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Betchworth, Surrey, England



Latitude: 51.240523, Longitude: -0.26736400000004323


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ansell, George J  1870Betchworth, Surrey, England I3500306172
2 Ansell, Margaret Ester  Abt 1866Betchworth, Surrey, England I3500306170
3 Arnold, James  1818Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748484960
4 Arnold, Mary  1844Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748484958
5 Arnold, Mary  1845Betchworth, Surrey, England I3500295207
6 Arnold, Sarah  1846Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748484939
7 Arnold, William  1850Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748484959
8 Barnes, William  1834Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748490031
9 Brown, Elizabeth  Abt 1757Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748488396
10 Brown, Margaret  1822Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748484961
11 Charman, Emma  1871Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748484944
12 Charman, Mary Annie  1 Jan 1875Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748484946
13 Charman, Sarah  Abt 1799Betchworth, Surrey, England I3500310594
14 Davis, Charles  1871Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748488506
15 Duffell, Ann  1787Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748488421
16 Duffell, Deborah  1777Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748488415
17 Duffell, Elizabeth  1780Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748488417
18 Duffell, Grace  Abt 1836Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748488432
19 Duffell, Hannah  1784Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748488420
20 Duffell, Hannah  7 Oct 1804Betchworth, Surrey, England I77402664111424
21 Duffell, James  Abt 1757Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748488395
22 Duffell, James  5 Mar 1810Betchworth, Surrey, England I77402664111425
23 Duffell, James  1816Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748488378
24 Duffell, Jonathan  1824Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748488386
25 Duffell, Lucy  5 Jun 1807Betchworth, Surrey, England I77402664111421
26 Duffell, Mary  1782Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748488418
27 Duffell, Sarah  1778Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748488416
28 Duffell, Thomas  1780Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748488419
29 Duffell, Thomas  11 Jun 1780Betchworth, Surrey, England I77402664111396
30 Duffell, William  1812Betchworth, Surrey, England I77402664111388
31 Harwood, Fanny  1880Betchworth, Surrey, England I3500311634
32 Honywood, Sir Thomas  15 Jan 1587Betchworth, Surrey, England I1750056049
33 Lucas, Mary Ann  6 Sep 1850Betchworth, Surrey, England I7739695170
34 Noel, Charlotte Margaret  Betchworth, Surrey, England I7739214556
35 Noel, Midshipman Frederick  25 Apr 1790Betchworth, Surrey, England I7739214545
36 Rickson, George  1817Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748485229
37 Sadler, George  1844Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748488503
38 Sadler, John  1801Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748488498
39 Sadler, John  1835Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748488525
40 Sadler, Maria  1829Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748488526
41 Sadler, Maria  1845Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748488504
42 Sadler, Mary Ann  1833Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748488527
43 Sadler, Sarah  1811Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748488524
44 Sadler, Thomas  1831Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748488528
45 Sadler, William  1840Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748488523
46 Smith, Mary  1793Betchworth, Surrey, England I1748488394


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Duffell, James  16 Apr 1828Betchworth, Surrey, England I77402664111425
2 Duffell, Lucy  14 Aug 1821Betchworth, Surrey, England I77402664111421
3 Tingley, Edwin  8 Jan 1926Betchworth, Surrey, England I3500305030


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Duffell / Brown  26 Oct 1776Betchworth, Surrey, England F672133561
2 Tullett / Gray  1779Betchworth, Surrey, England F1345574266