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Crowan, Cornwall, England



Latitude: 50.1622910, Longitude: -5.2958619


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blewett, Anne  10 Mar 1771Crowan, Cornwall, England I44902
2 Bosanko, Mary  1833Crowan, Cornwall, England I44946
3 Bryant, Richard  1823Crowan, Cornwall, England I18022990
4 Chenoweth, Martha  Jan 1817Crowan, Cornwall, England I7988
5 EUSTACE, Eleanor  17 Jul 1762Crowan, Cornwall, England I122022255
6 Faull, Anne  Jun 1745Crowan, Cornwall, England I44764
7 Floyd, William  1822Crowan, Cornwall, England I44581
8 Gribble, Mary  1791Crowan, Cornwall, England I44777
9 Hancock, John  Abt 1778Crowan, Cornwall, England I44776
10 Penaluna, Elizabeth  1804Crowan, Cornwall, England I8053
11 Rodda, James  1834Crowan, Cornwall, England I44957
12 Rogers, Jacob Henry  1846Crowan, Cornwall, England I45852
13 Rogers, Solomon  1819Crowan, Cornwall, England I44781
14 Rosemergey, Joe  1890Crowan, Cornwall, England I22000336
15 Sincock, Anne  1769Crowan, Cornwall, England I44768
16 Sincock, Anne  1772Crowan, Cornwall, England I44770
17 Sincock, Anne  25 Jul 1784Crowan, Cornwall, England I44775
18 Sincock, Catherine  1770Crowan, Cornwall, England I44769
19 Sincock, Catherine  6 May 1781Crowan, Cornwall, England I44774
20 Sincock, Catherine Jane Thomas  1873Crowan, Cornwall, England I44861
21 Sincock, Clara?  Dec 1876Crowan, Cornwall, England I44862
22 Sincock, Donald?  Sep 1878Crowan, Cornwall, England I44863
23 Sincock, Edward  Abt 1705Crowan, Cornwall, England I44765
24 Sincock, Edward  8 Aug 1774Crowan, Cornwall, England I8047
25 Sincock, Edward  17 Aug 1798Crowan, Cornwall, England I44758
26 Sincock, Edwin Top  Dec 1871Crowan, Cornwall, England I8752
27 Sincock, Elizabeth  1765Crowan, Cornwall, England I44767
28 Sincock, Elizabeth  1816Crowan, Cornwall, England I44578
29 Sincock, Elizabeth  1822Crowan, Cornwall, England I44579
30 Sincock, Elizabeth  Jun 1868Crowan, Cornwall, England I44858
31 Sincock, Ellen  Jun 1866Crowan, Cornwall, England I44857
32 Sincock, Emma  Mar 1865Crowan, Cornwall, England I44856
33 Sincock, Genefor Jenifer  Jul 1822Crowan, Cornwall, England  I8050
34 Sincock, Grace  10 Sep 1801Crowan, Cornwall, England I44906
35 Sincock, Grace  1833Crowan, Cornwall, England I44786
36 Sincock, Grace  1835Crowan, Cornwall, England I44787
37 Sincock, Henry  12 Nov 1706Crowan, Cornwall, England I45719
38 Sincock, Henry  1824Crowan, Cornwall, England I44580
39 Sincock, Henry  Mar 1869Crowan, Cornwall, England I44859
40 Sincock, Jacob  1825Crowan, Cornwall, England I8054
41 Sincock, John  1804Crowan, Cornwall, England I44907
42 Sincock, John  31 Dec 1811Crowan, Cornwall, England I7987
43 Sincock, John  1815Crowan, Cornwall, England I44577
44 Sincock, John  14 Sep 1835Crowan, Cornwall, England I7989
45 Sincock, John  Mar 1864Crowan, Cornwall, England I44855
46 Sincock, John Jacob  1827Crowan, Cornwall, England I44782
47 Sincock, Mary  1763Crowan, Cornwall, England I44766
48 Sincock, Mary  1835Crowan, Cornwall, England I44849
49 Sincock, Mary  Nov 1839Crowan, Cornwall, England I7991
50 Sincock, Samuel  3 Feb 1780Crowan, Cornwall, England I44773

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 St. Aubyn, William John M. A.  7 May 1795Crowan, Cornwall, England I7001592124


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Faull, Anne  1811Crowan, Cornwall, England I44764
2 Gribble, Mary  Abt 1850Crowan, Cornwall, England I44777
3 Hancock, John  Abt 1845Crowan, Cornwall, England I44776
4 Rodda, Philippa  20 Apr 1821Crowan, Cornwall, England I45768
5 Sincock, Anne  1769Crowan, Cornwall, England I44768
6 Sincock, Anne  Abt 1815Crowan, Cornwall, England I44770
7 Sincock, Anne  Abt 1840Crowan, Cornwall, England I44775
8 Sincock, Catherine  1771Crowan, Cornwall, England I44769
9 Sincock, Catherine  Abt 1835Crowan, Cornwall, England I44774
10 Sincock, Edward  Abt 1745Crowan, Cornwall, England I44765
11 Sincock, Elizabeth  Abt 1810Crowan, Cornwall, England I44767
12 Sincock, Elizabeth  Bef 1821Crowan, Cornwall, England I44578
13 Sincock, Grace  20 Dec 1835Crowan, Cornwall, England I44786
14 Sincock, Grace  17 Apr 1836Crowan, Cornwall, England I44787
15 Sincock, Mary  Abt 1813Crowan, Cornwall, England I44766
16 Sincock, Samuel  Mar 1782Crowan, Cornwall, England I44773
17 Sincock, Thomas  Abt 1840Crowan, Cornwall, England I44772
18 Sincock, William  Abt 1710Crowan, Cornwall, England I44771
19 Sincock, William  13 Feb 1806Crowan, Cornwall, England I44760
20 Sincock, William  Abt 1857Crowan, Cornwall, England I44761
21 St. Aubyn, John of Clowance  13 Sep 1639Crowan, Cornwall, England I7001561598
22 St. Aubyn, Sir John  Jun 1699Crowan, Cornwall, England I7001561591
23 Walters, Mary  6 Jun 1847Crowan, Cornwall, England I8048


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Godolphin, Catherine of Treveneage  13 Mar 1662Crowan, Cornwall, England I7001561596
2 Morice, Catherine  Crowan, Cornwall, England I7001561586
3 St. Aubyn, Blanche  2 Jan 1680Crowan, Cornwall, England I7001592074
4 St. Aubyn, Sir John of Clowance  Crowan, Cornwall, England I7001561588
5 St. Aubyn, Sir John  20 Aug 1684Crowan, Cornwall, England I7001561591
6 St. Aubyn, John of Clowance  20 Aug 1684Crowan, Cornwall, England I7001561595
7 St. Aubyn, Sir John  25 Aug 1744Crowan, Cornwall, England I7001561585


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Sincock, William  1841Crowan, Cornwall, England I44905


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Killigrew / St. Aubyn  23 Sep 1684Crowan, Cornwall, England F1346043363
2 Kitto / Sincock  30 Jan 1842Crowan, Cornwall, England F3333887631
3 Sincock / Blewett  1791Crowan, Cornwall, England F9713
4 Sincock / Bosanko  5 Jun 1854Crowan, Cornwall, England F9767
5 Sincock / Rodda  17 Feb 1787Crowan, Cornwall, England F10086
6 Sincock / Walters  28 Aug 1797Crowan, Cornwall, England F3333887630
7 WILLIAMS / EUSTACE  9 Feb 1782Crowan, Cornwall, England F122014068
8 WILLIAMS / SYMONDS  13 Jun 1815Crowan, Cornwall, England F122014067
9 Wulff / Molesworth  24 Nov 1840Crowan, Cornwall, England F1346054151