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Coulsdon, Surrey, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.31972, Longitude: -0.140724


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Atte Wode, Alice  1254Coulsdon, Surrey, England I21003902
2 Atte Wode, William  1220Coulsdon, Surrey, England I21003917
3 Best, Mary  1731Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748487602
4 Blanchard, Anne  1689Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748487626
5 De Wyckhurst, Peter  1180Coulsdon, Surrey, England I21005413
6 De Wyckhurst, Peter  1195Coulsdon, Surrey, England I21003928
7 Letts, Agnes  1805Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748485271
8 Letts, Amy  1766Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748487607
9 Letts, Amy  1796Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748485266
10 Letts, Dorcus  1809Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748485273
11 Letts, Edward  1760Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748487605
12 Letts, Edward  1803Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748485270
13 Letts, Elizabeth  1723Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748487629
14 Letts, Fanny  1769Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748487608
15 Letts, Henry  1788Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748485262
16 Letts, James  1790Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748485263
17 Letts, John  1718Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748487627
18 Letts, John  1758Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748485258
19 Letts, John  1792Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748485264
20 Letts, Mary  1720Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748487628
21 Letts, Mary  1757Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748487604
22 Letts, Mary  1801Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748485268
23 Letts, Michael  1771Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748487609
24 Letts, Patience  1794Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748485265
25 Letts, Richard  1725Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748487630
26 Letts, Richard  1764Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748487606
27 Letts, Richard  1786Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748485256
28 Letts, Sarah  1775Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748487610
29 Letts, Sarah  1799Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748485267
30 Letts, Shock  1784Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748485260
31 Letts, Stephen  1807Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748485272
32 Letts, William  Abt 1679Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748487625
33 Letts, William  Abt 1729Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748487601
34 Letts, William  1756Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748487603
35 Letts, William  1799Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748487612
36 Letts, William  1803Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748485269
37 Muggeridge, Arthur E  1895Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748486946
38 Muggeridge, Frederick R  1900Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748486949
39 Rappley, Hannah  Abt 1764Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748487611
40 Unknown  1184Coulsdon, Surrey, England I21003927
41 Unknown  1224Coulsdon, Surrey, England I21003913
42 Waterer, Alice  1843Coulsdon, Surrey, England I3500306918
43 Waterer, George  1837Coulsdon, Surrey, England I3500306916
44 Waterer, Louisa  1826Coulsdon, Surrey, England I3500306913
45 Waterer, Mary Ann  1840Coulsdon, Surrey, England I3500306917
46 Waterer, Thomas  1834Coulsdon, Surrey, England I3500306915


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Best, Mary  1801Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748487602
2 Blanchard, Anne  21 Aug 1766Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748487626
3 De Wyckhurst, Peter  1203Coulsdon, Surrey, England I21005413
4 Hunt, Ellen Kate  1959Coulsdon, Surrey, England I480088889
5 Letts, John  1839Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748485258
6 Letts, Shock  1836Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748485260
7 Letts, William  14 Jan 1784Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748487625
8 Letts, William  1803Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1748485269


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Brown, FredericaMary  1891Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1750857189
2 Maw, Ann  1901Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1750857142
3 Maw, Charles Percival  1891Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1750857188
4 Maw, Frederick Davy  1891Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1750857202
5 Maw, George  1891Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1750857174
6 Maw, George  1901Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1750857174
7 Maw, Helen Alice  1891Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1750857185
8 Maw, Helen Alice  1901Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1750857185
9 Maw, Henry Trentham  1901Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1750857147
10 Maw, Louisa Jane  1891Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1750857200
11 Maw, Margaret Lucy  1891Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1750857186
12 Maw, Margaret Lucy  1901Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1750857186
13 Maw, Sheila Emily  1901Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1750857162
14 McNamee, Elizabeth G  1901Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1750857161


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Maw, Frederick Davy  1891Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1750857202
2 Maw, George  1891Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1750857174
3 Maw, George  1901Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1750857174
4 Maw, Henry Trentham  1901Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1750857147
5 Maw, Margaret Lucy  1891Coulsdon, Surrey, England I1750857186


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Atte Wode / Unknown  1319Coulsdon, Surrey, England F21000669
2 De Wyckhurst / Unknown  1219Coulsdon, Surrey, England F21001315
3 Letts / Blanchard  9 Jul 1717Coulsdon, Surrey, England F672133390