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Clapham, Surrey, England



Latitude: 51.47492, Longitude: -0.16898


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Frances  Abt 1873Clapham, Surrey, England I245719820
2 Angliss, John Joseph  Abt 1850Clapham, Surrey, England I37918
3 Angliss, Mary Ann  Abt 1851Clapham, Surrey, England I37919
4 BIDDLE, Emma Anne  Abt 1834Clapham, Surrey, England I122024021
5 BIDDLE, Julia Sophia  Abt 1835Clapham, Surrey, England I122023976
6 Brabyn, Catherine Jane  1 Jun 1879Clapham, Surrey, England I18027163
7 Brabyn, Henry Peter  1 Dec 1886Clapham, Surrey, England I18022589
8 Brabyn, Mabel Adelaide  1 Sep 1886Clapham, Surrey, England I18022598
9 Cadby, Herbert Henry  Dec 1879Clapham, Surrey, England I72830
10 Clart, John  Abt 1810Clapham, Surrey, England I3500306846
11 Copper, Ivy Lillian  1907Clapham, Surrey, England I77400352427708
12 Dance, Florence  1872Clapham, Surrey, England I77402664098671
13 Dance, Minnie  1867Clapham, Surrey, England I77402664098670
14 Dance, Rosa  1875Clapham, Surrey, England I77402664098672
15 Dance, Walter  1878Clapham, Surrey, England I77402664098673
16 Dance, William  1837Clapham, Surrey, England I77402664098668
17 Farrow, Alvina  Abt 1862Clapham, Surrey, England I1748846945
18 Fisher, Florence May  1875Clapham, Surrey, England I890219
19 Glanfield, James Edward  1872Clapham, Surrey, England I200849698
20 Grimmond, David Edward   I83821
21 Hayllar, EdithM  1869Clapham, Surrey, England I1748479918
22 Hodges, William  Abt 1814Clapham, Surrey, England I07997098536
23 Howard, Marcus Howard  Sep 1890Clapham, Surrey, England I7739179729
24 Nurse, Ada LilianM  Abt 1892Clapham, Surrey, England I18024830
25 Powell, Fanny P  1866Clapham, Surrey, England I18022653
26 Pring, Harriett Ann  Between Apr and Jun 1857Clapham, Surrey, England I77402664088489
27 Robins, Thomas H  Abt 1884Clapham, Surrey, England I18029647
28 Simmonds, Christina  1868Clapham, Surrey, England I0866688526
29 Tagg, Florence E  1883Clapham, Surrey, England I1748482215
30 Thomas, Ellen Eliza  30 Apr 1888Clapham, Surrey, England I37509
31 Thomas, Florence Emma  1882Clapham, Surrey, England I77402664228630
32 Thomas, Frederick George  2 Oct 1890Clapham, Surrey, England I37510
33 Thomas, George  Jun 1891Clapham, Surrey, England I37511
34 Thomas, Gilbert Wolfe  Jul 1863Clapham, Surrey, England I13623
35 Thomas, Harvey  1862Clapham, Surrey, England I13622
36 Thomas, James  1811Clapham, Surrey, England I2542
37 Thomas, John  Dec 1897Clapham, Surrey, England I37512
38 Thomas, Mary  Mar 1899Clapham, Surrey, England I37558
39 Thomas, Neville Kingston  1868Clapham, Surrey, England I13624
40 Thomas, RosaMary  1877Clapham, Surrey, England I77402664228629
41 Thomas, Winnie  1900Clapham, Surrey, England I2172
42 Waterer, Joseph  1830Clapham, Surrey, England I3500306861
43 Waterer, Joseph  Abt 1863Clapham, Surrey, England I3500306905
44 Waterer, Mary A  Abt 1865Clapham, Surrey, England I3500306906


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ker, William Schomberg Robert Marquess of Lothian  4 Jul 1870Clapham, Surrey, England I7739113129
2 Mount, William  22 Feb 1769Clapham, Surrey, England I1750043605
3 Waterer, Yearly  1840Clapham, Surrey, England I3500306841
4 Waterer, Yearly  30 Jul 1905Clapham, Surrey, England I3500313415


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Walker, Beatrice Winifred  31 Mar 1901Clapham, Surrey, England I77400352433592


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1891Clapham, Surrey, England I1750122800
2 Arthur, Julian  Clapham, Surrey, England I7739051522
3 Dent, Robert  Clapham, Surrey, England I1750058322
4 Roberts, William George  1901Clapham, Surrey, England I99238
5 Starling, John  1891Clapham, Surrey, England I1750122795