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Cowfold, West Sussex, England



City/Town : Latitude: 50.988887, Longitude: -0.272592


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Mary  1677Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748486063
2 Baytup, George  1859Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748477862
3 Baytup, Harriet  1860Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748477859
4 Baytup, Kate  1865Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748477865
5 Botting, Edward  4 Aug 1799Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748487451
6 Botting, Eleanor  27 Dec 1818Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748487430
7 Botting, Elizabeth  1808Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748487456
8 Botting, Fanny  Abt 1828Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748487436
9 Botting, Fanny  Abt 1828Cowfold, West Sussex, England I3500297620
10 Botting, Henry  1806Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748487452
11 Botting, James  1811Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748487457
12 Botting, Jane  1814Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748487433
13 Botting, Mary  10 Aug 1800Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748487454
14 Botting, Richard  Abt 1821Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748487435
15 Botting, Sarah  1812Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748487455
16 Botting, William  1811Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748487453
17 Burfield, Frances  Abt 1843Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748484682
18 Constable, Dorothy  1900Cowfold, West Sussex, England I77402664104241
19 Constable, EdithMargaret  1909Cowfold, West Sussex, England I77402664104244
20 Constable, Marjorie  1904Cowfold, West Sussex, England I77402664104242
21 Cottaghan, Alice L  1850Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748485077
22 Fuller, Edward  1823Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748479425
23 Fuller, Sarah  1845Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748479426
24 Gander, Betty  Abt 1736Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748481049
25 Gander, Mary  Abt 1740Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748481043
26 Gander, Thomas  Abt 1738Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748481048
27 Gratwick, Elizabeth  Abt 1705Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748486040
28 Hoad, Elizabeth  1757Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748487815
29 Jeffery, Mary  Abt 1755Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748487449
30 Lindfield, Mary  1840Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748484686
31 Martin, Evelyn  Abt 1908Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748478101
32 Martin, Evelyn  Abt 1908Cowfold, West Sussex, England I3500288404
33 Moore  1810Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748479323
34 Moore, Ann  1771Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748479341
35 Moore, Anne  1780Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748487822
36 Moore, Catherine  1815Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748479326
37 Moore, Charity  1812Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748479325
38 Moore, Charles  1769Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748479332
39 Moore, Charles  1804Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748479160
40 Moore, Charles  1841Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748479462
41 Moore, Eliza  1856Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748488479
42 Moore, Elizabeth  1780Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748487821
43 Moore, George  1765Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748479340
44 Moore, George  1773Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748479342
45 Moore, George  1853Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748487439
46 Moore, Henry  1805Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748487818
47 Moore, Henry  1845Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748488480
48 Moore, James  1762Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748479339
49 Moore, James  1789Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748487825
50 Moore, James  1826Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748479330

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Moore, Ann  1773Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748479341
2 Moore, George  1772Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748479340
3 Moore, George  1773Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748479342
4 Sayers, Samuel  13 May 1845Cowfold, West Sussex, England I77402664091540
5 Steel, Jane  1841Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748479331
6 Tullett, Nathaniel  1961Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1748477951


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Russell, Jack Southwell Lord de Clifford  6 Sep 1909Cowfold, West Sussex, England I1750066289


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Chantler / Fillary  25 Apr 1695Cowfold, West Sussex, England F672130804
2 Lindfield / Richardson  18 Jan 1840Cowfold, West Sussex, England F672132641
3 Moore / Botting  12 Sep 1842Cowfold, West Sussex, England F672133333
4 Moore / Smith  24 Jun 1827Cowfold, West Sussex, England F672133378
5 Moore / Steel  14 Oct 1800Cowfold, West Sussex, England F672130795
6 Moore / Voice  5 Apr 1752Cowfold, West Sussex, England F672131308
7 Parsons / Lindfield  9 Apr 1863Cowfold, West Sussex, England F672132642
8 Radford / Tullett  1914Cowfold, West Sussex, England F672130986
9 Steel / Gander  23 Oct 1765Cowfold, West Sussex, England F672131708
10 Tullett / Boniface  8 Apr 1878Cowfold, West Sussex, England F672133364
11 Tullett / Botting  11 Jun 1864Cowfold, West Sussex, England F672133331
12 Tullett / Gratwick  3 Nov 1726Cowfold, West Sussex, England F672133010
13 Tullett / Moore  5 Nov 1837Cowfold, West Sussex, England F672130893
14 Vinall / Burfield  15 Jul 1873Cowfold, West Sussex, England F672132640
15 Willett / Moore  27 May 1773Cowfold, West Sussex, England F672131862