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Colchester, Essex, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.889804, Longitude: 0.901235


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Sarah  Abt 1790Colchester, Essex, England I61511
2 Adams, Adam  1808Colchester, Essex, England I37956
3 Addison, Mary  1799Colchester, Essex, England I08356548196
4 Askew, Louisa A  1886Colchester, Essex, England I1748481507
5 Askew, Robert L  1881Colchester, Essex, England I1748481506
6 Baker, Louisa  Abt 1810Colchester, Essex, England I77400352428290
7 Boyce, Sandie   I3500312574
8 Bratt, Derrick   I480094812
9 Champion, Edward F  1894Colchester, Essex, England I3500302413
10 Clark, Eliza  1836Colchester, Essex, England I18042900
11 Cole, Christopher P  1951Colchester, Essex, England I7410
12 Cooke, Jack Tony   I1750130839
13 Crichton, Lieutenant-Colonel Charles William Harry  7 Jul 1872Colchester, Essex, England I7739076099
14 Day, William Greenleaf  Jun 1843Colchester, Essex, England I480193306
15 Death, John  Abt 1830Colchester, Essex, England I3500307188
16 Deming, Elizabeth  1595Colchester, Essex, England I21005303
17 Denton, Siobhan Elizabeth   I18036788
18 Drake, Isabella  1578Colchester, Essex, England I18002894
19 Emmens, William  Abt 1862Colchester, Essex, England I96312
20 Foote, Nathaniel  1593Colchester, Essex, England I21005309
21 Gibbs, Alice Maud  Abt 1880Colchester, Essex, England I21267
22 Gibbs, Elizabeth Ann  Jun 1875Colchester, Essex, England I479832476
23 Gibbs, Frederick  1884Colchester, Essex, England I480030741
24 Ham, Tracy Caroline  1968Colchester, Essex, England I55845
25 Heapy, Derek Vaughan  1947Colchester, Essex, England I3500598620
26 Heard, Ann E   I18042799
27 Hen 'The Old', 'Old King Cole'Coel King of the Britons  Abt 225Colchester, Essex, England I1748536025
28 Hewson, George  Abt 1868Colchester, Essex, England I9633
29 Hewson, Kate  Abt 1870Colchester, Essex, England I9625
30 Juniper, Megan   I1748484150
31 Juniper, Thomas   I1748484149
32 Kettle, Elizabeth  1842Colchester, Essex, England I480030745
33 Kettle, Francis  1846Colchester, Essex, England I480030746
34 Kettle, Maria  1819Colchester, Essex, England I480030744
35 Kirk, Margaret Ann   I58016
36 Lindley, Philip   I1748694037
37 Macer, Frederick Owen  17 Sep 1906Colchester, Essex, England I20775
38 Macer, Percy Owen  Dec 1904Colchester, Essex, England I21272
39 Mead, George  Abt 1830Colchester, Essex, England I18034980
40 Mitchell, Emily  1868Colchester, Essex, England I1748486383
41 Mitton, Thomas Arthur  1860Colchester, Essex, England I77402664109987
42 Morton, Aruther  Abt 1892Colchester, Essex, England I3500309197
43 Morton, Charles  Abt 1870Colchester, Essex, England I3500309203
44 Morton, Sarah  Abt 1864Colchester, Essex, England I3500309202
45 Morton, Thomas  Abt 1811Colchester, Essex, England I3500309195
46 Morton, Thomas  Abt 1867Colchester, Essex, England I3500309193
47 Morton, Thomas  Abt 1890Colchester, Essex, England I3500309196
48 O'Connell, Paul  1972Colchester, Essex, England I77402101175108
49 O'Connell, Philip Andrew  1974Colchester, Essex, England I77402101175109
50 Olivier, Sydney Haldane 1st Baron Olivier  16 Apr 1859Colchester, Essex, England I77402664082089

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Crichton, Lieutenant-Colonel Charles William Harry  Colchester, Essex, England I7739076099


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Amos, Florence  1964Colchester, Essex, England I77402109327042
2 Axe, Maisie Mercier  Between Jan-Mar 1965Colchester, Essex, England I480087712
3 Boss, Emma Rebecca  Between Oct-Dec 1960Colchester, Essex, England I1750124636
4 Boss, Ethel  23 Apr 1956Colchester, Essex, England I1750124639
5 Britian, Coel Old  Colchester, Essex, England I121004011
6 Brooks, Edward Ernest  Between Jul-Sep 1953Colchester, Essex, England I7738448663
7 Cole, Olive Rebecca  15 May 1972Colchester, Essex, England I1750124650
8 Cole, Patrick Frederick  Jun 2001Colchester, Essex, England I1750124648
9 Cowling, Dora A  1976Colchester, Essex, England I1750186312
10 Eldred, ElizabethMay  Jun 1983Colchester, Essex, England I19594
11 Etherington, Alfred Frederick Thomas  Between Jan-Mar 1962Colchester, Essex, England I7739796994
12 Frost, Joan Irene  9 May 2007Colchester, Essex, England I3500308086
13 Furniss, Thomas Walter Sanderson  1977Colchester, Essex, England I102506
14 Gadeon, Ystradwel Verch  Colchester, Essex, England I121004010
15 Gibbs, James  Mar 1895Colchester, Essex, England I479783650
16 Gibbs, James  Jun 1896Colchester, Essex, England I479832477
17 Grimer, Grace Dorothy  Feb 2000Colchester, Essex, England I26008560
18 Hawkins, Hannah ,Amelia  2 Oct 1841Colchester, Essex, England I77400352435805
19 Heard, Doris Ethel  Mar 1929Colchester, Essex, England I18042789
20 Hoste, William Hudson Victor  Oct 1985Colchester, Essex, England I77400352431978
21 Loh, Joseph Francis Oliver  Between Apr-Jun 1974Colchester, Essex, England I1748516671
22 Nash, Samuel  1946Colchester, Essex, England I1750124656
23 Phillips, Edith Ann  26 Feb 1985Colchester, Essex, England I7739695194
24 Pocklington, Thomas  Between Jul-Sep 1974Colchester, Essex, England I7738401833
25 Polkey, George Albert  1972Colchester, Essex, England I077402664080548
26 Ridgeon, Dorothy Charlotte Maud  May 2006Colchester, Essex, England I7409
27 Sharp, Ada  Q1 1928Colchester, Essex, England I77400352426482
28 Smith, Agnes  Mar 1910Colchester, Essex, England I7001598743
29 Smith, GladysMary Roche  Apr 1996Colchester, Essex, England I99263
30 Sprake, Gerald Arthur  Between Oct-Dec 1982Colchester, Essex, England I77402664079638
31 Stevens, Harry  Sep 1899Colchester, Essex, England I479783649
32 Stevens, Harry Alfred  Sep 1901Colchester, Essex, England I479783652
33 Tait, William Robison  28 Nov 1989Colchester, Essex, England I3500598618
34 Thomas, John Chatterton  1 May 1989Colchester, Essex, England I77402664228080
35 Westaway, Frederick James  1957Colchester, Essex, England I77402109327041
36 Wigley, Albert Obadiah  Between Apr-Jun 1958Colchester, Essex, England I77402109324450


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Maw, Sarah  24 Apr 1825Colchester, Essex, England I1750347832

Also Known As

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Also Known As    Person ID 
1 Tucker, Alexander Charles  Abt 1862Colchester, Essex, England I480039252


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 Guiderius (Togodumnus) King of the Britons, King of the Catuvellauni  43Colchester, Essex, England I1748747596
2 Germanicus, Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus 4th Emperor of the Roman Empire  43Colchester, Essex, England I1748536312


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Dixon, Edward Austin  Colchester, Essex, England I75055


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Basill, Martyn  Colchester, Essex, England I93395
2 Brock, John  Colchester, Essex, England I7739060868
3 Gibbs, Alice Maud  1891Colchester, Essex, England I21267
4 Gibbs, Elizabeth Ann  1891Colchester, Essex, England I479832476
5 Gibbs, Frederick  1891Colchester, Essex, England I480030741
6 Gibbs, James  1891Colchester, Essex, England I479783650
7 Gibbs, James  1891Colchester, Essex, England I479832477
8 Kettle, Emily  1891Colchester, Essex, England I479832475
9 Kettle, James  1874Colchester, Essex, England I480030735
10 Lucas, Anne  Colchester, Essex, England I7739038960
11 Lucas, John  Colchester, Essex, England I1750060999
12 Lucas, Thomas  Colchester, Essex, England I7739053914


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cole / Ridgeon   F14757
2 Gough / Arrand  1928Colchester, Essex, England F1944438096
3 O'Connell / Etherington   F3333768013
4 Stephenson / Seaborn  Between Jul and Sep 1887Colchester, Essex, England F1345479926
5 Stevens / Gibbs  Jun 1898Colchester, Essex, England F5420
6 Tinsley / Pawsey  Mar 1938Colchester, Essex, England F26002402