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Deptford, Kent, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.481810515561335, Longitude: -0.02626419067382812


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Emma  Abt 1822Deptford, Kent, England I1750249790
2 Harriet  Abt 1832Deptford, Kent, England I1295
3 Mary  Abt 1762Deptford, Kent, England I38857
4 Allen, Lucy Julia  1877Deptford, Kent, England I99314
5 Ashcroft, William  1861Deptford, Kent, England I8202
6 Baker, Charles  1857Deptford, Kent, England I3500312415
7 Baker, Charlie  1891Deptford, Kent, England I3500312419
8 Baker, Daisy  1900Deptford, Kent, England I3500312420
9 Baker, Elizabeth  1868Deptford, Kent, England I3500312416
10 Baker, Elizabeth  Abt 1887Deptford, Kent, England I3500312417
11 Baker, Lillian  Abt 1889Deptford, Kent, England I3500312418
12 Barber, George Henry  1873Deptford, Kent, England I1750120394
13 Beaumont, James  Jul 1784Deptford, Kent, England I38855
14 Beaumont, Thomas  Abt 1760Deptford, Kent, England I38856
15 Bolton, Mary (Maria)  1865Deptford, Kent, England I77402664226672
16 Brown, Katherine Birt  Abt 1897Deptford, Kent, England I77402109331699
17 Carr, Jessie Eleanor  Sep 1890Deptford, Kent, England I12069
18 Church, Caroline Emma  1904Deptford, Kent, England I77402664104710
19 Church, IVY   I77402664104711
20 Church, William Henry   I77402664104712
21 Culpin, William Harry  1891Deptford, Kent, England I713140
22 Dalby, George Octavius  Abt 1878Deptford, Kent, England I52033
23 Dear (Deer), Henry Edward  1807Deptford, Kent, England I77402664096506
24 Deer, Nancy  1804Deptford, Kent, England I77402664106000
25 Dew, Ellen Beatrice  24 Nov 1884Deptford, Kent, England I176480371
26 Duffell, Ellen  1888Deptford, Kent, England I1748485377
27 Duffell, Frederick  1897Deptford, Kent, England I3500311391
28 Duffell, Harry  1895Deptford, Kent, England I3500311390
29 Duffell, Jessie  1899Deptford, Kent, England I3500311392
30 Duffell Sparks, Emily  1890Deptford, Kent, England I1748485378
31 Giddy, Georgina  1883Deptford, Kent, England I1748489373
32 Gitsham, Alfred  1850Deptford, Kent, England I3500311067
33 Gitsham, Emily  1857Deptford, Kent, England I3500311061
34 Gitsham, George  1847Deptford, Kent, England I3500311066
35 Gitsham, Jane  1859Deptford, Kent, England I3500311062
36 Gitsham, Sarah  1854Deptford, Kent, England I1748490001
37 Gitsham, Uriah  1852Deptford, Kent, England I3500311060
38 Green, Margaret  1890Deptford, Kent, England I1750404310
39 Green, Marie  1893Deptford, Kent, England I1750404311
40 Green, Philip  1897Deptford, Kent, England I1750404313
41 Green, Reginald  1895Deptford, Kent, England I1750404314
42 HARPER, William  1857Deptford, Kent, England I122023532
43 Harrington, Herbert Henry  1889Deptford, Kent, England I173808538
44 Harrington, Minnie Agnes  1891Deptford, Kent, England I173808577
45 Harrington, Rose Elizabeth   I185829050
46 Harrington, Walter Charles  20 Jul 1887Deptford, Kent, England I173808734
47 Hogben, Edith Ann  Jan 1870Deptford, Kent, England I1750127441
48 Hone, Charles  1892Deptford, Kent, England I3500311298
49 Hone, Daniel  1895Deptford, Kent, England I3500311299
50 Hone, George  1890Deptford, Kent, England I3500311297

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Gitsham, Uriah  1869Deptford, Kent, England I3500300169
2 Thomas, Phoebe Ann  Abt 1840Deptford, Kent, England I77402664228038
3 Thomas, William Owen  1850Deptford, Kent, England I77402664228037
4 Trimingham, Charlotte Augusta  19 May 1863Deptford, Kent, England I18022178
5 Windsor, Other Archer 6th Earl of Plymouth  10 Jul 1833Deptford, Kent, England I7739088292


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Calder, Sir James Bart  Deptford, Kent, England I1750049284
2 Hughes, Alice  Deptford, Kent, England I1750049285


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Dear (Deer), Henry Edward  4 Oct 1807Deptford, Kent, England I77402664096506
2 Deer, Nancy  23 May 1804Deptford, Kent, England I77402664106000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 Sheffield, Robert  17 Jun 1497Deptford, Kent, England I3500214944


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allin / Reed   F3333806049
2 BARRY / OUNSTEAD  31 May 1943Deptford, Kent, England F122013750
3 Blackburn / Gouge  3 Apr 1864Deptford, Kent, England F1944437915
4 ELLIOTT / OUNSTEAD  5 Jun 1944Deptford, Kent, England F122013749
5 Hyam / Rouse   F28027070
6 Peacock / Everett  3 Oct 1816Deptford, Kent, England F1840897
7 Pease / Moore  Nov 1819Deptford, Kent, England F28025887
8 Smith / Powys  6 Jun 1855Deptford, Kent, England F672618675
9 Wofinden / Sinnamom  Between Jul-Sep 1938Deptford, Kent, England F1323