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Childerditch Essex England



Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Jenkyns, (Kate) Catherine C  1843Childerditch Essex England I122014373
2 Jenkyns, Ann (Nancy)  1817/18Childerditch Essex England I122014350
3 Jenkyns, Anna (Anne) Eliza  27 Apr 1837Childerditch Essex England I122014368
4 Jenkyns, Charles Watson  8 Jan 1826Childerditch Essex England I122014346
5 Jenkyns, Edward  Childerditch Essex England I122014356
6 Jenkyns, ElisabethMannings  Dec 1840Childerditch Essex England I122014371
7 Jenkyns, Ivan  12 Apr 1832Childerditch Essex England I122014345
8 Jenkyns, Louisa  29 Feb 1809Childerditch Essex England I122014347
9 Jenkyns, Margaret  28 Sep 1821Childerditch Essex England I122014352
10 Jenkyns, Margaret  28 Apr 1839Childerditch Essex England I122014370
11 Jenkyns, Phoebe  1819/20Childerditch Essex England I122014351
12 Jenkyns, Richard  1836Childerditch Essex England I122014392
13 Jenkyns, Richard (Dick)  19 Jan 1814Childerditch Essex England I122014354
14 Jenkyns, Richard Evander  Nov 1846Childerditch Essex England I122014375
15 Jenkyns, Sabina  Childerditch Essex England I122014353
16 Jenkyns, Sarah  1845Childerditch Essex England I122014374
17 Jenkyns, Sarah (Sally)  15 Nov 1815Childerditch Essex England I122014349
18 Jenkyns, William  Childerditch Essex England I122014369
19 Jenkyns, William Henry  23 Mar 1842Childerditch Essex England I122014372
20 POWELL, Alice Maud  Jul 1903Childerditch Essex England I122023901
21 POWELL, Charles  Feb 1870Childerditch Essex England I122023535
22 POWELL, Frederick William  2 Sep 1896Childerditch Essex England I122023896
23 POWELL, Lilian Elizabeth  Jan 1901Childerditch Essex England I122023897
24 Sparrow, Elizabeth (Betsy)  Abt 1812/13Childerditch Essex England I122014391
25 Sparrow, Jeremiah Owen  Abt Jul 1799Childerditch Essex England I122018203
26 Sparrow, Mary Diane  Abt 1805Childerditch Essex England I122018206
27 Sparrow, Samuel  1803Childerditch Essex England I122018205


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Jenkyns, Edward  AGED 2 WEEKSChilderditch Essex England I122014356
2 Jenkyns, William  Childerditch Essex England I122014369
3 Marriott, Sarah Charlotte  18 Sep 1822Childerditch Essex England I122018200
4 POWELL, James  13 Mar 1891Childerditch Essex England I122018209
5 Smith, Susanna  13 Nov 1846Childerditch Essex England I122014367
6 Sparrow, Allen TuckerMarriott  Oct 1846Childerditch Essex England I122024358
7 Sparrow, Jeremiah  Jun 1832Childerditch Essex England I122018196
8 Sparrow, Jeremiah Owen  18 May 1877Childerditch Essex England I122018203


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 GEORGE, William  30 Dec 1838Childerditch Essex England I122014360
2 GEORGE, William George  5 Jul 1838Childerditch Essex England I122014361
3 HARPER, Elizabeth  13 Dec 1904Childerditch Essex England I122019818
4 Jenkyns, Ann  28 Aug 1808Childerditch Essex England I122019723
5 Jenkyns, Edward  17 Feb 1835Childerditch Essex England I122014356
6 Jenkyns, Richard Evander  Childerditch Essex England I122014343
7 Jenkyns, William  5 Jul 1838Childerditch Essex England I122014369
8 Jones, Margaret  19 FEB1808Childerditch Essex England I122019401
9 Marriott, Sarah Charlotte  25 Sep 1822Childerditch Essex England I122018200
10 Smith, Susanna  Childerditch Essex England I122014367
11 Sparrow, Augustine\Augustus  30 Sep 1815Childerditch Essex England I122019824
12 ___________, Ann  20 Jan 1814Childerditch Essex England I122019722


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Jenkyns, Charles Watson  19 Aug 1848Childerditch Essex England I122019376
2 Jenkyns, Martha (Patty)  25 Feb 1830Childerditch Essex England I122014348
3 Jenkyns, Sabina  12 Aug 1827Childerditch Essex England I122014353
4 Sparrow, Augustine\Augustus  11 Jun 1815Childerditch Essex England I122019824
5 Sparrow, Jeremiah Owen  14 Jul 1799Childerditch Essex England I122018203
6 Sparrow, Mary Diane  11 Mar 1805Childerditch Essex England I122018206
7 Sparrow, Sarah Charlotte  30 Jul 1809Childerditch Essex England I122018207


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Jenkyns / Thompson  6 Sep 1835Childerditch Essex England F122013090
2 Sparrow / SPRIngham  2 Apr 1838Childerditch Essex England F122013046