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Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England



City/Town : Latitude: 53.37964221, Longitude: -1.062583923


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alice  Abt 1848Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I7738633040
2 Charlotte  Abt 1816Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1748828401
3 Elizabeth  Abt 1780Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I14869
4 Elizabeth  Abt 1780Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1750203510
5 Elizabeth  Abt 1794Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I07381449779
6 Hannah  Abt 1807Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I6386
7 Mary  Abt 1826Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I15414
8 Allen, Ann  Abt 1820Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I3500608872
9 Booth, Robert  Abt 1745Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I10653
10 Brooke, Mary  1690Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I0760497230
11 Brown, Elizabeth  1861Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I0769419289
12 Brown, Jarvis (Gervase)  1734Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I0760497179
13 Brown, John  1656Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I0763163325
14 Brown, Lillian Hardy  1883Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I3500308074
15 Brown, William  1687Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I0760497229
16 Brownlow, Thomas Hickson  Abt 1809Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I30145
17 Cole, Ellen  Abt 1841Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1748849821
18 Crompton, Ann  Abt 1818Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1749459021
19 Crompton, Ann  Abt 1842Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1749453945
20 Crompton, Ann  Abt 1858Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1749454264
21 Crompton, Catherine  Abt 1864Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1749454265
22 Crompton, Charles Henry  21 Apr 1889Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I20658
23 Crompton, Eliza  Abt 1865Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1749454266
24 Crompton, Frances  Abt 1881Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1750133399
25 Crompton, Frederick  Abt 1887Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1750133401
26 Crompton, George  Abt 1830Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1749459024
27 Crompton, George Arthur  Abt 1900Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1749454444
28 Crompton, George Henry  Abt 1869Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1749454267
29 Crompton, George Henry  Abt 1869Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1750222326
30 Crompton, Henry  Abt 1834Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1749454441
31 Crompton, Henry  30 Nov 1851Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I0759913815
32 Crompton, Hilda Ann  Abt 1897Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1749454445
33 Crompton, John  Abt 1838Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1749454261
34 Crompton, John William  11 May 1884Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I20660
35 Crompton, Lillian Agnes  7 Aug 1879Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I0759913907
36 Crompton, Maud EthelMary  Abt 1897Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1750133403
37 Crompton, Sarah  Abt 1822Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1749459022
38 Crompton, William  Abt 1812Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1749459019
39 Crompton, Willoughby  Abt 1824Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1749459023
40 Crompton, Willoughby  Abt 1832Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1749454440
41 Crompton, Willoughby  Abt 1881Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1749454268
42 Cuckson, Catharine  1814Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I77402664097396
43 Cuckson, Joseph  1813Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I77402664097394
44 Dent, James  14 Apr 1850Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I77402664085430
45 Dobbs, Sarah  Abt 1796Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1750243931
46 Greatorex, Thomas  Abt 1821Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I17137
47 Hakes, Elizabeth  9 Jun 1839Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I0759913311
48 Hakes, George  4 Jul 1843Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I0759913419
49 Hakes, James  1833Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I0759912540
50 Hakes, James  1835Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I0759913108

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Crabtree, Elizabeth  1 Feb 1835Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I53962
2 Crabtree, Hannah  17 May 1830Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I53971
3 Crabtree, Harriet  29 Oct 1837Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I53973
4 Crabtree, Henry  26 Feb 1828Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I53975
5 Crabtree, James  8 Aug 1824Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I53983
6 Crabtree, Joseph  26 Aug 1832Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1748834017
7 Crompton, Ann  20 Sep 1818Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1749459021
8 Crompton, Ann  30 Jun 1842Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1749453945
9 Crompton, George  7 Nov 1830Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1749459024
10 Crompton, Henry  4 Jun 1834Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1749454441
11 Crompton, John  16 Feb 1780Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1749459018
12 Crompton, John  4 Mar 1838Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1749454261
13 Crompton, Sarah  17 Mar 1822Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1749459022
14 Crompton, Willoughby  9 Jul 1826Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1749459023
15 Crompton, Willoughby  23 Dec 1832Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1749454440


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Clark, Mary  1730Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I3500305932
2 Crompton, Willoughby  12 Mar 1833Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1749454440
3 Cuckson, Joseph  19 Dec 1814Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I77402664097394
4 de Quency, Robert III  Aug 1257Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1750048909
5 Hakes, George  1843Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I0759913419
6 Hakes, James  1834Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I0759912540
7 Hakes, Joseph  1842Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I0759913344
8 Hakes, Thomas  1881Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I0759913194
9 Hakes, Thomas  Mar 1895Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I0759656407
10 Longspee, Sir William  1257Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1750048943
11 Milner, John  1744Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I3500304753
12 Scatcherd, Ernest Edmund  1900Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I0760119736
13 Scatcherd, Vernon Harry  1900Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I0760119772


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Crompton, Lillian Agnes  15 Oct 1879Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I0759913907
2 Cuckson, Catharine  21 Sep 1814Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I77402664097396
3 Cuckson, Joseph  11 Jan 1813Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I77402664097394
4 Hakes, James  10 Oct 1833Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I0759912540
5 Hakes, Joseph  30 Mar 1845Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I0759913451
6 Hakes, Sarah  5 Feb 1832Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I0759912485
7 Hakes, William  25 Sep 1836Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I0759913132
8 House, John  27 Feb 1820Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I077402664080793
9 Scatcherd, Ernest Edmund  11 Dec 1899Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I0760119736
10 Scatcherd, Vernon Harry  27 Sep 1900Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I0760119772


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Arrand, Emma  Aft 1881Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I3500608651
2 Beighton, Jane  1851Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1748862180
3 Betts, Benjamin  1881Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I077402664080261
4 Bows, George  Aft 1881Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I3500608652
5 Ferrand, Stephen  Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I1750047513
6 Pawson, William  1891Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I5000823
7 Spittlehouse, Jane  1891Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I5000751
8 Spittlehouse, Jane  1901Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England I5000751


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brown / Breeden  17 Dec 1758Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England F0868689
2 Crabtree / Pailthorpe  1 Dec 1823Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England F31273
3 Crompton / Boulton  12 Aug 1806Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England F672446840
4 Farmery / Spencer  11 May 1847Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England F29048
5 Jackson / Purseglove  7 Apr 1783Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England F1943964789
6 Kelsey / Midgely  17 Dec 1872Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England F4818
7 Middleton / Winter  19 May 1842Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England F672310818
8 Nettleship / Bottom  1835Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England F1345713687
9 Porter / Shephard  6 Apr 1836Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England F672313293
10 Scatcherd / Crompton  28 Aug 1899Blyth, Nottinghamshire, England F01826035