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Dorking, Surrey, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.23291, Longitude: -0.329744


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anscombe, Ann  1776Dorking, Surrey, England I77402664087795
2 Anscombe, Edward  1778Dorking, Surrey, England I77402664087779
3 Anscombe, Elizabeth  1771Dorking, Surrey, England I77402664091490
4 Anscombe, James  17 Oct 1773Dorking, Surrey, England I77402664092120
5 Anscombe, James  Abt 1801Dorking, Surrey, England I77402664088903
6 Anscombe, Sarah  1776Dorking, Surrey, England I77402664090347
7 Anscombe, Sarah  1800Dorking, Surrey, England I77402664091541
8 Anscombe, William  1744Dorking, Surrey, England I77402664090617
9 Ansell, Isaac  1843Dorking, Surrey, England I3500306130
10 Ansell, Peter  1791Dorking, Surrey, England I3500306131
11 Arthur, Alice  Abt 1872Dorking, Surrey, England I3500308527
12 Arthur, Amelia A  Abt 1888Dorking, Surrey, England I3500304945
13 Arthur, Ann  Abt 1839Dorking, Surrey, England I3500304918
14 Arthur, Catherine  Abt 1858Dorking, Surrey, England I3500304925
15 Arthur, Edward J  Abt 1890Dorking, Surrey, England I3500304942
16 Arthur, Edward T  Abt 1865Dorking, Surrey, England I3500304934
17 Arthur, Elizabeth  Abt 1848Dorking, Surrey, England I3500304921
18 Arthur, Esther  Abt 1852Dorking, Surrey, England I3500304923
19 Arthur, James  Abt 1845Dorking, Surrey, England I3500304920
20 Arthur, John  Abt 1841Dorking, Surrey, England I3500304868
21 Arthur, May  Abt 1896Dorking, Surrey, England I3500304948
22 Arthur, Rose H  Abt 1892Dorking, Surrey, England I3500304944
23 Arthur, Thomas  Abt 1844Dorking, Surrey, England I3500304919
24 Arthur, Walter  Abt 1869Dorking, Surrey, England I3500304936
25 Arthur, Walter H  Abt 1890Dorking, Surrey, England I3500304946
26 Arthur, William  1876Dorking, Surrey, England I3500308528
27 Carter, Maria  Abt 1799Dorking, Surrey, England I08086853494
28 Constable, James  1802Dorking, Surrey, England I77402664104435
29 Constable, John  1796Dorking, Surrey, England I77402664104256
30 Constable, William  1794Dorking, Surrey, England I77402664104311
31 Cook, Sarah Ann  Abt 1883Dorking, Surrey, England I7739801856
32 Duffell, Hannah  1852Dorking, Surrey, England I1748488410
33 Duffell, Henry  14 Aug 1858Dorking, Surrey, England I1748488411
34 Duffell, John  1869Dorking, Surrey, England I1748488689
35 Duffell, Mary Ann  1849Dorking, Surrey, England I1748488408
36 Duffell, Sarah  1799Dorking, Surrey, England I1748488431
37 Duffell, Sarah  1851Dorking, Surrey, England I1748488409
38 Duffell, Sarah  1870Dorking, Surrey, England I1748488690
39 Duffell, William  1862Dorking, Surrey, England I1748488412
40 Ede, Richard Thomas   I480088956
41 Fuller, Edward  1878Dorking, Surrey, England I1748479439
42 GREGORY, Harriet  1806Dorking, Surrey, England I77402664101684
43 Harwood, John  1889Dorking, Surrey, England I3500311630
44 HYDE, Ellen Florence  Oct 1871Dorking, Surrey, England I77402664228639
45 Joan, Bridger  Dorking, Surrey, England I21007745
46 Legge, Cecilia Katherine  27 Aug 1895Dorking, Surrey, England I1750062512
47 Mann, William  Abt 1810Dorking, Surrey, England I77400352434978
48 Marriott, Harvey  23 Jul 1782Dorking, Surrey, England I122019499
49 Maw, Ann  Juntr 1871Dorking, Surrey, England I1750857142
50 Maw, Emily  17 Nov 1868Dorking, Surrey, England I1750857134

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Maw, Ann  25 May 1871Dorking, Surrey, England I1750857142
2 Maw, Emily  15 Dec 1868Dorking, Surrey, England I1750857134
3 Maw, Frederick Trentham  17 Aug 1867Dorking, Surrey, England I1750857133
4 Maw, Mowbray Trentham  23 Mar 1870Dorking, Surrey, England I1750857135


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arthur, Thomas  1887Dorking, Surrey, England I3500304916
2 Bax, Joan  1717Dorking, Surrey, England I1748484653
3 Cubitt, Henry 2nd Baron Ashcombe  27 Oct 1947Dorking, Surrey, England I43061946
4 Cubitt, Roland Calvert 3rd Baron Ashcombe  28 Oct 1962Dorking, Surrey, England I1750058275
5 Darnell, Reginald Barrington  Abt May 1928Dorking, Surrey, England I1750043623
6 DE VITRIE, Eleanor  Between 31 May 1232 - 12 Aug 1233Dorking, Surrey, England I121004400
7 DeVitre, Eleanor  1232Dorking, Surrey, England I121004398
8 Disraeli, Sybil Isabella  14 Feb 1947Dorking, Surrey, England I7739269470
9 Gill, Arthur Edmund  1932Dorking, Surrey, England I102418
10 Hoo, Thomas  23 Aug 1420Dorking, Surrey, England I121003854
11 Hunt, Thomas James  1924Dorking, Surrey, England I480088117
12 Legge, Col the Hon Edward Henry  16 Aug 1900Dorking, Surrey, England I1750062511
13 Martin, Jane  1870Dorking, Surrey, England I3500304357
14 Maw, Florence Jane  16 Dec 1930Dorking, Surrey, England I1750857131
15 Maw, Henry Trentham  23 Apr 1925Dorking, Surrey, England I1750857147
16 Maw, Mowbray Percival  Juntr 1869Dorking, Surrey, England I1750857154
17 Melluish, Phyllis Bettie  1995Dorking, Surrey, England I77402109328989
18 StOmer, Alice  1380Dorking, Surrey, England I121003890
19 Upton, Robert  1862Dorking, Surrey, England I3500304356
20 Worsfold, Jane  1932Dorking, Surrey, England I3500310500


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Adams, Elizabeth  19 Oct 1657Dorking, Surrey, England I1750053955
2 Browne, Sir Ambrose Bart  23 Aug 1661Dorking, Surrey, England I1750053953
3 Browne, Ambrose  24 Jul 1688Dorking, Surrey, England I1750054237
4 Browne, Margaret  6 May 1726Dorking, Surrey, England I1750054238
5 Howard, Elizabeth Countess  Dorking, Surrey, England I19074086
6 Marriott, George Henry  6 Sep 1788Dorking, Surrey, England I122019507


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Constable, William  19 Sep 1794Dorking, Surrey, England I77402664104311
2 Marriott, Basil  11 Nov 1784Dorking, Surrey, England I122019504
3 Marriott, Edward  27 Jan 1786Dorking, Surrey, England I122019506
4 Marriott, Eliza  4 Mar 1791Dorking, Surrey, England I122019511
5 Marriott, George Henry  27 Apr 1787Dorking, Surrey, England I122019507
6 Marriott, Harvey  23 Aug 1782Dorking, Surrey, England I122019499
7 Marriott, Jane  20 Sep 1783Dorking, Surrey, England I122019503
8 Marriott, Mary  9 Jan 1790Dorking, Surrey, England I122019510
9 Stillwell, Richard  9 Jun 1809Dorking, Surrey, England I77402664101685


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Maw, Charles  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I1750857130
2 Maw, Charles Trentham  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I1750857132
3 Maw, Emily  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I1750857134
4 Maw, Florence Jane  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I1750857131
5 Maw, Frederick Trentham  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I1750857133
6 Maw, Henry Trentham  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I1750857147
7 Maw, Julia  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I1750857146
8 Maw, Mary  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I1750857148
9 Maw, Mowbray Trentham  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I1750857135
10 Trentham, Julia  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I1750857149


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Joyce, James  Dorking, Surrey, England I43025038
2 Maw, Charles  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I1750857130
3 Maw, Charles Trentham  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I1750857132
4 Maw, Florence Jane  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I1750857131
5 Maw, Julia  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I1750857146
6 Maw, Mary  1871Dorking, Surrey, England I1750857148


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Anscombe, James  1851Dorking, Surrey, England I77402664092120
2 Anscombe, James  1851Dorking, Surrey, England I77402664088903
3 Peacock, Ann  1851Dorking, Surrey, England I77402664092372


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Cubitt  23 Apr 1884Dorking, Surrey, England F43021746
2 Anscombe / Peacock  01 Jun 1799Dorking, Surrey, England F3333815814
3 Anscombe / Port  09 Apr 1768Dorking, Surrey, England F3333815445
4 Conway / Hunt  1906Dorking, Surrey, England F1841036
5 Cubitt / Joyce  14 Jun 1853Dorking, Surrey, England F43019445
6 Ede / Cawson  1940Dorking, Surrey, England F1841051
7 Ede / Hunt  1905Dorking, Surrey, England F1841050
8 Harrow / Arthur  1900Dorking, Surrey, England F1345573722
9 Marshall / Charman  1895Dorking, Surrey, England F672132755
10 Sawyers / Sawyers  1813Dorking, Surrey, England F1345572219
11 Stillwell / Britt  12 Nov 1772Dorking, Surrey, England F3333820749
12 STILLWELL / HOPKINS  3 May 1800Dorking, Surrey, England F3333820748
13 STILLWELL / Moore  1852Dorking, Surrey, England F3333820817
14 Trotter / Davies  Abt May 1863Dorking, Surrey, England F672623073
15 Wilson / Powys  Abt May 1871Dorking, Surrey, England F672618761