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Chester, Cheshire, England



Latitude: 53.19146, Longitude: -2.89501


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Margaret  Abt 1767Chester, Cheshire, England I40791
2 Ainslie, Beatrice  1914Chester, Cheshire, England I3500301763
3 Ainslie, James  1882Chester, Cheshire, England I3500301761
4 ANDERSON, Frederick  1846Chester, Cheshire, England I77402664103997
5 Axe, Ellen Catherine   I1748584954
6 Blythin, Rosemary E  1947Chester, Cheshire, England I77400352428142
7 Bower, Frederick  1863Chester, Cheshire, England I77402664097623
8 Bower, Frederick  1874Chester, Cheshire, England I77402664097041
9 Clark, Elsie Maud  Abt 1895Chester, Cheshire, England I19725
10 Clark, Mabel Elizabeth  Abt 1889Chester, Cheshire, England I19723
11 Clark, Thomas Arthur  Abt 1892Chester, Cheshire, England I19724
12 Cooke, William Arthur John   I3500312631
13 de Davenport, Thomas  Abt 1250Chester, Cheshire, England I1748538835
14 de Gernons, Beatrix  Abt 1146Chester, Cheshire, England I1748538685
15 de Kivelioc, Hawise Countess of Lincoln  Abt 1180Chester, Cheshire, England I1748535357
16 de Meschines, Joanna  Abt 1145Chester, Cheshire, England I1749991080
17 de Meschines, Nichola  Abt 1182Chester, Cheshire, England I1748538680
18 de Meschines, Ranulph III'le Briquessart' 1st Earl of Chester  Between 1046 and 1070Chester, Cheshire, England I1748533982
19 de Meschines, Richard  Abt 1143Chester, Cheshire, England I1748538683
20 de Montford (d'Évreux), Bertrade Countess of Chester  1155Chester, Cheshire, England I1748538673
21 de Vernon, Roesia  Abt 1248Chester, Cheshire, England I1748538851
22 Fletcher, Joan  7 Nov 1919Chester, Cheshire, England I78613
23 Jackson, Eliza  1822Chester, Cheshire, England I77402664089653
24 Jones, Robert Samuel  Abt 1850Chester, Cheshire, England I51146
25 Kelsey, Hannah Jane   I47517
26 Kelsey, Janet Elizabeth   I47518
27 Kelsey, Peter James   I47516
28 Kelsey, Simon Peter   I47514
29 Kirman, Karen Lynn   I077402664081991
30 Leycester, Ann  1586Chester, Cheshire, England I21004478
31 Leycester, Lawrence  1560Chester, Cheshire, England I21015237
32 Margetts, Bertie Leonard  Abt 1882Chester, Cheshire, England I18031899
33 Margetts, Ethel Annie  Abt 1874Chester, Cheshire, England I18024647
34 Margetts, John Harold  Abt 1884Chester, Cheshire, England I18031900
35 Margetts, May  Abt 1878Chester, Cheshire, England I18024648
36 Margetts, Philip Percy  Abt 1880Chester, Cheshire, England I18031898
37 Melling, Horatio Christopher   I07802263197
38 Merrick, Robert  Abt 1898Chester, Cheshire, England I1748694221
39 Morgan, George  Abt 1864Chester, Cheshire, England I1750123596
40 Needham, Ruth D   I18037927
41 Oldfield, Samuel  Abt 1837Chester, Cheshire, England I1750195533
42 Parry, Elizabeth  1843Chester, Cheshire, England I18060002
43 Ravenscroft, Barbara Eileen   I47513
44 Sinclair, Ernest  Abt 1905Chester, Cheshire, England I1748485125
45 Smith-Maxwell, Archie Lonsdale Shipley  Jun 1927Chester, Cheshire, England I95631
46 Spilman, Andrew Peter   I30816
47 Spilman, Timothy Richard   I30998
48 Taylor, Mary Anne  Apr 1874Chester, Cheshire, England I77402664092645
49 Thomas, Edward  1839Chester, Cheshire, England I19063
50 Thomas, Elizabeth  1830Chester, Cheshire, England I77402664227965

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beeson, John Price  31 Oct 1964Chester, Cheshire, England I68600
2 Cannon, Robinson Eber  13 Sep 1957Chester, Cheshire, England I7738448240
3 Clayton, Percy Willis  Jun 1960Chester, Cheshire, England I8630
4 de Mandeville, Sir Geoffrey 2nd Earl of Essex  21 Oct 1166Chester, Cheshire, England I1748584698
5 de Meschines, Ranulph III'le Briquessart' 1st Earl of Chester  Bef 27 Jan 1128/9Chester, Cheshire, England I1748533982
6 ferch Llewellyn ap Iorweth, Helen Princess of North Wales  Bef 24 Oct 1253Chester, Cheshire, England I1748534856
7 Field, Caractacus Neville  1960Chester, Cheshire, England I3500300606
8 FitzRobert, Maud (Matilda) Countess of Chester  29 Jul 1189Chester, Cheshire, England I1748534885
9 Ford, Fred  6 Aug 1960Chester, Cheshire, England I107887
10 Glew, Osborn Pears  27 Mar 1920Chester, Cheshire, England I20832
11 Leigh, Thomas  Abt Dec 1644Chester, Cheshire, England I1750048591
12 Parnell, Sir John Bart  14 Apr 1782Chester, Cheshire, England I1750065207
13 Pease, Leonard Joseph  Mar 1919Chester, Cheshire, England I18040480
14 Pembrey-Marsh, Ellen  13 Jun 1884Chester, Cheshire, England I0750590983
15 Rowark, Ralph  26 Aug 1949Chester, Cheshire, England I7738450142
16 Stone, Ivy May  13 Jul 1991Chester, Cheshire, England I3500312652
17 storey, john  13 Oct 1890Chester, Cheshire, England I7739821073
18 Walker, Charles Henry  2006Chester, Cheshire, England I41750
19 Walker, MargaretMuriel  1967Chester, Cheshire, England I41748
20 Wilcox, Sarah  20 Aug 1868Chester, Cheshire, England I77402664110766
21 Willacy, William  26 Sep 1865Chester, Cheshire, England I77402664110767


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 de Meschines, Hugh Earl of Chester, of Kevelioc  Chester, Cheshire, England I1748538672
2 Wilcox, Sarah  22 Aug 1868Chester, Cheshire, England I77402664110766
3 Willacy, William  29 Sep 1865Chester, Cheshire, England I77402664110767


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Offley, William  Chester, Cheshire, England I1750054582


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Axe / Bamber   F672177158
2 Clark / Thompson  Dec 1888Chester, Cheshire, England F5080
3 Cooke / Vickers   F1345574706
4 d'Albini (d'Aubigny) / de Kivelioc de Meschines  Chester, Cheshire, England F672154056
5 Davenport / Wooton  Abt 1450Chester, Cheshire, England F672154486
6 de Brus (Bruce) / de Meschines  Chester, Cheshire, England F672154059
7 Hallifax / Huleatt  Abt Nov 1915Chester, Cheshire, England F672615944
8 Kelsey / Billows  1974Chester, Cheshire, England F1345769390
9 Pease / Dale  Jun 1917Chester, Cheshire, England F28026027
10 Thomas / Vickers   F15387
11 Walker /   Mar 1872Chester, Cheshire, England F3333887256
12 Walker / Warburton  1872Chester, Cheshire, England F3333887257