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Chelmsford, Essex, England



Latitude: 51.73581, Longitude: 0.46971


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Elizabeth  1630Chelmsford, Essex, England I77402664081381
2 Ashley-Smith, Rebecca Sutheran Elaine   I480192743
3 Aylett, Fredrick  Abt 1846Chelmsford, Essex, England I07821620515
4 Aylett, Garrett  Abt 1844Chelmsford, Essex, England I07821620512
5 Aylett, Henry  Abt 1849Chelmsford, Essex, England I07821597955
6 Aylett, Isaac  Abt 1804Chelmsford, Essex, England I07821607737
7 Boustead, Richard Vernon  24 Aug 1957Chelmsford, Essex, England I77400352426378
8 Briscoe, Edith Winnifred  Abt Aug 1892Chelmsford, Essex, England I1750056346
9 Brown, Henry Blomfield  Abt Feb 1851Chelmsford, Essex, England I1750060242
10 Brown, Hillary Elizabeth   I94133490
11 Byford, Daphne M  Jun 1930Chelmsford, Essex, England I77402664085907
12 Byford, Dennis S  Mar 1928Chelmsford, Essex, England I77402664085906
13 Carr, Amanda  Abt 1890Chelmsford, Essex, England I1750250936
14 Carr, Mary A  Abt 1891Chelmsford, Essex, England I1750250938
15 Dickens, John Davies  1846Chelmsford, Essex, England I77402664228990
16 Donno, Kevin Steven  1981Chelmsford, Essex, England I77402664228007
17 Drake, Lynne M  1954Chelmsford, Essex, England I80521
18 Drake, Maurice George  4 Sep 1924Chelmsford, Essex, England I80519
19 Drake, Michael J  1959Chelmsford, Essex, England I80522
20 Drake, PhiilipM  1950Chelmsford, Essex, England I80520
21 Everett, Charles H  2 Jul 1844Chelmsford, Essex, England I480088477
22 Field, Alexander   I1750188489
23 Field, Nicholas  2013Chelmsford, Essex, England I7303
24 Fogg, ClairMichelle   I18043021
25 Foreman, DouglasMontague DFC  7 Oct 1915Chelmsford, Essex, England I1750047771
26 Garrod, John  20 Sep 1911Chelmsford, Essex, England I30206
27 Hawes, Stanley Joshua  Abt 1903Chelmsford, Essex, England I77400352434940
28 Heard, Alec Walter  Jun 1905Chelmsford, Essex, England I18042792
29 Heard, Annie Maria Daisy  1 Jun 1878Chelmsford, Essex, England I18023246
30 Heard, AnnM   I18042897
31 Heard, Constance Gertrude  Sep 1903Chelmsford, Essex, England I18042791
32 Heard, Walter Alfred  1 Mar 1876Chelmsford, Essex, England I18023245
33 Howe, Jacqueline E  1940Chelmsford, Essex, England I77400352428653
34 Looker, Gillian Stella   I115975
35 McLoughlin, Jacqueline A   I18044136
36 Meads, Elizabeth  Abt 1803Chelmsford, Essex, England I18023860
37 Middleton, Clara Talbot  1903Chelmsford, Essex, England I77402102307400
38 Milbank, Grace Victoria  Abt Aug 1887Chelmsford, Essex, England I1750048145
39 Milbank, Wilfred Randall  Nov 1885Chelmsford, Essex, England I1750048139
40 Pocklington, Diana  1714Chelmsford, Essex, England I122023786
41 Pocklington, Katherine  Abt 1712Chelmsford, Essex, England I122023784
42 Pocklington, Mary  6 Jan 1709Chelmsford, Essex, England I122023783
43 Post, Pamwell  3 Sep 1619Chelmsford, Essex, England I18003023
44 Pound, John W   I18044138
45 Rayner, Ann  1867Chelmsford, Essex, England I1748488825
46 Richardson, Laurence  1880Chelmsford, Essex, England I18042908
47 Roberts, Alfred Edward  Abt 1852Chelmsford, Essex, England I51790
48 SEWELL, CynthiaMary  26 May 1910Chelmsford, Essex, England I122012344
49 SEWELL, DorisMarjorie  Oct 1908Chelmsford, Essex, England I122012343
50 Sheldrake, Keith  1965Chelmsford, Essex, England I3500447241

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beryl Rhhoda  Feb 1997Chelmsford, Essex, England I16617
2 Axe, Lily Rose  Jul 2006Chelmsford, Essex, England I1750130828
3 Bartholomew, Eliza  1936Chelmsford, Essex, England I1750047310
4 Booth, Herbert  Between Jul-Sep 1981Chelmsford, Essex, England I77400352426198
5 Burstow, Phyllis ,Florence  Abt 2005Chelmsford, Essex, England I77400352435395
6 Byford, Dennis S  Between Jan-Mar 1929Chelmsford, Essex, England I77402664085906
7 Byford, Sidney Gage  Between Apr-Jun 1970Chelmsford, Essex, England I77402664085905
8 Culpin, Rebecca  Between Oct-Dec 1977Chelmsford, Essex, England I77400352426695
9 Darrand, Mary Ellen  5 May 2007Chelmsford, Essex, England I77402664081015
10 Drake, Maurice George  Between Jul-Sep 1989Chelmsford, Essex, England I80519
11 Finch, Jessie Isabel  Oct 2004Chelmsford, Essex, England I77402664226718
12 Finlay, Margaret  1970Chelmsford, Essex, England I77402664106988
13 Foreman, Luther Pattle  Dec 1940Chelmsford, Essex, England I1750047765
14 Foreman, Montague  5 Dec 1969Chelmsford, Essex, England I1750047767
15 Grant, Ada Florence Mary  Apr 2007Chelmsford, Essex, England I19602
16 Hawes, Ellen Edith Kate  1 Jan 1967Chelmsford, Essex, England I77400352434935
17 Heard, Job  1 Dec 1878Chelmsford, Essex, England I18023222
18 Milbank, Grace Victoria  9 Sep 1952Chelmsford, Essex, England I1750048145
19 Phillips, Malcolm Arthur  9 Jan 1970Chelmsford, Essex, England I77402311885972
20 Pocklington, Diana  Apr 1806Chelmsford, Essex, England I122023786
21 Pocklington, Oliver  9 Feb 1741Chelmsford, Essex, England I122023781
22 Poole, Adelaide Pauline  18 Oct 2006Chelmsford, Essex, England I67777
23 Rider, Thomas  26 Sep1615Chelmsford, Essex, England I77402664081384
24 SEWELL, CynthiaMary  Sep 1976Chelmsford, Essex, England I122012344
25 SEWELL, Ernest Frederick  Mar 1953Chelmsford, Essex, England I122012341
26 Sheldrake, Raymond Thomas  Nov 2005Chelmsford, Essex, England I1750130831
27 Smith, Kate Mildred  Oct 1915Chelmsford, Essex, England I122012342
28 Thomas, Arthur Edmund James  Jan 1981Chelmsford, Essex, England I77402664226717
29 Thomas, Bertram Charles  14 Jan 1962Chelmsford, Essex, England I2192
30 Thomas, Geoffrey  Jan 1998Chelmsford, Essex, England I77402664226724
31 Thomas, Kenneth  1974Chelmsford, Essex, England I13601
32 Thomas, Mary Rose  Jan 1989Chelmsford, Essex, England I77402664226725
33 TINDAL, Capt.George  Oct 1777Chelmsford, Essex, England I122023787
34 TINDAL, Diana  Sep 1798Chelmsford, Essex, England I122023789
35 Van Der Poest, Peter  1551Chelmsford, Essex, England I18003031
36 White, Keith David William  5 Jan 1995Chelmsford, Essex, England I7738450541


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ROUS, William  24 Nov 1696Chelmsford, Essex, England I122027920


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 ROUS, Sarah  2 Dec 1693Chelmsford, Essex, England I122027707
2 ROUS, William  6 Dec 1692Chelmsford, Essex, England I122027920


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Mary  1841Chelmsford, Essex, England I77400352427740
2 Aylett, Anna  1851Chelmsford, Essex, England I07821620510
3 Aylett, Fredrick  1851Chelmsford, Essex, England I07821620515
4 Aylett, Garrett  1851Chelmsford, Essex, England I07821620512
5 Aylett, Henry  1851Chelmsford, Essex, England I07821597955
6 Aylett, Isaac  1851Chelmsford, Essex, England I07821607737
7 Mildmay, Thomas  Chelmsford, Essex, England I1750057325
8 ROUS, William  Chelmsford, Essex, England I122027691
9 Taylor, Emily  1841Chelmsford, Essex, England I480030737
10 Taylor, William  1841Chelmsford, Essex, England I77400352427739


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Booth / Poole  Between Oct-Dec 1933Chelmsford, Essex, England F14236
2 Burrell / Foreman  18 Dec 1928Chelmsford, Essex, England F672619401
3 Carr / Loveday  Jun 1859Chelmsford, Essex, England F12354
4 Foreman / Milbank  15 Dec 1914Chelmsford, Essex, England F672619399
5 Groves / Brabyn   F19020612
6 Josselyn / Aurcross  21 May 1583Chelmsford, Essex, England F18000980
7 McLoughlin / Pound   F28027029
8 Milbank / Foreman  Chelmsford, Essex, England F672619400
9 Rider / Allen  1649Chelmsford, Essex, England F3333812528
10 Rouse / RATCLIFF  Oct 1844Chelmsford, Essex, England F122015772
11 SEWELL / Rouse  Apr 1872Chelmsford, Essex, England F122015776
12 SEWELL / Smith  Jul 1908Chelmsford, Essex, England F122010738
13 Wallis / Cass  Jun 1876Chelmsford, Essex, England F28026678
14 Westaway / Finch  22 Mar 1916Chelmsford, Essex, England F3333811012