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Castleford, West Yorkshire, England



City/Town : Latitude: 53.725852, Longitude: -1.356261


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alice Ann  Abt 1874Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664092585
2 Charlotte  Abt 1810Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I7739595245
3 Elizabeth  1820Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664102925
4 Hannah  Abt 1801Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664085976
5 Ambler, Henrietta  1869Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I479198664
6 Ambler, James  1844Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I479198663
7 Ambler, Lizzie  1876Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I479198665
8 Appleyard, Aaron  1798Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I479198646
9 Appleyard, Annie  1867Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I479198651
10 Appleyard, Edward  16 Dec 1868Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I479198652
11 Appleyard, Elizabeth  1863Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I479198649
12 Appleyard, George John  1861Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I479198648
13 Appleyard, Harry  1880Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I479198660
14 Appleyard, James  8 Aug 1879Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I479198659
15 Appleyard, John  15 Nov 1870Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I479198653
16 Appleyard, John  2 Sep 1874Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I479198656
17 Appleyard, Kate  29 Dec 1877Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I479198658
18 Appleyard, Margaret  11 Jul 1883Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I479198661
19 Appleyard, Nellie  6 Apr 1876Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I479198657
20 Appleyard, Sam  10 Dec 1872Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I479198655
21 Appleyard, Samuel  1836Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I479198645
22 Appleyard, Sarah  15 Nov 1870Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I479198654
23 ARMITAGE, Ada  Abt 1876Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I122021332
24 ARMITAGE, Annie  Abt 1882Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I122021334
25 ARMITAGE, Florie  Abt 1880Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I122021333
26 ARMITAGE, Harry  Abt 1870Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I122021330
27 ARMITAGE, Joe  Abt 1872Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I122021331
28 ARMITAGE, Polly  1887Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I122021335
29 Atkinson, William  Abt 1853Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I3499891521
30 Austin, Flora  1877Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748484368
31 Backhouse, Francis  22 May 1871Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664091279
32 Backhouse, Harriett  Abt 1865Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664090365
33 Bates, D   I708919
34 Bates, Ethel   I708913
35 Bates, G   I708917
36 Bates, G   I708918
37 Bates, Mabel   I708916
38 Bates, Ruth Hannah   I708914
39 Bates, S   I708921
40 Bates, Thomas  1914Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I708915
41 Bates, Winifred  Abt 1925Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I708920
42 Baxter, George  Abt 1888Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I21998
43 Bellwood, Edith Jane  Abt 1874Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I3499832181
44 Bellwood, Joseph  Abt 1872Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I3499832203
45 Bellwood, Margaret Ann  Abt 1881Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I3499832205
46 Bilsbrough, John Willie  21 May 1874Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664087986
47 Bilsbrough, Norah  11 Jan 1904Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664093299
48 Bilsbrough, Robinson  Q2 1849Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664092297
49 Booth, Ada  Abt 1888Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1750250148
50 Booth, Alfred  Abt 1878Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1750250146

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Appleyard, Aaron  28 Sep 1798Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I479198646
2 Arrand, James  1 Dec 1844Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I69379
3 Braim, Elizabeth  28 Jul 1799Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748849857
4 Braim, John  25 Jun 1797Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748849822
5 Braim, Joseph  3 Apr 1796Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748849856
6 Braim, Joseph  10 Nov 1805Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748849858
7 Braime, Mary  7 Jun 1795Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748848650
8 Braime, Thomas  2 Apr 1769Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748844707
9 England, Alfred  16 Mar 1856Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859454
10 England, Ambrose  16 Dec 1821Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859447
11 England, Ann  1 Jul 1750Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859503
12 England, Betty  19 Jan 1774Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859492
13 England, Edmund  2 May 1756Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859499
14 England, Elizabeth  9 Oct 1772Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859510
15 England, Elizabeth  25 Apr 1847Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859439
16 England, George  3 Jun 1810Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859516
17 England, George  4 Feb 1849Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859440
18 England, Hannah  10 Jan 1776Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859504
19 England, James  31 Mar 1746Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859505
20 England, James  17 Oct 1785Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859517
21 England, John  1 Jan 1743Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859501
22 England, John  30 Mar 1772Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859500
23 England, John  8 Jul 1787Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859518
24 England, John  27 Jul 1845Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859428
25 England, Mary  21 Mar 1779Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859513
26 England, Mary  25 Nov 1788Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859496
27 England, Mary  1 May 1791Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859514
28 England, Mary Ann  14 Nov 1813Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859450
29 England, Mary Ann  11 Jul 1852Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859451
30 England, Matthew  31 May 1784Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859446
31 England, Matthew  6 Nov 1808Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859512
32 England, Matthew  8 Aug 1819Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859437
33 England, Matthew  30 Sep 1838Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859441
34 England, Nanny  9 Jun 1788Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859519
35 England, Sarah  22 Jan 1753Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859497
36 England, Sarah  5 Apr 1775Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859515
37 England, Sarah  1 Jul 1782Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859498
38 England, William  16 Apr 1748Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859490
39 England, William  31 Jul 1768Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859494
40 England, William  29 Jun 1777Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859495
41 England, William  8 Jul 1787Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859502
42 England, William  9 Jun 1793Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859511
43 England, William  6 Nov 1808Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859448
44 Frobisher, Charles  21 Apr 1822Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859602
45 Frobisher, Elizabeth  13 May 1810Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I744654
46 Frobisher, Emma  22 Nov 1840Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748815295
47 Frobisher, George  27 Jul 1828Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859601
48 Frobisher, George  23 Sep 1832Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859597
49 Frobisher, Hannah  23 Apr 1815Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859599
50 Frobisher, Hannah  4 Dec 1842Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859588

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Backhouse, Joseph  03 Jan 1864Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089718
2 Backhouse, Walter  28 Jan 1918Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664090092
3 Binns, Emily Ann  20 Dec 1915Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664093035
4 Briggs, Rhoda  Sep 1924Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1750204149
5 Brownton, Elizabeth  c May 1866Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664086061
6 Brunyard, George  19 Jul 1921Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I479198576
7 Brunyard, John  10 Nov 1970Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I479198600
8 Brunyard, Sarah Ann  21 Mar 1959Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I479198584
9 Brunyee, John  1861Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I479198675
10 Brunyee, John  21 Nov 1884Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I479198573
11 Bullock, Arthur  1891Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1750245695
12 Cheesbrough, Charlotte  4 Aug 1897Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748856961
13 Clarkson, Thomas  26 Jun 1916Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664093842
14 Crumpton, Sarah  Q2 1920Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664093946
15 Davison, Elizabeth Annie  24 Dec 1891Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748850951
16 Day, Sarah  23 Dec 1884Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I80873
17 Dodsworth, Harriet  1895Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1750245012
18 Dodsworth, Maria  1863Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1750245008
19 Ella, Robert Prince  Sep 1891Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I80871
20 Hanson, Thomas William  Q2 1911Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664091147
21 Higgins, Jane  1856 JulyCastleford, West Yorkshire, England I121002210
22 Holmes, Ann  1864Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I3499833201
23 Law, Hannah  8 Sep 1960Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I479198601
24 Masterman, Eliza  Jul 1877Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1750250142
25 McCawley, Sarah  26 Jan 1954Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I56213
26 Mooney, Alice  Jun 1910Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I80856
27 Nicholson, Enoch Harry  8 Sep 1919Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I39368
28 Ripley, Isaac  Bef 1809Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748949494
29 Ripley, Samuel  Bef 1823Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748949496
30 Ripley, Thomas  Bef 1815Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748949499
31 Rockett, Henry  30 Oct 1915Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I57506
32 Rockett, Henry  20 May 1919Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I23000094
33 Rockett, Richard  1 Sep 1897Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I23000092
34 Rockett, Tom  9 Jul 1928Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I23000096
35 Tasker, Hannah  Between Oct and Dec 1865Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748838783
36 Waters, Alice Eliza  Jul 1892Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1750250154
37 Waters, Alma  Feb 1958Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1750250159
38 Waters, Martin  Jul 1916Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1750250138
39 Waters, Samuel  Jan 1862Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1750250141
40 Wright, Priscilla  30 Mar 1923Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664093387
41 Wright, Rose Pickersgill  Q1 1898Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664091971


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Appleyard, Aaron  20 Nov 1859Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I479198646
2 Appleyard, Samuel  19 Jan 1915Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I479198645
3 Arrand, James  25 Mar 1845Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I69379
4 Backhouse, Joseph  03 Jan 1864Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089718
5 Briggs, Rhoda  1 Oct 1924Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1750204149
6 Day, Frances Ruth  30 Apr 1919Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1504
7 Masterman, Eliza  16 Jul 1877Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1750250142
8 Mutch, James  28 Oct 1929Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1750197810
9 Mutch, Job Squire  22 Jun 1920Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1750197795
10 Waters, Alice Eliza  28 Jul 1892Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1750250154
11 Waters, Alma  21 Feb 1958Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1750250159
12 Waters, Martin  9 Jul 1916Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1750250138
13 Waters, Samuel  6 Jan 1862Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1750250141


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Bullock, Edwin  1851Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I3499832388
2 Frobisher, John  1861Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748859598
3 Hopwood, Eli  1901Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748810321
4 Lumb, John  1881Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I3499831639
5 Mullins, James  1881Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I7739396370
6 Neal, Edwin  1881Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I7739396386
7 Poskitt, Joseph  1861Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I744720
8 Ramskill, Harriet  1871Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I3499833715
9 Ripley, Isaac  1861Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I57408
10 Ripley, Luke  1861Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I3499857937
11 Sinyard, Emmanuel  1871Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I3499834063
12 Sinyard, Emmanuel  1901Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I3499834063
13 Sinyard, Joseph Emanuel  1901Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I3499834065
14 Sweeting, John  1851Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1750245229
15 Thompson, Smithson  1911Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I45121197


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Alice Ann  02 Apr 1911Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664092585
2 Backhouse, Elizabeth  1861Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664087982
3 Backhouse, Francis  1881Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664091279
4 Backhouse, Harriet  1861Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664092467
5 Backhouse, Harriet  1861Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664092467
6 Backhouse, Harriett  1881Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664090365
7 Backhouse, John  1861Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089714
8 Backhouse, Mary Ann  1861Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089956
9 Budge, John  1901Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I07920094172
10 Coe, Alice Margaret  02 Apr 1911Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664088785
11 Coe, Willie  02 Apr 1911Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664092584
12 Coward, Phoebe  1841Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I1748863467
13 Hanson, Emma Charlotte Ann  1901Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089108
14 Hanson, Emma Charlotte Ann  02 Apr 1911Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089108
15 Kilburn, Annie  1861Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664092389
16 Kilburn, Annie  1861Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664092389
17 Kilburn, Charles  1861Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664091319
18 Kilburn, Charles  1881Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664091319
19 Kilburn, Charles  1891Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664091319
20 Kilburn, Charles  1891Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664091319
21 Kilburn, Charlotte  1861Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664088796
22 Kilburn, Charlotte  1861Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664088796
23 Kilburn, Edith  02 Apr 1911Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664087888
24 Kilburn, Ellen  1861Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664087712
25 Kilburn, Ellen  1881Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664091978
26 Kilburn, Elsie May  1891Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664091805
27 Kilburn, Elsie May  1901Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664091805
28 Kilburn, Ethel  1891Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664091806
29 Kilburn, Ethel  1901Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664091806
30 Kilburn, Evangeline  1901Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664090319
31 Kilburn, Evangeline  02 Apr 1911Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664090319
32 Kilburn, George  1881Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089335
33 Kilburn, George  1891Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089335
34 Kilburn, George  1901Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089335
35 Kilburn, George  02 Apr 1911Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089335
36 Kilburn, Hannah  1861Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664087717
37 Kilburn, Hannah  1881Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089336
38 Kilburn, Harriet  1881Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664091239
39 Kilburn, Harriet  1891Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664091239
40 Kilburn, John  1881Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664090613
41 Kilburn, John  1891Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664090613
42 Kilburn, John  1901Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664090613
43 Kilburn, John  02 Apr 1911Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664090613
44 Kilburn, Joseph  1861Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664090504
45 Kilburn, Martha  1891Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089477
46 Kilburn, Martha  1901Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089477
47 Kilburn, Martha  02 Apr 1911Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089477
48 Kilburn, Robert  1861Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664090239
49 Kilburn, Robert  1891Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664090239
50 Kilburn, Rose  1881Castleford, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089337

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Archer  10 Jun 1892Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F3333816551
2 / Crumpton  23 Dec 1899Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F3333816724
3 Appleyard / Brunyard  27 May 1860Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F618483
4 Arrand / Butterfield  28 Jul 1839Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F14764
5 Bilsbrough /   29 Mar 1872Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F3333816625
6 Braime / Seatcherd  9 Jun 1794Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F672311766
7 Bramham / Shephard  Between Jul and Sep 1862Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F672315336
8 Brown / Kilburn  16 Mar 1879Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F3333814755
9 Brunyate (Brunyee) / Hart  7 Nov 1853Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F618548
10 Brunyate (Brunyee) / Turner  5 Mar 1823Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F618547
11 Clayton / Roberts  Jun 1863Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F35
12 Dickinson / Brunyard  15 Aug 1858Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F618481
13 Ella / Unknown  Jun 1874Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F18896
14 England / Atkinson  1 Jun 1767Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F672314742
15 England / Houson  10 Nov 1784Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F672314744
16 England / Kemp  13 Sep 1768Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F672314746
17 England / Kemp  25 Jun 1832Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F672314747
18 England / Martial  5 Sep 1742Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F672314743
19 England / Watson  5 Dec 1770Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F672314745
20 England / Watson  7 Sep 1807Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F672314731
21 England / Winn  30 Sep 1838Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F672314732
22 Eversidge / Milthorp  7 Sep 1889Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F672313003
23 Flockton / Wright  Between Jul and Sep 1865Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F1345480076
24 Gluck /   10 Jun 1892Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F3333816560
25 Greenwood / Wadsworth  Between Oct and Dec 1862Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F672311706
26 Kear / Brunyard  20 Jul 1897Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F618462
27 Kilburn /   14 Jun 1886Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F3333816570
28 Pattrick / Nield  27 Jan 1799Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F672313424
29 Pocklington / Sutton  Between Jan and Mar 1865Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F1345480832
30 Poskitt / Atkinson  Between Oct and Dec 1867Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F1345480901
31 Ripley / Pickering  20 Dec 1830Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F1345473409
32 Ripley / Sykes  4 May 1829Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F31862
33 Rockett / Burton  1 Apr 1854Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F59661
34 Speight / Carr  Between Jul and Sep 1863Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F672807427
35 Threadgould / Garth   F672668728
36 Turver / Nodder  Between Jul and Sep 1863Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F1345467666
37 Unknown / Ella  Mar 1871Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F18895
38 Unknown / Mutch  23 Oct 1909Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F2734
39 Wade / Brunyard  21 Jun 1857Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F618478
40 Wilde / Brunyard  18 Apr 1900Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F618463
41 Wilkinson / Rumbert  24 Dec 1779Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F672807354
42 Wright / Thompson  7 Mar 1870Castleford, West Yorkshire, England F2196