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Chelsea, Middlesex, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.4874708, Longitude: -0.1686833


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary Ann Eliza  Abt 1850Chelsea, Middlesex, England I77402664102176
2 (Moore) Robertson, Teresa Hermione Idena (Toppet)  26 Jun 1932Chelsea, Middlesex, England I77402109324213
3 Alliston, Annabel Harriet Stephanie   I79689
4 Amery, John  14 Mar 1912Chelsea, Middlesex, England I77402664086657
5 Ascroft, Thomas  Jun 1830Chelsea, Middlesex, England I43157
6 Ascroft, William  Mar 1833Chelsea, Middlesex, England I43158
7 Atherley, Henry  29 Nov 1852Chelsea, Middlesex, England I77400352426802
8 Bacon, Joanna C  Jun 1937Chelsea, Middlesex, England I86030
9 Bagot, Alexandra  Abt Feb 1895Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1750056448
10 Bagot, Muriel Beryl  Abt Nov 1892Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1750056447
11 Batt, Christopher Windham  24 Aug 1929Chelsea, Middlesex, England I71063
12 Batty, Florence A  Abt 1865Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1748845177
13 Brannan, Alice Maud  16 Sep 1897Chelsea, Middlesex, England I7739816062
14 Brown, Benjamin W  Abt 1870Chelsea, Middlesex, England I18024158
15 Brown, Charlotte  1863Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1748483841
16 Capell, Evelyn Jde Vere  28 Jun 1856Chelsea, Middlesex, England I7739260140
17 Cooper, Rosetta Winifred  Jun 1898Chelsea, Middlesex, England I89576
18 Dale, Albert  1880Chelsea, Middlesex, England I3500303266
19 Dale, Charles  1875Chelsea, Middlesex, England I3500303264
20 Dale, Daniel  Abt 1889Chelsea, Middlesex, England I3500304843
21 Dale, Edward  1878Chelsea, Middlesex, England I3500303265
22 Dale, Frederick  Abt 1871Chelsea, Middlesex, England I3500303262
23 Dale, Helen  Abt 1876Chelsea, Middlesex, England I3500304844
24 Dale, Helen  Abt 1897Chelsea, Middlesex, England I3500304842
25 Dale, Thomas  1869Chelsea, Middlesex, England I3500303261
26 Dale, Walter  1873Chelsea, Middlesex, England I3500303263
27 Dawnay, Cuthbert Henry  Dec 1891Chelsea, Middlesex, England I79778
28 Dawnay, LeilaM  Abt 1885Chelsea, Middlesex, England I79779
29 Dodgson, Stephen CV   I18040309
30 Evans, Andrew Fitzherbert  1765Chelsea, Middlesex, England I77402664111569
31 Fisher, Sarah A  Abt 1841Chelsea, Middlesex, England I7738396612
32 Ford, Harry  1879Chelsea, Middlesex, England I77402664102416
33 Ford, Joseph  1880Chelsea, Middlesex, England I77402664102417
34 Freeman-Mitford, David Bertram Ogilvy Lord Redesdale  13 Mar 1878Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1750062606
35 Hamilton, Major Anthony Baldwin  22 Apr 1898Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1750065009
36 Hamilton, Christopher Baldwin  23 Aug 1899Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1750065012
37 Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood, Basil Sheridan Marquess of Dufferin and Ava  6 Apr 1909Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1750064231
38 Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood, Patricia Ethel  20 Mar 1902Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1750065014
39 Hancock, Rowland William  Jun 1850Chelsea, Middlesex, England I57010
40 Hewson, Edward Charles  Abt 1889Chelsea, Middlesex, England I18832
41 Hewson, EthelMaud  Abt 1896Chelsea, Middlesex, England I18834
42 Hewson, George  Abt 1895Chelsea, Middlesex, England I18835
43 Hewson, Horace Thomas  Abt 1892Chelsea, Middlesex, England I18836
44 Hewson, William J  Abt 1885Chelsea, Middlesex, England I18833
45 Higginson, Constance Mary  5 Dec 1871Chelsea, Middlesex, England I78076
46 Hill, Caroline  Abt 1830Chelsea, Middlesex, England I77400352434970
47 Hine, Gilbert  1878Chelsea, Middlesex, England I18031695
48 Hockett, Mary Elizabeth  22 Jul 1877Chelsea, Middlesex, England I15575
49 Hyden, Edith Annie  1 Dec 1882Chelsea, Middlesex, England I18027677
50 Hyden, Frederick Charles  1 Jun 1889Chelsea, Middlesex, England I18027637

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Ascroft, Thomas  9 Jul 1830Chelsea, Middlesex, England I43157
2 Ascroft, William  15 Mar 1833Chelsea, Middlesex, England I43158


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Addy, Leonard  1969Chelsea, Middlesex, England I30537
2 Backhouse, William  Dec 1869Chelsea, Middlesex, England I18039456
3 Bagot, Muriel Beryl  Abt May 1894Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1750056447
4 Bowers, AgnesMc Donald  Mar 1933Chelsea, Middlesex, England I3500447339
5 Butt, Amy Ethel  7 May 1948Chelsea, Middlesex, England I17689
6 Capell, Mary  7 Jan 1715Chelsea, Middlesex, England I76703
7 Cook, Alice Eleanor  1915Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1750120404
8 Dudley, Catherine  Abt 14 Aug 1620Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1750053974
9 Ferrand, Hugo  Abt May 1877Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1750047342
10 Gill, Eva Woad  1971Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1201
11 Gold, Isabella Lucy  1 Dec 1899Chelsea, Middlesex, England I18027676
12 Hamilton, Christopher Baldwin  5 Sep 1899Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1750065012
13 Hamilton, Geraldde Courcy  20 Nov 1913Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1750050897
14 Huby, Charlotte  Between Apr-Jun 1883Chelsea, Middlesex, England I7738449177
15 Hyde, Edward 3rd Earl of Clarendon  31 Mar 1723Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1750065159
16 Jenkyns, William Frederick  29TH Nov 1843Chelsea, Middlesex, England I122019396
17 Landing, Harold  7 Jun 1980Chelsea, Middlesex, England I80440
18 Leggott, Richard (Dickie)  25 Apr 1979Chelsea, Middlesex, England I26002993
19 Morison, Frederick William  28 Dec 1928Chelsea, Middlesex, England I88202
20 Nugent, Sybil Dorothy  1953Chelsea, Middlesex, England I101912
21 O'Brien, Henry Horatio Lord O'Brien  10 Jul 1690Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1750403058
22 Powys, Rev Frederick  31 Dec 1850Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1750046886
23 Richards, Agnes Anne  26 Apr 1906Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1750047004
24 Scott-Colby (Sandell), Anna K  Jul-Sep 1969Chelsea, Middlesex, England I600005047
25 Shorter, Catherine  20 Aug 1737Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1750120280
26 Sincock, Daisy Edith  30 Dec 1943Chelsea, Middlesex, England I45671
27 Thomas, Charles  Jun 1908Chelsea, Middlesex, England I14791
28 Turner, Mira Amelia  1925Chelsea, Middlesex, England I102722
29 Walker, Lucretia Griffin  Jun 1866Chelsea, Middlesex, England I50600
30 Watson-Wentworth, Anne  29 Aug 1769Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1750054601


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bray, Sir Edmund Lord Bray  Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1750052037
2 Bray, John Lord Bray  28 Nov 1557Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1750056826
3 Cadogan, Charles Henry Sloane 2nd Earl Cadogan  03 Jan 1833Chelsea, Middlesex, England I7098333653
4 Cadogan, Henry Charles 4th Earl Cadogan  Chelsea, Middlesex, England I7098333662
5 Carey, Catherine Countess of Nottingham  28 Feb 1603Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1749991012
6 Dudley, Catherine  14 Aug 1620Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1750053974
7 Guilford, Jane  1 Feb 1555Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1749990990
8 Howard, Elizabeth Baroness Beauchamp  18 Nov 1671Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1750047305
9 Wellesley, Mary Sarah  Chelsea, Middlesex, England I7098333670


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Cadogan, William Bromley  Chelsea, Middlesex, England I7098333654
2 Wellesley, Gerald Valerian  Chelsea, Middlesex, England I7098333595


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bagot, Marjory Olive  Chelsea, Middlesex, England I7739181775
2 Danvers, Sir John  Chelsea, Middlesex, England I86565
3 Fane, Charlotte  Chelsea, Middlesex, England I73894
4 Grose, David  Chelsea, Middlesex, England I1750065743
5 Moore, Caroline Ethel  1911Chelsea, Middlesex, England I79678
6 Tomlin, Felicity Douglas  1911Chelsea, Middlesex, England I77402109324219
7 Tomlin, Maurice Hilliard  1911Chelsea, Middlesex, England I79677


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adams / SALT  1882Chelsea, Middlesex, England F3333821248
2 Babbage / Botting  23 Jul 1878Chelsea, Middlesex, England F3333806086
3 Balfour / Culme-Seymour  Mar 1938Chelsea, Middlesex, England F1957
4 Balls / Brown  1885Chelsea, Middlesex, England F672132434
5 Batt / Knowles  Jun 1903Chelsea, Middlesex, England F15568
6 Biddulph / Mure  10 Nov 1896Chelsea, Middlesex, England F672631479
7 Brooks / Brant  1 Dec 1889Chelsea, Middlesex, England F28021095
8 Chichester / Page  Jun 1896Chelsea, Middlesex, England F3333812617
9 Culme-Seymour / Orr Ewing  Dec 1909Chelsea, Middlesex, England F1962
10 Cuttle / Sadler  Between Oct-Dec 1926Chelsea, Middlesex, England F1944438665
11 Dance / Jones  1 Dec 1858Chelsea, Middlesex, England F3333820230
12 Danvers / Hewett  6 Jan 1649Chelsea, Middlesex, England F20722
13 Depledge / Storr  Sep 1944Chelsea, Middlesex, England F3333811208
14 Froude / Hallifax  Abt Feb 1897Chelsea, Middlesex, England F672629689
15 Hamilton / Colvile  3 Jun 1897Chelsea, Middlesex, England F672631067
16 Hamilton / Rusbridger  11 Jan 1908Chelsea, Middlesex, England F672631006
17 Hyden / Tavener  1 Dec 1904Chelsea, Middlesex, England F28022411
18 Jafkins / Batchelor  1872Chelsea, Middlesex, England F672539214
19 Kitson / Pelly  16 Sep 1937Chelsea, Middlesex, England F3333779072
20 Lascelles / Beauclerk  4 Nov 1889Chelsea, Middlesex, England F16491
21 Lefroy, KCMG / Walford   F23393
22 Lyttelton / Makeig-Jones  30 Apr 1942Chelsea, Middlesex, England F12111
23 Margetts / Cooling  1 Dec 1860Chelsea, Middlesex, England F28021822
24 Martin / Roberts   F23987
25 Mills / Margetts  1 Jun 1898Chelsea, Middlesex, England F28024248
26 Muller / Tatchel(l)  15 Apr 1873Chelsea, Middlesex, England F1944440821
27 Newport / Bridgeman  22 Jul 1700Chelsea, Middlesex, England F17491
28 North / North  7 Nov 1885Chelsea, Middlesex, England F672632202
29 Oates / Kelly  Dec 1944Chelsea, Middlesex, England F3333782571
30 Pease / Hudson  Dec 1931Chelsea, Middlesex, England F28025940
31 Pease / Unknown  Mar 1902Chelsea, Middlesex, England F28025858
32 Pease / Wedgwood  Mar 1920Chelsea, Middlesex, England F28025632
33 Portal / Mure  4 Dec 1890Chelsea, Middlesex, England F672631477
34 Powys / Hussey  28 Dec 1882Chelsea, Middlesex, England F672618831
35 Poyntz / Peryam  3 Mar 1596Chelsea, Middlesex, England F672616570
36 Ross / Sumption  1863Chelsea, Middlesex, England F828892
37 Rouse / Greatrix  31 May 1796Chelsea, Middlesex, England F1944438346
38 Savage / Eaton  Mar 1900Chelsea, Middlesex, England F22704
39 Selling / Batten  22 Apr 1866Chelsea, Middlesex, England F3333813991
40 Simeon / Westropp-Dawson  26 Sep 1883Chelsea, Middlesex, England F672620338
41 Taylor / Hardingham  21 Feb 1893Chelsea, Middlesex, England F1943986743
42 Tepper / Barley  Between Oct-Dec 1926Chelsea, Middlesex, England F3333814224
43 Thomas / Armand  4 Aug 1897Chelsea, Middlesex, England F1644
44 Thomas / BAIRD  Dec 1928Chelsea, Middlesex, England F3333886762
45 Thomas / Boseley  1942Chelsea, Middlesex, England F1052
46 Thomas / Crouch  Sep 1886Chelsea, Middlesex, England F2255
47 Thomas / Milligan  Sep 1897Chelsea, Middlesex, England F2292
48 Tucker / Sadler  1842Chelsea, Middlesex, England F1944119301
49 Walker / Cross  Mar 1899Chelsea, Middlesex, England F3333887783
50 Walter / Crawford  1939Chelsea, Middlesex, England F23957

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