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Brighton, East Sussex, England


Notes: The ancient settlement of "Brighthelmstone" dates from before Domesday Book (1086)

City/Town : Latitude: 50.819716, Longitude: -0.136572


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Sarah  Abt 1864Brighton, East Sussex, England I77400352435634
2 Ashdown, Annie  1860Brighton, East Sussex, England I3500308054
3 Ashdown, Edith  1869Brighton, East Sussex, England I3500308059
4 Ashdown, Elizabeth Jane  16 Jun 1861Brighton, East Sussex, England I3500308055
5 Ashdown, Ellen Rhoda  1877Brighton, East Sussex, England I3500308061
6 Ashdown, Fanny  23 Oct 1858Brighton, East Sussex, England I1748487490
7 Ashdown, Francis Hope  1866Brighton, East Sussex, England I3500308058
8 Ashdown, Harriett  1864Brighton, East Sussex, England I3500308057
9 Ashdown, John  1871Brighton, East Sussex, England I3500308060
10 Ashdown, William Thomas  1863Brighton, East Sussex, England I3500308056
11 Asprey, William Charles  05 Nov 1859Brighton, East Sussex, England I77402664090519
12 Axe, Donald H  1934Brighton, East Sussex, England I1750019016
13 Axe, Hazel Linda  28 Jan 1954Brighton, East Sussex, England I480050493
14 Axe, Sidney John  13 Feb 1928Brighton, East Sussex, England I1750019015
15 Baker, Eliza  Abt 1829Brighton, East Sussex, England I3500301356
16 Balcomb, Ann Alice  Aug 1830Brighton, East Sussex, England I11573
17 Bard, Arther  Abt 1873Brighton, East Sussex, England I3500307537
18 Bard, Beatie  Abt 1866Brighton, East Sussex, England I3500307536
19 Bard, Edith  Abt 1883Brighton, East Sussex, England I3500307541
20 Bard, Ellen  Abt 1881Brighton, East Sussex, England I3500307540
21 Bard, Eunice  Abt 1877Brighton, East Sussex, England I3500307539
22 Bard, George  Abt 1865Brighton, East Sussex, England I3500307535
23 Bard, Harriett  Abt 1871Brighton, East Sussex, England I3500307532
24 Bard, Henry  Abt 1876Brighton, East Sussex, England I3500307538
25 Bridger, Ernest  28 Apr 1892Brighton, East Sussex, England I713715
26 Browne, John Edward Deane Baron Kilmaine  18 Mar 1878Brighton, East Sussex, England I7739101223
27 Burton, Elizabeth  1855Brighton, East Sussex, England I1748477943
28 Campbell, Heather J  Jun 1945Brighton, East Sussex, England I77402664079732
29 Campbell, Herbert Valentine  12 Feb 1886Brighton, East Sussex, England I1750851781
30 Campbell, Herbert W  Dec 1911Brighton, East Sussex, England I77402664079724
31 Campbell, Sylvia B  Dec 1931Brighton, East Sussex, England I77402664079730
32 Campbell, Terence D  Jun 1947Brighton, East Sussex, England I77402664079726
33 Cartmel, Kate   I1748488159
34 Cartmel, Thomas   I1748488158
35 Chatfield, Ernest Cecil  Sep 1879Brighton, East Sussex, England I18043069
36 Clapshoe, Albert Charles  25 Jun 1877Brighton, East Sussex, England I1750276956
37 Clapshoe, Frederick  22 Jul 1897Brighton, East Sussex, England I1750276957
38 Clapshoe, Frederick Edward  Abt 1876Brighton, East Sussex, England I1750276946
39 Clapshoe, Louisa Caroline  25 Oct 1899Brighton, East Sussex, England I1750276958
40 Collins, Susannah Ursula  Apr 1864Brighton, East Sussex, England I19062
41 Comber, Florence Isaacs  Abt 1859Brighton, East Sussex, England I1750289852
42 Coope, Frank Egerton  12 Jan 1863Brighton, East Sussex, England I86143
43 Coope, John Frederick  Jun 1859Brighton, East Sussex, England I86142
44 Cozens, Harry Archibald William  Dec 1886Brighton, East Sussex, England I479984860
45 CUSHMAN, Reuban Harry George Adcock  17 Jul 1910Brighton, East Sussex, England I122017363
46 Darby, George W  1873Brighton, East Sussex, England I93358
47 Dawes, Frederick Samuel  Dec 1870Brighton, East Sussex, England I77402664085913
48 Dean, Arthur  1871Brighton, East Sussex, England I1748483231
49 Dean, Ellen  1870Brighton, East Sussex, England I1748483230
50 Dean, Emily  1876Brighton, East Sussex, England I1748483232

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Berkeley, George Lennox Rawdon 7th Earl of Berkeley  28 Mar 1827Brighton, East Sussex, England I7738432538
2 Browne, John Edward Deane Baron Kilmaine  Brighton, East Sussex, England I7739101223
3 FitzPatrick, Bernard Edward Barnaby Baron Castletown of Upper Ossory  25 Dec 1848Brighton, East Sussex, England I7739090253
4 Pitt-Rivers, William Frederic  27 Nov 1845Brighton, East Sussex, England I7739251961
5 Tayler, Anna Eliza  13 Jul 1823Brighton, East Sussex, England I102780
6 Tayler, Henry Carr Archdale  12 Jun 1826Brighton, East Sussex, England I102781
7 Tayler, Jemima Everilda  23 Jun 1828Brighton, East Sussex, England I102782
8 Tayler, Keith  27 Nov 1831Brighton, East Sussex, England I102783
9 Tayler, Maria Elizabeth  19 Jul 1822Brighton, East Sussex, England I102779
10 Thomas, William Balcomb  25 Dec 1861Brighton, East Sussex, England I11576


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Harriet  1931Brighton, East Sussex, England I1748487489
2 Ashdown, William  27 Apr 1903Brighton, East Sussex, England I1748487485
3 Ashdown, William Thomas  1939Brighton, East Sussex, England I3500308056
4 Ashmore, Sarah Cecilia  1 Jun 1956Brighton, East Sussex, England I18032850
5 Astor, William Waldorf 1st Viscount Astor of Hever Castle  18 Oct 1919Brighton, East Sussex, England I3500642906
6 Axe, Ada Drewitt  1 Apr 1939Brighton, East Sussex, England I480038998
7 Axe, Emily Millicent  23 Apr 1939Brighton, East Sussex, England I480038995
8 Axe, Harry Thomas Wortley  3 Feb 1977Brighton, East Sussex, England I1748697511
9 Axe, Thomas Henry  29 Jul 1940Brighton, East Sussex, England I480038993
10 Bacon, Harriet Laura  16 Nov 1828Brighton, East Sussex, England I86014
11 Bard, Harriett  1946Brighton, East Sussex, England I3500307532
12 Beckett, Sir John 2nd Baronet, FRS  31 May 1847Brighton, East Sussex, England I74448
13 Bennett, Elizabeth Ann  5 Oct 1930Brighton, East Sussex, England I480039001
14 Billage, Elizabeth  22 Oct 1854Brighton, East Sussex, England I7739105786
15 Bode, Lieut Edward  25 Jul 1854Brighton, East Sussex, England I1750046754
16 Bowles, Beatrice May  1968Brighton, East Sussex, England I535190
17 Brabyn, Mabel Constance  Sep 1951Brighton, East Sussex, England I18022644
18 Broomhall, Benjamin Noel  Mar 1925Brighton, East Sussex, England I77400352432048
19 Brown, John Robert  Aug 1991Brighton, East Sussex, England I99124
20 Campbell, Herbert Valentine  16 Feb 1977Brighton, East Sussex, England I1750851781
21 Clapshoe, Albert Charles  1878Brighton, East Sussex, England I1750276956
22 Clapshoe, James  1883Brighton, East Sussex, England I53691
23 Coke, Jane Elizabeth  29 Apr 1863Brighton, East Sussex, England I7739107186
24 Collins, Susannah Ursula  4 Dec 1941Brighton, East Sussex, England I19062
25 Court, Emly Frances  28 Apr 1858Brighton, East Sussex, England I87989
26 Dale, Margaret  1998Brighton, East Sussex, England I1748477993
27 Dimberline, William Henry  16 Jan 1923Brighton, East Sussex, England I1750127014
28 Dorrien, Henry John  Sep 1868Brighton, East Sussex, England I76000
29 Dunn-Gardner, Sarah  11 Sep 1858Brighton, East Sussex, England I7739184472
30 Edmonstone, Charles 2nd Baronet, of Duntreath  01 Apr 1821Brighton, East Sussex, England I43396206
31 Evans, Thomas Gwynn  7 Aug 1997Brighton, East Sussex, England I77402446872938
32 Gaunt, Alfred John  Abt 1905Brighton, East Sussex, England I49830
33 Glanfield, Mary Ann  1898Brighton, East Sussex, England I200991528
34 Grimer, Daisy May  Feb 2004Brighton, East Sussex, England I26008564
35 Herklots, Hannah  25 Oct 1880Brighton, East Sussex, England I98366
36 Jellicoe, Samuel  1843Brighton, East Sussex, England I75080
37 Jenkyns, Annie Mary Rose  20 Jul 1939Brighton, East Sussex, England I122023993
38 Jenkyns, Edith Blanche  15 Mar 1934Brighton, East Sussex, England I122023982
39 Jenkyns, Frederick Bernard  20 Feb 1893Brighton, East Sussex, England I122023983
40 Jerome, Leonard  03 Mar 1891Brighton, East Sussex, England I1750124548
41 Keppel, Rev Thomas Robert  20 Apr 1863Brighton, East Sussex, England I1750066554
42 La Croix, Jean Pierre  Abt 1880Brighton, East Sussex, England I1750272805
43 Lane, Alice Mary Jane  Abt May 1908Brighton, East Sussex, England I1750055464
44 Leney, Elizabeth  1867Brighton, East Sussex, England I1748479397
45 Lister, Adelaide  1 Nov 1838Brighton, East Sussex, England I7739226786
46 Lowry-Corry, Gertrude Juliana Louisa  16 Feb 1874Brighton, East Sussex, England I7739158267
47 Maw, Richard Stovin  Dectr 1862Brighton, East Sussex, England I1750151016
48 Maw, Solomon  26 Feb 1861Brighton, East Sussex, England I1750857153
49 McKenna, Harry  Mar 1952Brighton, East Sussex, England I93991
50 Meadows, Victor Stanley  Jun 1973Brighton, East Sussex, England I38552

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Alt. Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID 
1 Knight, Lucy  Jun 1860Brighton, East Sussex, England I18001546


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Wakerley, John Hollingworth  20 Nov 1865Brighton, East Sussex, England I77402664102009
2 Wakerley, Thomas Charles  10 Nov 1865Brighton, East Sussex, England I77402664102014


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Maw, Frederick Trentham  1881Brighton, East Sussex, England I1750857133
2 Maw, Mowbray Trentham  1881Brighton, East Sussex, England I1750857135


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 La Croix, Mary  1891Brighton, East Sussex, England I1750272806
2 Maw, Frederick Trentham  1881Brighton, East Sussex, England I1750857133
3 Maw, Mowbray Trentham  1881Brighton, East Sussex, England I1750857135


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 ERB, Odette Charlotte Louise  20 Apr 1988Brighton, East Sussex, England I122018734
2 Jenkyns, Annie Mary Rose  27 Nov 1939Brighton, East Sussex, England I122023993
3 Kelsey, Mary Ann  7 Mar 1973Brighton, East Sussex, England I1750136751


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Anscombe, Sarah  1841Brighton, East Sussex, England I77402664090347
2 Bassindale   I50822
3 Jenner, Elizabeth Ann  1881Brighton, East Sussex, England I08496946042
4 Jenner, Elizabeth Ann  1891Brighton, East Sussex, England I08496946042
5 Jenner, Elizabeth Ann  1901Brighton, East Sussex, England I08496946042
6 Lindley, Elsie Janet   I1748585505
7 Morton, Percy Valentine  1901Brighton, East Sussex, England I77402664089734
8 OWEN, Arabella Julia  1891Brighton, East Sussex, England I122024030
9 Tobutt, John Thomas  1881Brighton, East Sussex, England I08496946041
10 Tobutt, John Thomas  1891Brighton, East Sussex, England I08496946041
11 Tobutt, William Charles  1891Brighton, East Sussex, England I08567959836
12 Tobutt, William Charles  1901Brighton, East Sussex, England I08567959836
13 Vaughan, Rev James  Brighton, East Sussex, England I1750046885


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Pollard  Dec 1962Brighton, East Sussex, England F14529
2 Axe / Batchelor   F1830773
3 Axe / McDonald  1927Brighton, East Sussex, England F672609020
4 Blakey / Kumamoto   F16273733
5 Burton / Kenward  25 Nov 1856Brighton, East Sussex, England F672130857
6 Burton / Leney  14 Nov 1811Brighton, East Sussex, England F672131325
7 Campbell / Dutfield  Jun 1931Brighton, East Sussex, England F3333811261
8 Clapshoe / Dowden  26 Oct 1896Brighton, East Sussex, England F272487
9 Clapshoe / La Croix  12 Jan 1874Brighton, East Sussex, England F30620
10 Duly / Slight  1875Brighton, East Sussex, England F582828
11 Ferguson / Pease  Sep 1875Brighton, East Sussex, England F28026053
12 Fuller / Wingfield  Between Jan and Mar 1870Brighton, East Sussex, England F672818680
13 Holman / Marchant  9 Jan 1904Brighton, East Sussex, England F1345574588
14 Hyde / La Croix  Mar 1900Brighton, East Sussex, England F272485
15 La Croix /   Apr 1890Brighton, East Sussex, England F672813289
16 La Croix / Dand  Dec 1870Brighton, East Sussex, England F30616
17 La Croix / Ettridge  28 Sep 1914Brighton, East Sussex, England F672815380
18 La Croix / Kennet  Mar 1900Brighton, East Sussex, England F272486
19 La Croix / Killner  Dec 1887Brighton, East Sussex, England F272482
20 La Croix / Shaw  Jun 1870Brighton, East Sussex, England F272476
21 La Croix / Wingfield  Dec 1871Brighton, East Sussex, England F272475
22 Lelliott / Dunton  1841Brighton, East Sussex, England F1345574194
23 Lewis / Spokes  Mar 1900Brighton, East Sussex, England F28026739
24 Lindsey / STOCKS  1852Brighton, East Sussex, England F3333820871
25 Mirfin / Dunne   F672131259
26 Mullens / Storrow   F23600
27 Murfel / Threadgold   F672669799
28 Nye / Wingfield  Between Jan and Mar 1876Brighton, East Sussex, England F672818682
29 Nye / Woolgar  1877Brighton, East Sussex, England F3333821385
30 Pease / Palmer  Feb 1843Brighton, East Sussex, England F28025990
31 Ratcliffe / La Croix  1872Brighton, East Sussex, England F272361
32 Ratcliffe / Unknown  Dec 1902Brighton, East Sussex, England F272467
33 Shepherd / Clements   F3333808583
34 Smith /   26 Oct 1896Brighton, East Sussex, England F31043
35 Smith / Mann  Abt 1911Brighton, East Sussex, England F1944440451
36 Stephenson / Farbrother   F100240
37 Thomas / CHESHIRE  23 Mar 1850Brighton, East Sussex, England F3333886693
38 Thomas / Storry  14 Nov 1908Brighton, East Sussex, England F3333884922
39 Tobutt / Hards  1857Brighton, East Sussex, England F1943987713
40 Tobutt / Jenner  Sep 1878Brighton, East Sussex, England F1943987712
41 Torr / Hodgson  11 Mar 1816Brighton, East Sussex, England F30233
42 Trimingham / Downey  1 Jun 1906Brighton, East Sussex, England F28023457
43 Tullett / Knee  1896Brighton, East Sussex, England F1345568657
44 Tullett / Knowles  1 Dec 1816Brighton, East Sussex, England F1345574197
45 Tullett / Moorey  14 Feb 1867Brighton, East Sussex, England F672133348
46 Tullett / Streeter  1793Brighton, East Sussex, England F1345574186
47 Warner / Paterson  Mar 1870Brighton, East Sussex, England F672813288
48 Wingfield / Comber  Between Oct and Dec 1881Brighton, East Sussex, England F672817094
49 Wingfield / Jupp  Between Jul and Sep 1881Brighton, East Sussex, England F672818681
50 Wingfield / La Croix  Mar 1878Brighton, East Sussex, England F272483

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