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Blickling, Norfolk, England



Latitude: 52.80918, Longitude: 1.23117


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bircham, Emma  1835Blickling, Norfolk, England I08750830989
2 Bircham, George  1837Blickling, Norfolk, England I08750833332
3 Blogg, Charlotte  1813Blickling, Norfolk, England I08170890473
4 Blogg, Edward  1797Blickling, Norfolk, England I08170936421
5 Blogg, Elizabeth  1768Blickling, Norfolk, England I08170631570
6 Blogg, Elizabeth  1807Blickling, Norfolk, England I08170875845
7 Blogg, Francis  Abt 1770Blickling, Norfolk, England I08170924378
8 Blogg, Francis  1802Blickling, Norfolk, England I08170878509
9 Blogg, Jemima  1776Blickling, Norfolk, England I08170634684
10 Blogg, Lewis  1773Blickling, Norfolk, England I08170633833
11 Blogg, Sarah  1809Blickling, Norfolk, England I08170874526
12 Blogg, Stanley  1778Blickling, Norfolk, England I08170635363
13 Blogg, Stanley  1800Blickling, Norfolk, England I08170879742
14 Boleyn, Alice  1438Blickling, Norfolk, England I121003875
15 Boleyn, Ann  1440Blickling, Norfolk, England I121003874
16 BOLEYN, Cecily  1442Blickling, Norfolk, England I121003873
17 BOLEYN, Elizabeth  1459Blickling, Norfolk, England I121003869
18 Boleyn, Geoffrey  1380Blickling, Norfolk, England I121003896
19 Boleyn, Geoffrey  1406Blickling, Norfolk, England I121003877
20 BOLEYN, Simon  1447Blickling, Norfolk, England I121003871
21 BOLEYN, Thomas  1444Blickling, Norfolk, England I121003872
22 Boleyn, Sir Thomas 1st Earl of Wiltshire  1477Blickling, Norfolk, England I1749990929
23 Boleyn, William  1449Blickling, Norfolk, England I121003870
24 Bustens, Elizabeth  Abt 1852Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544801860
25 Bustens, Lydia  Abt Oct 1853Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544801859
26 Bustens, Mary Ann  Abt 1849Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544820849
27 Bustens, Sarah Ann  1860Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544801858
28 Bustens, William  Abt 1819Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544820852
29 Clipperton, Sarah  Abt 1843Blickling, Norfolk, England I07998519991
30 Daniels, Ann  1775Blickling, Norfolk, England I08578488242
31 Daniels, Ann  1813Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544718268
32 Daniels, Ann  Dec 1825Blickling, Norfolk, England I08750731194
33 Daniels, Catherine  1830Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544631775
34 Daniels, Edward James  Dec 1890Blickling, Norfolk, England I07744460825
35 Daniels, Emily  1816Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544717907
36 Daniels, Eric Stanley Jack  9 Mar 1909Blickling, Norfolk, England I08498905939
37 Daniels, Esther  27 Mar 1853Blickling, Norfolk, England I08545348855
38 Daniels, Fanny  1858Blickling, Norfolk, England I08545329093
39 Daniels, George  20 Oct 1851Blickling, Norfolk, England I08580319552
40 Daniels, Gertrude Elizabeth  Jun 1894Blickling, Norfolk, England I08498871216
41 Daniels, HannahMartha  1861Blickling, Norfolk, England I08545327990
42 Daniels, Hilda Blanche  Mar 1893Blickling, Norfolk, England I08498871214
43 Daniels, James  1817Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544637163
44 Daniels, James  1833Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544631231
45 Daniels, Joseph  1790Blickling, Norfolk, England I08578485632
46 Daniels, Joseph  1820Blickling, Norfolk, England I08580315079
47 Daniels, Joseph  1856Blickling, Norfolk, England I08545344371
48 Daniels, Kate  Sep 1855Blickling, Norfolk, England I08545348694
49 Daniels, Leslie Samuel  Mar 1906Blickling, Norfolk, England I08498910611
50 Daniels, Mary  1822Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544635670

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bustens, Lydia  30 Oct 1853Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544801859
2 Hobart, George 3rd Earl of Buckinghamshire, 7th Baronet Hobart, of Intwood, Norfolk  10 Oct 1731Blickling, Norfolk, England I3500287666
3 Hobart, Philippa  12 Oct 1635Blickling, Norfolk, England I3500287648


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bracton, Alice  1440Blickling, Norfolk, England I121003895
2 Bustens, William  Mar 1867Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544820852
3 Farrow, Mary Ann  1869Blickling, Norfolk, England I08580208932
4 Hobart, Sir Henry Bart  26 Dec 1625Blickling, Norfolk, England I1750057163


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bell, Dorothy  30 Apr 1641Blickling, Norfolk, England I1750062244
2 Hobart, Sir John Baronet  29 Apr 1647Blickling, Norfolk, England I7739070051
3 Sydney, Philippa  5 Oct 1620Blickling, Norfolk, England I7739070053


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Blogg, Edward  26 Feb 1797Blickling, Norfolk, England I08170936421
2 Blogg, Francis  12 Apr 1771Blickling, Norfolk, England I08170924378
3 Bustens, William  11 Mar 1819Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544820852
4 Daniels, Ann  1 Jan 1826Blickling, Norfolk, England I08750731194
5 Daniels, Catherine  21 Mar 1830Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544631775
6 Daniels, Emily  14 Jan 1816Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544717907
7 Daniels, Fanny  26 Feb 1858Blickling, Norfolk, England I08545329093
8 Daniels, George  6 Nov 1851Blickling, Norfolk, England I08580319552
9 Daniels, George  10 Oct 1852Blickling, Norfolk, England I08580319552
10 Daniels, Joseph  07 Feb 1790Blickling, Norfolk, England I08578485632
11 Daniels, Joseph  15 Mar 1820Blickling, Norfolk, England I08580315079
12 Daniels, Joseph  22 Oct 1856Blickling, Norfolk, England I08545344371
13 Daniels, Kate  24 Jul 1855Blickling, Norfolk, England I08545348694
14 Daniels, Kate  9 Mar 1856Blickling, Norfolk, England I08545348694
15 Daniels, Mary Ann  10 Oct 1852Blickling, Norfolk, England I08545349102
16 Daniels, Samuel  7 Feb 1790Blickling, Norfolk, England I08580211414
17 Daniels, Samuel  8 Apr 1828Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544632143
18 Daniels, Sarah  5 Dec 1802Blickling, Norfolk, England I08750724635
19 Daniels, Sarah  6 April 1823Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544633194
20 Daniels, Sophia Judith  8 Jan 1863Blickling, Norfolk, England I08545327896


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Barnard, Charlotte  1881Blickling, Norfolk, England I07744459663
2 Barnard, Stephen  1881Blickling, Norfolk, England I07744459662
3 Barney, Mary Ann Rebecca  1851Blickling, Norfolk, England I08580309900
4 Barney, Mary Ann Rebecca  1861Blickling, Norfolk, England I08580309900
5 Barney, Phoebe  1871Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544861471
6 Barney, Susanna  1851Blickling, Norfolk, England I08578474523
7 Barney, Susanna  1861Blickling, Norfolk, England I08578474523
8 Bircham, Emma  1841Blickling, Norfolk, England I08750830989
9 Bircham, Emma  1851Blickling, Norfolk, England I08750830989
10 Bircham, Emma  1861Blickling, Norfolk, England I08750830989
11 Bircham, Thomas  1841Blickling, Norfolk, England I08750725858
12 Bircham, Thomas  1851Blickling, Norfolk, England I08750725858
13 Bircham, Thomas  1861Blickling, Norfolk, England I08750725858
14 Bircham, Thomas  1871Blickling, Norfolk, England I08750725858
15 Blogg, Charlotte  1851Blickling, Norfolk, England I08170890473
16 Blogg, Charlotte  1861Blickling, Norfolk, England I08170890473
17 Blogg, Francis  1841Blickling, Norfolk, England I08170924378
18 Blogg, Francis  1851Blickling, Norfolk, England I08170924378
19 Blogg, Stanley  1841Blickling, Norfolk, England I08170635363
20 Blogg, Stanley  1851Blickling, Norfolk, England I08170635363
21 Blogg, Thomas  1851Blickling, Norfolk, England I08578473577
22 Blogg, Thomas  1861Blickling, Norfolk, England I08578473577
23 Boleyn, Sir William  Blickling, Norfolk, England I7738407095
24 Breeze, Susannah  1851Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544820851
25 Breeze, Susannah  1861Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544820851
26 Breeze, Susannah  1871Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544820851
27 Breeze, Susannah  1871Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544820851
28 Bustens, Elizabeth  1861Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544801860
29 Bustens, Elizabeth  1871Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544801860
30 Bustens, Lydia  1861Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544801859
31 Bustens, Mary Ann  1851Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544820849
32 Bustens, Robert  1851Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544838911
33 Bustens, Robert  1871Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544838911
34 Bustens, Sarah Ann  1861Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544801858
35 Bustens, Sarah Ann  1871Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544801858
36 Bustens, Selina E  1871Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544838910
37 Bustens, William  1851Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544820852
38 Bustens, William  1861Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544820852
39 Cranefield, Martha  1871Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544558677
40 Cranefield, Martha  1881Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544558677
41 Cranefield, Martha  1891Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544558677
42 Cranefield, Martha  1901Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544558677
43 Cutting, Herbert  1881Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544953135
44 Cutting, John  1881Blickling, Norfolk, England I07913079814
45 Cutting, John  1891Blickling, Norfolk, England I07913079814
46 Cutting, John  1901Blickling, Norfolk, England I07913079814
47 Daniels, Catherine  1851Blickling, Norfolk, England I08544631775
48 Daniels, Edward James  1891Blickling, Norfolk, England I07744460825
49 Daniels, Ernest Thomas  1891Blickling, Norfolk, England I08545014169
50 Daniels, Ernest Thomas  1901Blickling, Norfolk, England I08545014169

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Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bircham / Daniels  1 Feb 1846Blickling, Norfolk, England F1943987778
2 Bircham / Tooley  22 Oct 1833Blickling, Norfolk, England F1943987777
3 Blogg / Barney  15 Jun 1860Blickling, Norfolk, England F1943987033
4 Bustens / Barrett  24 Nov 1814Blickling, Norfolk, England F1943987129
5 Bustens / Breeze  27 Feb 1840Blickling, Norfolk, England F1943987127
6 Daniels / Barney  27 Mar 1849Blickling, Norfolk, England F1943987007
7 Daniels / Cranefield  5 Jul 1862Blickling, Norfolk, England F1943987131
8 Daniels / Forrow  02 Nov 1815Blickling, Norfolk, England F1943987032
9 Emerson / Bircham  26 Nov 1853Blickling, Norfolk, England F1943987782
10 Heyhoe / Blogg  24 Jun 1836Blickling, Norfolk, England F1943987339
11 Hobart / Bell  22 Apr 1590Blickling, Norfolk, England F672625746
12 Landamore / Daniels  11 Oct 1838Blickling, Norfolk, England F1943987130
13 Loynes / Daniels  25 Dec 1852Blickling, Norfolk, England F1943987132