersea, Surrey, England I6896
3 Batchelor, Alfred James  1882Battersea, Surrey, England I1749983121
4 Batchelor, Arthur George  1884Battersea, Surrey, England I1749983122
5 Batchelor, Edward Charles  1879Battersea, Surrey, England I1749983120
6 Batchelor, Ellen Anne  1888Battersea, Surrey, England I1749983124
7 Batchelor, Florence Elizabeth  1886Battersea, Surrey, England I1749983123
8 Beardall, David  1905Battersea, Surrey, England I241741727
9 Beardall, Edward  1900Battersea, Surrey, England I241740350
10 Beardall, Elizabeth  1889Battersea, Surrey, England I241976639
11 Beardall, James Edward  1870Battersea, Surrey, England I200877644
12 Beardall, James Edward  1895Battersea, Surrey, England I241977234
13 Beardall, William George  1897Battersea, Surrey, England I241741020
14 Boothby, Mabel Kate  29 May 1897Battersea, Surrey, England I77739
15 Boothby, Thomas William  31 May 1895Battersea, Surrey, England I77738
16 Brabyn, Lily Louise  1 Mar 1885Battersea, Surrey, England I18022588
17 Brabyn, William George  1 Sep 1900Battersea, Surrey, England I18022593
18 Brown, Melinda  1880Battersea, Surrey, England I2171
19 Burgess, Edith Katrine  1879Battersea, Surrey, England I77402664095973
20 Burke, Richard  9 Feb 1758Battersea, Surrey, England I7739796955
21 Cocking, Charles  Abt 1890Battersea, Surrey, England I1748838359
22 Cocking, Edith A  Abt 1888Battersea, Surrey, England I1748838358
23 Dance, Annie M  1860Battersea, Surrey, England I77402664098686
24 Dance, Eilzabeth E  1865Battersea, Surrey, England I77402664098666
25 Dawes, Florence Harriet  16 Jul 1901Battersea, Surrey, England I77402664085914
26 Dutch, Constance Winifred  24 Jul 1898Battersea, Surrey, England I78309
27 Dutch, Edwin James  31 Aug 1872Battersea, Surrey, England I78075
28 Dutch, Elsie Margaret  5 Nov 1903Battersea, Surrey, England I78273
29 Dutch, Richard James Worfolk  30 Mar 1897Battersea, Surrey, England I89754
30 Freestone, Florence  1910Battersea, Surrey, England I1748481806
31 Glanfield, George Thomas  1870Battersea, Surrey, England I260242809
32 Glanfield, Susan Alice  1869Battersea, Surrey, England I200849208
33 Hawkes, Charles John  13 Aug 1902Battersea, Surrey, England I66604
34 Heneage, Robert  28 Feb 1583/1584Battersea, Surrey, England I1749994708
35 KETLEY, Edith  1880Battersea, Surrey, England I77402664105282
36 Lilly, Peter Robert  21 Jun 1925Battersea, Surrey, England I077402664081978
37 Margetts, Agnes  Abt 1899Battersea, Surrey, England I18027925
38 Margetts, Albert Charles  Abt 1885Battersea, Surrey, England I18032403
39 Margetts, Annie Louisa  Abt 1891Battersea, Surrey, England I18032405
40 Margetts, Charles Edward  Abt 1892Battersea, Surrey, England I18032406
41 Margetts, Elsie Mary  1 Jan 1896Battersea, Surrey, England I18024859
42 Margetts, John George  1 Aug 1886Battersea, Surrey, England I18032404
43 Margetts, Leonard Martin  1 Jul 1894Battersea, Surrey, England I18032407
44 Margetts, Percy C  Abt 1874Battersea, Surrey, England I18025202
45 Margetts, Sarah Emily  1 Feb 1888Battersea, Surrey, England I18024858
46 May, Beatrice  Abt 1890Battersea, Surrey, England I77400352427017
47 May, George  Abt 1891Battersea, Surrey, England I77400352427018
48 Minshaw, Amelia Caroline  1865Battersea, Surrey, England I39727
49 Murfin, Sylvia J   I18022858
50 Newman, Marjorie   I1748481779

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 George William Reed  9 Jun 1941Battersea, Surrey, England I77402109324294
2 Batchelor, Edward Charles  1881Battersea, Surrey, England I1749983120
3 Boothby, Frances  30 Oct 1962Battersea, Surrey, England I1750852318
4 Brabyn, Edward  1 Mar 1949Battersea, Surrey, England I18022592
5 Brabyn, John Lugg  1 Dec 1945Battersea, Surrey, England I18022569
6 Dawes, Florence Harriet  Between Jul-Sep 1975Battersea, Surrey, England I77402664085914
7 Dawes, Frederick Samuel  21 Apr 1954Battersea, Surrey, England I77402664085913
8 Dilcock, Thomas Henry  1931Battersea, Surrey, England I1750124090
9 Everett, Hannah Amelia  20 Jan 1952Battersea, Surrey, England I480088108
10 Glanfield, George Thomas  1872Battersea, Surrey, England I260242809
11 Gross, George  Between Jul-Sep 1957Battersea, Surrey, England I1750852323
12 Hackett, Ellen Amelia  Between Jul-Sep 1963Battersea, Surrey, England I77402109324284
13 Joll, Elsie Winifred  1945Battersea, Surrey, England I479971426
14 Lightman, William  Abt Mar 1934Battersea, Surrey, England I77400352434812
15 Meredith, Maria (h) Hepzibah (Mary H)  Abt 1941Battersea, Surrey, England I77400352434833
16 Minshaw, Amelia Caroline  Sep 1933Battersea, Surrey, England I39727
17 Pelissary, AngelicaMagdalena  5 Aug 1736Battersea, Surrey, England I1750055010
18 St. John, Sir Henry 1st Viscount St. John  8 Apr 1742Battersea, Surrey, England I1750046430
19 Thomas, Charles George  Dec 1962Battersea, Surrey, England I77402664228674
20 Thomas, Horatio Nelson  Sep 1940Battersea, Surrey, England I39724
21 Threadgould, John Arthur  1935Battersea, Surrey, England I1750127843


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Champs, Maire Clairedes  Battersea, Surrey, England I1750063649
2 Monteage, Jane  Battersea, Surrey, England I1750049983
3 Poyntz, William  Battersea, Surrey, England I1750049982
4 St. John, Sir Henry 1st Viscount St. John  Battersea, Surrey, England I1750046430
5 St. John, Sir Henry 1st Viscount Bolingbroke  15 Dec 1751Battersea, Surrey, England I1750046432
6 St. John, Sir John Bart  Battersea, Surrey, England I1750046415
7 St. John, Sir Oliver Viscount Grandison  12 Jan 1631Battersea, Surrey, England I1750045949
8 St. John, Sir Walter Bart  9 Jul 1708Battersea, Surrey, England I1750046426


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 St. John, Sir Henry 1st Viscount Bolingbroke  10 Oct 1678Battersea, Surrey, England I1750046432


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  2 Apr 1871Battersea, Surrey, England I7739832487
2 Kelsey, Marcelline  2 Apr 1871Battersea, Surrey, England I7739832488


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Hopkinson, Henry  1871Battersea, Surrey, England I45111324


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1881Battersea, Surrey, England I1750122800
2 Royden, Henry  Battersea, Surrey, England I1750046260
3 Starling, John  1881Battersea, Surrey, England I1750122795


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Boothby / Pennells   F17973
2 Oliver / Phillips  22 Aug 1890Battersea, Surrey, England F14312