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Cockermouth, Cumberland UK



Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary  1890Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106770
2 Bushby, John  1816Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106780
3 Bushby, Joseph  1820Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106753
4 Kirk, Jane  23 May 1825Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106678
5 Musgrave, Agnes  1862Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106683
6 Musgrave, Edward  1856Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106679
7 Musgrave, Elizabeth  Dec 1828Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106653
8 Musgrave, Elizabeth Agnes  1857Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106680
9 Musgrave, George  1840Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106656
10 Musgrave, Jane  1860Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106682
11 Musgrave, John  1827Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106652
12 Musgrave, John Henry  1868Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106685
13 Musgrave, John Philip  1865Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106684
14 Musgrave, Joseph  1831Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106654
15 Musgrave, Mary  18 Feb 1832Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106686
16 Musgrave, Mary  1858Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106681
17 Musgrave, Thomas Stagg  3 Oct 1836Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106655
18 Naisbit, Agnes Ann  9 Oct 1857Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106766
19 Naisbit, Ann  1846Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106761
20 Naisbit, Elizabeth  1849Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106716
21 Naisbit, George  1855Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106764
22 Naisbit, Harriet Ann  1851Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106762
23 Naisbit, Jane  1841Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106741
24 Naisbit, Mary  1853Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106765
25 Naisbit, Mary Margaret  1842Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106763
26 Naisbit, Sarah Ellen  1859Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106767
27 Naisbit, Thompson  1843Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106756
28 Smith, Abraham Fisher  1836Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106773
29 Smith, Elizabeth  1831Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106775
30 Smith, Jane  1816Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106740
31 Smith, John  1789Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106769
32 Smith, John  1815Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106778
33 Smith, John  1819Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106777
34 Smith, John  1826Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106776
35 Smith, Joseph Wren  1828Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106771
36 Smith, William  1823Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106772
37 Smith, William Heatherington  1834Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106774


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bushby, Elizabeth  21 Jun 1818Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106744
2 Bushby, John  26 Mar 1815Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106779
3 Bushby, John  9 Jun 1816Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106780
4 Bushby, Joseph  28 May 1820Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106753
5 Musgrave, Ann  14 Sep 1834Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106621
6 Musgrave, Edward  17 Aug 1856Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106679
7 Musgrave, Elizabeth  11 Jan 1829Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106653
8 Musgrave, Elizabeth Agnes  27 Sep 1857Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106680
9 Musgrave, George  26 Apr 1840Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106656
10 Musgrave, Jane  11 Nov 1860Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106682
11 Musgrave, John  16 Sep 1827Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106652
12 Musgrave, Jonathan  23 Nov 1803Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106650
13 Musgrave, Joseph  2 Feb 1831Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106654
14 Musgrave, Mary  25 Mar 1832Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106686
15 Musgrave, Mary  1 Jan 1859Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106681
16 Musgrave, Thomas Stagg  23 Apr 1837Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106655
17 Naisbit, Agnes Ann  1 Nov 1857Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106766
18 Naisbit, Ann  10 May 1846Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106761
19 Naisbit, Elizabeth  25 Oct 1849Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106716
20 Naisbit, George  11 Nov 1855Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106764
21 Naisbit, Harriet Ann  9 Sep 1851Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106762
22 Naisbit, Jane  31 Jan 1841Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106741
23 Naisbit, Mary  25 Dec 1853Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106765
24 Naisbit, Mary Margaret  7 Aug 1842Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106763
25 Naisbit, Sarah Ellen  18 Sep 1859Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106767
26 Smith, Abraham Fisher  22 May 1836Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106773
27 Smith, Elizabeth  20 Mar 1831Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106775
28 Smith, Jane  24 Nov 1816Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106740
29 Smith, John  6 Aug 1815Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106778
30 Smith, John  6 Jun 1819Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106777
31 Smith, John  9 Jul 1826Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106776
32 Smith, Joseph Wren  11 Jan 1829Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106771
33 Smith, William  23 Nov 1823Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106772
34 Smith, William Heatherington  8 Jun 1834Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106774


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Kirk, Jane  1896Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106678
2 Musgrave, Edward  1944Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106679
3 Musgrave, Elizabeth  1871Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106653
4 Musgrave, Elizabeth Agnes  1896Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106680
5 Musgrave, Jane  1884Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106682
6 Musgrave, John  1903Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106652
7 Musgrave, John Philip  1866Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106684
8 Musgrave, Jonathan  1861Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106650
9 Musgrave, Mary  30 Jun 1861Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106681
10 Musgrave, Thomas Stagg  1878Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106655
11 Naisbit, Ann  15 Sep 1847Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106761
12 Naisbit, Elizabeth  1934Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106716
13 Naisbit, Harriet Ann  1856Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106762
14 Naisbit, Jane  1918Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106741
15 Naisbit, John  1883Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106739
16 Naisbit, Margaret Mary  1937Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106768
17 Naisbit, Mary  17 Feb 1856Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106765
18 Naisbit, Mary Margaret  1856Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106763
19 Smith, Jane  1889Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106740
20 Smith, John  11 Jan 1816Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106778
21 Smith, John  14 Mar 1828Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106776
22 Smith, William  16 Sep 1830Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106772
23 Stagg, Elizabeth  1852Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106651
24 Thompson, Hannah  1847Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106755


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Musgrave, Elizabeth  4 Apr 1871Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106653
2 Musgrave, Jonathan  23 May 1861Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106650
3 Stagg, Elizabeth  31 Aug 1852Cockermouth, Cumberland UK I106651


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dawson / Bushby  1855Cockermouth, Cumberland UK F25325
2 McGill / Musgrave  1888Cockermouth, Cumberland UK F25163
3 Musgrave / Kirk  17 May 1855Cockermouth, Cumberland UK F25157
4 Musgrave / Naisbit  1885Cockermouth, Cumberland UK F25164
5 Musgrave / Stagg  19 Apr 1825Cockermouth, Cumberland UK F25146
6 Musgrave / Wallace  15 Dec 1856Cockermouth, Cumberland UK F25156
7 Naisbit / Smith  6 Jul 1839Cockermouth, Cumberland UK F25176