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Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England



City/Town : Latitude: 53.4020614, Longitude: -0.8292961


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann  Abt 1813Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1750300198
2 Elizabeth  1769Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I77402664102694
3 Armstrong, Mary Ann  Abt 1874Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I98956
4 Banwell, Harold Gavin  Mar 1893Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I88641
5 Banwell, Ivy  Abt 1895Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I88672
6 Banwell, May  Abt 1890Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I88671
7 Banwell, William James  Jun 1888Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I88660
8 Barrowcliff, Ann  Abt 1810Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I17946
9 Bows, Harriet  Abt 1829Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I53184
10 Bows, Maria  Abt 1838Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I53185
11 Brock, George  Abt 1786Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I19977
12 Broomhead, Elizabeth  1759Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748774942
13 Broomhead, George  1758Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748774941
14 Broomhead, John  1746Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748774938
15 Broomhead, John  1776Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748807905
16 Broomhead, John  1783Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748807906
17 Broomhead, Martha  1748Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748774951
18 Broomhead, Martha  1778Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748807904
19 Broomhead, Mary  1753Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748774939
20 Broomhead, Mary  1775Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748807939
21 Broomhead, Samuel  1781Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748807903
22 Broomhead, Sarah  1755Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748774940
23 Broomhead, Thomas  1750Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748774952
24 Broomhead, Thomas  1785Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748807907
25 Brough, John  1791Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I77402664096003
26 Calvert, Robert  Abt 1817Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I08347077765
27 Carran, Annie Eliza  Abt 1873Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I97223
28 Clark, Arthur James  1888Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I3500609119
29 Clark, Edith Florence  1879Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I3500609116
30 Clark, Edward  Abt 1801Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748477389
31 Clark, Elizabeth  Abt 1799Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748477392
32 Clark, George  Abt 1811Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748477391
33 Clark, George Frederick  1881Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I3500609117
34 Clark, Harry  1892Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I3500609120
35 Clark, Jane  Abt 1807Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748477388
36 Clark, John William  1885Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I3500609118
37 Clark, Maryhenrietta  1877Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I3500609115
38 Clark, Sarah  Abt 1797Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748584856
39 Clark, Thomas  Abt 1769Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748477386
40 Clark, Walter Ernest  1894Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I3500609121
41 Clark, William  Abt 1804Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748477393
42 Clark, William  Abt 1809Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748831766
43 Cliff, George  Abt 1732Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I110039
44 Cliff, Gertrude  Abt 1751Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I53734
45 Cliffe, Mary  Abt 1804Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I10168
46 Cobb, Alixandria  Abt 1898Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I98565
47 Crowder, Elizabeth  Abt 1827Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I86824
48 Curtis, Ann  Abt 1807Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748855872
49 Curtis, Joseph  Abt 1802Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748855874
50 Curtis, Mary Ann  Abt 1851Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748846235

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Brock, George  10 Mar 1788Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I19977
2 Broomhead, Elizabeth  14 Feb 1759Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748774942
3 Broomhead, George  22 Feb 1758Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748774941
4 Broomhead, John  21 Jan 1746Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748774938
5 Broomhead, John  02 Dec 1776Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748807905
6 Broomhead, John  28 Aug 1783Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748807906
7 Broomhead, Martha  30 Oct 1748Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748774951
8 Broomhead, Martha  05 Jun 1778Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748807904
9 Broomhead, Mary  03 Apr 1753Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748774939
10 Broomhead, Mary  18 May 1775Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748807939
11 Broomhead, Samuel  26 Jul 1761Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I480186497
12 Broomhead, Samuel  16 Sep 1781Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748807903
13 Broomhead, Sarah  19 May 1755Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748774940
14 Broomhead, Thomas  21 Mar 1750Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748774952
15 Broomhead, Thomas  26 Apr 1785Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748807907
16 Clark, Elizabeth  20 Apr 1799Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748477392
17 Clark, John  08 Nov 1765Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I3500609199
18 Clark, William  11 Jun 1809Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748831766
19 Curtis, Ann  15 Apr 1807Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748855872
20 Curtis, Joseph  20 May 1802Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748855874
21 Curtis, Nathaniel  18 Sep 1817Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748854719
22 Curtis, Robert  26 Jan 1820Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748855873
23 Curtis, Samuel  30 Nov 1814Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748855875
24 Curtis, Sarah  10 Oct 1804Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748855871
25 Curtis, Thomas  7 Sep 1812Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748855870
26 Curtis, William  30 Mar 1810Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748855861
27 Durdey, Anthony  24 Jan 1789Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748844928
28 Durdey, Elizabeth  9 May 1783Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748844932
29 Durdey, James  27 Sep 1785Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748844927
30 Durdey, James  18 Jan 1792Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748844918
31 Durdey, John  29 Dec 1780Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748844929
32 Durdey, Paul  25 Jan 1787Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748844931
33 Durdey, William  18 Jan 1792Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748844930
34 Hall, James  22 Nov 1820Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I11005
35 Keightley, Anne  28 Jan 1827Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748855010
36 Keightley, Jane  9 Jan 1825Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748855009
37 Keightley, John  16 Mar 1823Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748855008
38 Marsh, Elizabeth  02 Mar 1753Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748774950
39 Marsh, John  30 Nov 1758Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748807947
40 Marsh, Mary  28 Feb 1763Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748807948
41 Marsh, Sarah  05 Feb 1756Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748807946
42 Marsh, William  26 Nov 1766Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748807949
43 Parkin, Mary  2 Sep 1808Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I56721
44 Spittlehouse, Edward  24 May 1829Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1750246705
45 Spittlehouse, Henry  18 Dec 1831Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1750246706
46 Spittlehouse, John  16 Oct 1824Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1750246704
47 Stephenson, Elizabeth  18 Mar 1782Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748807941
48 Stephenson, Elizabeth  25 Oct 1785Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748807943
49 Stephenson, Martha  02 Jan 1781Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748807940
50 Stephenson, Mary  20 Feb 1784Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748807942

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Birtwhistle, Ann  5 Apr 1903Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748831728
2 Bowling, Sarah Jane  30 Jul 1934Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I12778
3 Clark, Thomas  Jan 1851Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748477386
4 Clark, William  1806Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748477393
5 Curtis, George  Dec 1828Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I479197705
6 Durdey, James  24 Oct 1785Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748844927
7 Farnsworth, Ann  Mar 1852Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I110082
8 Holmes, Arthur  27 Nov 1932Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I12780
9 Holmes, John Abraham Lee  3 Jan 1917Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I12775
10 Humphrey, Sarah  Dec 1858Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748584853
11 Riley, Jane  2 Apr 1781Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I3500305943
12 Storey, Hannah Maria  Feb 1847Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I107990
13 Wagstaff, Elizabeth  13 Feb 1781Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1750248124


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Clark, John  05 Nov 1851Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I3500609199
2 Clark, Robert  14 Mar 1797Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I3500609197
3 Wheatcroft, Anne  Jan 23 1758Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I480029476


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Wagstaff, Ann  26 Nov 1775Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1750248122
2 Wagstaff, Ann  07 Jun 1813Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I5000391
3 Wagstaff, Mary  16 Jun 1808Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I5000389
4 Wagstaff, Sarah  21 Nov 1777Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I5000857
5 Wheatcroft, Ann  Oct 02 1795Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I480029485
6 Wheatcroft, Anne  Nov 26 1758Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I480029477
7 Wheatcroft, Anne  Jan 11 1756Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I480029476
8 Wheatcroft, Easter  Jul 10 1800Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I480029504
9 Wheatcroft, Elizabeth  May 10 1807Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I480029660
10 Wheatcroft, Jane  Jan 03 1809Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I480029670
11 Wheatcroft, Mary  Aug 10 1804Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I480029655
12 Wheatcroft, Robert Holmes  Apr 26 1822Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I480029487
13 Wheatcroft, Samuel  Feb 15 1762Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I480029478
14 Wheatcroft, Samuel  Apr 27 1792Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I480029480
15 Wheatcroft, William  Jan 30 1798Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I480029489


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Farnsworth, Ann  30 Mar 1851Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I110082
2 Storey, William  30 Mar 1851Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I107989
3 Stothard, Mary  30 Mar 1851Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I107988


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Banks, Robert  Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I61629
2 Brunyee, Susannah  1841Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I479197704
3 Clark, William  1861Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748831766
4 Curtis, Robert  1841Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748855873
5 Keightley, John  1851Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748855003
6 Spittlehouse, David  1841Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1750246654
7 Spittlehouse, David  1851Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1750246654
8 Spittlehouse, David  1861Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1750246654


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Sarah  1871Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748823968
2 Checkley, Sarah  1851Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1750246700
3 Checkley, Sarah  1861Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1750246700
4 Coggan, William  Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I83011
5 Curtis, Nathaniel  1841Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1748854719
6 Gill, Harold  Bef 1925Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I85270
7 Greaves, Elizabeth  1871Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I100748
8 Hare, Caroline  1901Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I104000205
9 Harrison, Ann  1841Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I5000366
10 Matthews, Ellen  1871Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I100753
11 Matthews, Lillian  1871Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I100750
12 Matthews, Thompson  1871Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I100746
13 Matthews, Walter  1871Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I100751
14 Spittlehouse, Charles  1851Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1750246707
15 Spittlehouse, Edward  1851Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1750246705
16 Wagstaff, Matthew  1834Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1750215165
17 Wagstaff, Matthew  1836Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1750215165
18 Wagstaff, Matthew  1841Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I1750215165
19 Wagstaff, Sarah  1841Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England I5000392


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Benson / Taphouse  29 Dec 1875Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England F29361
2 Broomhead / Marsh  15 Aug 1774Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England F672297305
3 Chafer / Scowthorn  24 Sep 1810Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England F698
4 Curtis / Cambe  26 Jan 1814Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England F672306277
5 Durdey / Harrison  23 Dec 1811Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England F672311811
6 Hempsell / Millner  11 Jun 1810Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England F1389231529
7 Herrington / Broomhead  16 Apr 1822Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England F672302974
8 Holmes / Wheatcroft  Jul 26 1824Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England F1825636
9 Hurt / Wagstaff  29 Aug 1833Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England F5000339
10 Keightley / Wilson  26 Nov 1821Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England F672313854
11 Marsh / France  24 Nov 1789Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England F672302976
12 Torry / Wagstaff  31 Jul 1828Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England F5000384
13 Wagstaff / Cliff  31 May 1773Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England F31402
14 Wagstaff / Fenton  10 Nov 1790Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England F31397
15 Wagstaff / Harrison  23 Nov 1799Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England F5000323