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Blackburn, Lancashire, England



Latitude: 53.7501, Longitude: -2.48471


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Derek   I32612
2 Anderson, Dora   I32611
3 Anderson, Jean   I32613
4 Anelay, Alice  Abt 1889Blackburn, Lancashire, England I45104997
5 Anelay, Annie Eunice  Abt 1891Blackburn, Lancashire, England I45104989
6 Anelay, James Nowell  Abt 1881Blackburn, Lancashire, England I45104994
7 Anelay, John  Abt 1884Blackburn, Lancashire, England I45104995
8 Anelay, Margaret Ann  Abt 1888Blackburn, Lancashire, England I45104988
9 Anelay, Margaret Annie  Abt 1887Blackburn, Lancashire, England I45104996
10 Anelay, Richard  Abt 1878Blackburn, Lancashire, England I45104992
11 Anelay, Richard  Abt 1882Blackburn, Lancashire, England I45104987
12 Anelay, Thomas  Abt 1879Blackburn, Lancashire, England I45104993
13 Anelay, Thomas Nowell  Abt 1896Blackburn, Lancashire, England I45104990
14 Astley, Eva  10 Jan 1908Blackburn, Lancashire, England I479991010
15 Baker, Frank  8 May 1920Blackburn, Lancashire, England I40971
16 Booth, Anne Pauline   I1750139097
17 Booth, Brian   I1750139095
18 Bottomly, Abi  18 Dec 1863Blackburn, Lancashire, England I41778
19 Bradley, David   I32651
20 Burgess, William  Abt 1903Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1748920127
21 Burton, Frederick Ernest  Abt 1884Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1748856336
22 Burton, George Herbert  Abt 1880Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1748856339
23 Burton, Mary Ann  Abt 1878Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1748856340
24 BUTTERFIELD, Nancy  22 Apr 1826Blackburn, Lancashire, England I7258
25 Catterall, Betty  Abt 1828Blackburn, Lancashire, England I3500300601
26 Cavanagh, Catherine  Abt 1875Blackburn, Lancashire, England I53606
27 Charnley, Agness  1837Blackburn, Lancashire, England I479781213
28 Charnley, Emma  1813Blackburn, Lancashire, England I479781212
29 Charnley, Margaret Seed  1844Blackburn, Lancashire, England I479781214
30 Dawson, Arthur  5 Apr 1892Blackburn, Lancashire, England I41799
31 Dawson, Joseph S  Sep 1860Blackburn, Lancashire, England I77402664085105
32 Dawson, Nellie  14 Feb 1891Blackburn, Lancashire, England I41779
33 Dawson, Sidney  21 Apr 1894Blackburn, Lancashire, England I41801
34 Dimaline, John  Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1750126875
35 Dimaline, Robert  Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1750126877
36 Dimaline, Thomas  Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1750126876
37 Dimaline, William  Abt 1805Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1750126873
38 Dobson, Jean  Abt 1938Blackburn, Lancashire, England I32642
39 Eccles, Isabella  1849Blackburn, Lancashire, England I3500300725
40 Field, Caractacus Neville  1880Blackburn, Lancashire, England I3500300606
41 Field, Minnie  1884Blackburn, Lancashire, England I3500300670
42 Finn, James  6 Oct 1920Blackburn, Lancashire, England I7738449518
43 Fletcher, James  Abt 1896Blackburn, Lancashire, England I97992
44 Fletcher, Richard  Abt 1900Blackburn, Lancashire, England I97993
45 Fowler, PhyllisMary  13 Jan 1899Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1750139094
46 Grey   I33929
47 Grime, Jeremy  1759Blackburn, Lancashire, England I22001699
48 Hargreaves, Harold  16 Sep 1914Blackburn, Lancashire, England I59572
49 Heyes, Sarah Ellen  1859Blackburn, Lancashire, England I3500300745
50 Hill, Gertrude Olive  Abt 1894Blackburn, Lancashire, England I96931

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arrand, James William  Q1 1932Blackburn, Lancashire, England I69212
2 Booth, John Richard  1956Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1750133781
3 Bottomly, Abi  Between Jul-Sep 1901Blackburn, Lancashire, England I41778
4 Brook, Margaret  2006Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1750139096
5 Charnley, Emma  1870Blackburn, Lancashire, England I479781212
6 Charnley, Lawrence  1861Blackburn, Lancashire, England I479781211
7 Dawson, Alfred William  4 Feb 1919Blackburn, Lancashire, England I41720
8 Dawson, Thomas  Between Jul-Sep 1869Blackburn, Lancashire, England I77402664085103
9 Fowler, Martha  Between 1891 and 1901Blackburn, Lancashire, England I32598
10 Fowler, PhyllisMary  1986Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1750139094
11 Goodwin, Mary  1881Blackburn, Lancashire, England I3500300751
12 Harley, Elizabeth  1897Blackburn, Lancashire, England I77400352425023
13 Johnson, Denise  Oct 2008Blackburn, Lancashire, England I66126
14 Johnson, Ethel  Abt 1965Blackburn, Lancashire, England I32626
15 Kenyon, Mary  1854Blackburn, Lancashire, England I77400352424890
16 Moss, Thomas  Abt 1984Blackburn, Lancashire, England I32624
17 Secker, Ellen  1871Blackburn, Lancashire, England I121002690
18 Secker, Ellen  1871Blackburn, Lancashire, England I121004476
19 Seed, James  Abt 1898Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1748860420
20 Shipley, Nanny  Between Apr-Jun 1890Blackburn, Lancashire, England I7738448428
21 Stockdale, Christopher  Abt 1876Blackburn, Lancashire, England I77400352420734
22 Walker, Edward  Jul 1862Blackburn, Lancashire, England I41064
23 White, Nanny  1853Blackburn, Lancashire, England I77400352425100


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Miller, Cecilia  07 Nov 1880Blackburn, Lancashire, England I77402664093331
2 Miller, Mabel  03 Dec 1882Blackburn, Lancashire, England I77402664093696


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Kelsey, Reginald Winter  5 Apr 1891Blackburn, Lancashire, England I7739832771
2 Winter, Ann  5 Apr 1891Blackburn, Lancashire, England I7739832765


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Anelay, Richard  1871Blackburn, Lancashire, England I45104838
2 Hopwood, Robert  Blackburn, Lancashire, England I82615
3 Robinson, Alfred  Between 1911 and 1921Blackburn, Lancashire, England I98972


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Backhouse, Cecilia  1881Blackburn, Lancashire, England I77402664088118
2 Barton, Bertha  1891Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1748858761
3 Barton, Laura  1891Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1748858762
4 Miller, Cecilia  1881Blackburn, Lancashire, England I77402664093331
5 Rigby, Mary Q  1891Blackburn, Lancashire, England I08441396346
6 Rigby, William Thomas  1891Blackburn, Lancashire, England I08441395857
7 Sedgwick, Margaret  1891Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1750121401
8 Sedgwick, Margaret  1901Blackburn, Lancashire, England I1750121401
9 Whalley, John  Blackburn, Lancashire, England I75107


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Anelay / Southworth  Between Jan and Mar 1877Blackburn, Lancashire, England F45022989
2 Anelay / Wilkinson  Between Jul and Sep 1881Blackburn, Lancashire, England F45022988
3 Bayldon / Barnes  1944Blackburn, Lancashire, England F3333885169
4 Briggs / Arrand  Q2 1916Blackburn, Lancashire, England F14984
5 Charnley / Charnley  Blackburn, Lancashire, England F853410
6 Dawson / Bottomly  27 Feb 1888Blackburn, Lancashire, England F14975
7 Horne / Kelsey  Dec 1885Blackburn, Lancashire, England F1345769581
8 Jenkinson / Coy  8E 707 Dec 1892Blackburn, Lancashire, England F3333819451
9 Jolley / Howard  Between Jan and Mar 1876Blackburn, Lancashire, England F672337796
10 Kirkham / Arrand  Q4 1906Blackburn, Lancashire, England F14982
11 Leach / MCMurray  1929Blackburn, Lancashire, England F3333822126
12 Master / Whalley  16 Feb 1764Blackburn, Lancashire, England F17123
13 Nelson / Walmsley  Jun 1921Blackburn, Lancashire, England F280017
14 PIGOT / de Plumpton  1428Blackburn, Lancashire, England F3333822879
15 Simcock / BUTTERFIELD  Dec 1847Blackburn, Lancashire, England F3333887346
16 Spink / Hulme  Between Oct and Dec 1870Blackburn, Lancashire, England F672312471
17 Stockdale / Harley  1856Blackburn, Lancashire, England F1944436751
18 Stockdale / Kenyon  1821Blackburn, Lancashire, England F1944436750
19 Stockdale / White  7 Dec 1818Blackburn, Lancashire, England F1944436760
20 Walker / Townley  Dec 1883Blackburn, Lancashire, England F23094
21 Walmsley / Cavanagh  20 Jan 1898Blackburn, Lancashire, England F30890
22 Yates / Arrand  Q2 1920Blackburn, Lancashire, England F14983