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Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England



City/Town : Latitude: 53.387345, Longitude: -0.909265


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1849Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I1750251851
2 Barker, Samuel Glasby  Abt 1831Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I52930
3 BARLOW, Arthur  1871Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I627427
4 Beckitt, Mary  22 Jun 1841Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I479355254
5 Bell, Charlotte  Abt 1837Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108701
6 Bingham, Elizabeth  1849Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I3500302316
7 Bradley, William  Abt 1812Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I95061
8 Cliff, George  2 Oct 1763Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I110041
9 Cliff, Samuel  11 Mar 1766Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108696
10 Cliff, Sarah  28 Jun 1772Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I110042
11 Cobb, George  Abt 1811Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I1748840831
12 Colton, Hannah  1816Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I0613343768
13 Colton, James  Abt 1790Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I20723
14 Colton, Mary Jepson  Abt 1812Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I0543123694
15 Colton, Sarah  Abt 1814Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I20716
16 Colton, Thomas  Abt 1770Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I0543126991
17 Cooper, Mabel  Abt 1894Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I17316
18 Cousins, Christiana  1838Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I0542991283
19 Crowder, Mary  Abt 1822Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I1748846117
20 Darwin, Albert  Abt 1881Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I1750245796
21 Darwin, Annie Barbara  1894Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108902
22 Darwin, Arthur  Abt 1886Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I1750245789
23 Darwin, Beatrice  1909Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108913
24 Darwin, Blanche  1906Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108911
25 Darwin, Florence Alice  Abt 1883Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I1750245806
26 Darwin, George Oswald  1895Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108903
27 Darwin, George Williamson  Abt 1888Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I1750245797
28 Darwin, Gertrude Elizabeth  1898Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108906
29 Darwin, Gladys Mary  1893Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108901
30 Darwin, Gordon Richard  Nov 1896Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108904
31 Darwin, Henrietta  1890Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108900
32 Darwin, Joseph  1897Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108905
33 Darwin, Percy  1902Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108909
34 Darwin, Richard  1899Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108907
35 Darwin, Robert Henry  1901Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108908
36 Darwin, Rose  Abt 1884Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I1750245798
37 Darwin, Sidney Charles  18 Jul 1907Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108912
38 Day, Mary  1755Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I77402664227699
39 Denton, Elizabeth  Abt 1837Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I7738447667
40 Glasby, Harriet  1847Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I077402664080843
41 Golland, Cecil  Abt 1889Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I1750136168
42 Golland, Harry  Abt 1890Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I1750136169
43 Hall, Sarah  Abt 1803Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I109570
44 Hall, William  4 Aug 1774Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I109661
45 Hargrave, Elizabeth  5 Mar 1790Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108868
46 Hewitt, William  Abt 1841Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I97144
47 Hill, Amyor Ann  1827Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I18040961
48 Hill, Eliza  Jan 1824Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I18040958
49 Hill, Ellen  Apr 1826Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I18040959
50 Hill, Hannah  Oct 1827Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I18020327

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Stovin, George  3 Oct 1805Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I1750161529
2 Stovin, James  7 Aug 1803Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I1750161528
3 Stovin, Joanna  18 Oct 1806Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I1750161530


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bell, Charlotte  Feb 1865Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108701
2 Cliff, George  Jun 1784Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I110039
3 Cliff, George  Oct 1802Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I110041
4 Colton, Ann  Mar 1845Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I109290
5 Colton, James  1842Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I20723
6 Darwin, Gordon Richard  Mar 1897Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108904
7 Fenton, Sarah  Jan 1886Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I107796
8 Jepson, Elizabeth  1856Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I20719
9 Knight, Elizabeth  1915Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108704
10 Knight, Thomas  16 Aug 1899Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I110057
11 Lamming, Elizabeth Ann  1903Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108698
12 Mawson, Louisa  1916Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108712
13 Robinson, Charlotte  Apr 1897Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108980
14 Stovin, George  Nov 1805Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I1750161529
15 Stovin, Harriet  12 Nov 1882Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I1750161527
16 Stovin, Joanna  07 May 1881Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I1750161530
17 Taylor, Elizabeth  1 Feb 1900Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I110050
18 Taylor, Emily Cliff  Jun 1895Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108703
19 Taylor, Frank  1 Dec 1918Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108870
20 Taylor, George Cliff  1918Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I107801
21 Taylor, Harriet  Feb 1841Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I110056
22 Taylor, Thomas  Feb 1866Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I110049
23 Taylor, William  Jun 1857Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108869
24 Taylor, William Cliff  1918Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I107800
25 Wilkinson, William  Apr 1858Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I109289
26 Wilkinson, William  Mar 1887Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I109293


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Stovin, George  16 Nov 1805Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I1750161529


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Glasby, Harriet  22 Aug 1847Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I077402664080843


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Darwin, George  5 Apr 1891Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108899
2 Darwin, George  31 Mar 1901Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108899
3 Darwin, George  2 Apr 1911Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108899
4 Darwin, George Oswald  2 Apr 1911Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108903
5 Fenton, Sarah  30 Mar 1851Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I107796
6 Fenton, Sarah  7 Apr 1861Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I107796
7 Fenton, Sarah  2 Apr 1871Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I107796
8 Jepson, Elizabeth  1841Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I20719
9 Mawson, Louisa  2 Apr 1911Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108712
10 Robinson, Charles  31 Mar 1901Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108977
11 Robinson, Charles  2 Apr 1911Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108977
12 Taylor, Albert Edward Cliff  5 Apr 1891Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108717
13 Taylor, Charles Cliff  30 Mar 1851Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I107803
14 Taylor, George Cliff  3 Apr 1881Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I107801
15 Taylor, George Cliff  5 Apr 1891Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I107801
16 Taylor, George Cliff  31 Mar 1901Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I107801
17 Taylor, George Cliff  31 Mar 1901Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108719
18 Taylor, George Cliff  2 Apr 1911Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I107801
19 Taylor, George Cliff  2 Apr 1911Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I108719
20 Taylor, John Cliff  7 Apr 1861Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I107802
21 Taylor, John Cliff  3 Apr 1881Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I107802
22 Taylor, John Cliff  5 Apr 1891Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I107802
23 Taylor, John Cliff  31 Mar 1901Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I107802
24 Taylor, Thomas Cliff  30 Mar 1851Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I107804
25 Taylor, William Cliff  30 Mar 1851Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I107800
26 Taylor, William Cliff  7 Apr 1861Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I107800
27 Taylor, William Cliff  2 Apr 1871Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I107800
28 Taylor, William Cliff  3 Apr 1881Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I107800
29 Taylor, William Cliff  5 Apr 1891Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I107800
30 Taylor, William Cliff  31 Mar 1901Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I107800
31 Taylor, William Cliff  2 Apr 1911Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I107800
32 Wilkinson, William  30 Mar 1851Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I109289


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Snowden, George Jepson  1911Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I20721
2 Wagstaff, Thomas  1855Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I1748834519


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Shaw, Hannah  1855Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I20982
2 Taylor, Samuel Cliff  1849Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I107799
3 Wagstaff, Thomas  1841Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England I1748834519


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Colton / Jepson  1807Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England F5179
2 Fox / Smyth  28 Nov 1636Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England F672307189
3 Glasby / Esher  20 Jul 1847Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England F3333811491
4 Glasby / Hanson  Sep 23 1867Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England F3333811542
5 Glasby / Hurst  27 Feb 1749Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England F3333811511
6 Hill / Axup  3 Apr 1861Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England F3333813260
7 Hill / Axup  3 Apr 1861Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England F18196
8 Snowden / Cousins  25 Dec 1861Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England F0854087
9 Wagstaff / Shaw  22 Jan 1855Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England F672309490
10 Whitaker / Spittlehouse  18 Sep 1764Clayworth, Nottinghamshire, England F5000405