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Dover, Kent, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.129705, Longitude: 1.311137


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, William  1822Dover, Kent, England I1748482853
2 Andrews, ElizabethMary  1862Dover, Kent, England I480088509
3 Andrews, Gladys  1896Dover, Kent, England I480088540
4 Andrews, John  1898Dover, Kent, England I480088541
5 Andrews, Liberty Washington  1865Dover, Kent, England I480088510
6 Blythe, GrahamMichael  1959Dover, Kent, England I30580
7 Burrin, Chloe Marie  1993Dover, Kent, England I77400352427886
8 Burrin, James Samuel  1996Dover, Kent, England I77400352427887
9 Carlton, Frederick  Abt 1867Dover, Kent, England I31712
10 Cockin, Amelia  27 Jul 1918Dover, Kent, England I08128946685
11 Cockin, Kate  15 Nov 1921Dover, Kent, England I08128947084
12 Cook, Louisa Caroline  1852Dover, Kent, England I1750404710
13 Coope, Amelia Rose  Abt 1831Dover, Kent, England I86109
14 Coughlan, Amanda Tracy  1970Dover, Kent, England I77400352427885
15 Croombes, Charles  1866Dover, Kent, England I480088465
16 Croombes, Minnie  1870Dover, Kent, England I480088466
17 Deschamps, Gabrielle Marcella   I18037208
18 Deschamps, Philip Gambart   I18037207
19 DURHAM, Henry  1875Dover, Kent, England I77402664111347
20 Everett, Ada  1896Dover, Kent, England I480088536
21 Everett, Anne  1804Dover, Kent, England I480088374
22 Everett, Annie Florence  1877Dover, Kent, England I480088514
23 Everett, Bessie  1894Dover, Kent, England I480088535
24 Everett, Charles  1868Dover, Kent, England I480088511
25 Everett, Charles Slade  21 Apr 1821Dover, Kent, England I480088475
26 Everett, Chas Slade  1884Dover, Kent, England I480088532
27 Everett, EdithMay  1873Dover, Kent, England I480088513
28 Everett, Elizabeth Harden  1807Dover, Kent, England I480088375
29 Everett, Ellen  1890Dover, Kent, England I480088534
30 Everett, Frank  1900Dover, Kent, England I480088538
31 Everett, George  1870Dover, Kent, England I480088512
32 Everett, George Pain  1881Dover, Kent, England I480088414
33 Everett, Henry  1814Dover, Kent, England I480088424
34 Everett, Henry  1816Dover, Kent, England I480088474
35 Everett, Hugh Luke  24 Dec 1823Dover, Kent, England I480088427
36 Everett, James  1881Dover, Kent, England I480088531
37 Everett, Maria  1808Dover, Kent, England I480088421
38 Everett, Marmaduke John  1812Dover, Kent, England I480088423
39 Everett, Mary Ann Louisa  1877Dover, Kent, England I480088412
40 Everett, Percival  1889Dover, Kent, England I480088564
41 Everett, Robert  1 Aug 1819Dover, Kent, England I480088426
42 Everett, Sarah Jane  16 Jan 1827Dover, Kent, England I480088428
43 Everett, Sidney Thomas  1879Dover, Kent, England I480088413
44 Everett, Susan (Ann)  1888Dover, Kent, England I480088533
45 Everett, Thomas Stalkart  1815Dover, Kent, England I480088425
46 Everett, William  1806Dover, Kent, England I480088420
47 Everett, William  1810Dover, Kent, England I480088422
48 Everett, William  1899Dover, Kent, England I480088537
49 Everett, William Slade  1875Dover, Kent, England I480088515
50 Foster, Cecil Leonard  Dec 1899Dover, Kent, England I59087

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Stapleton-Cotton, Francis Lynch Wellington Viscount Combermere  Dover, Kent, England I7739144587


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Sarah  Bef 27 Feb 1797Dover, Kent, England I1750059631
2 Andrews, Liberty  1865Dover, Kent, England I480088508
3 arnold, elizabeth  1895Dover, Kent, England I9238
4 Blaxland, Alan Bruce  1963Dover, Kent, England I101775
5 Croombes, Charles  1866Dover, Kent, England I480088465
6 Croombes, Charles  1870Dover, Kent, England I480088464
7 de Blois, Stephen (Étienne) Last Norman King of England  25 Oct 1154Dover, Kent, England I1748747476
8 Dorrien-Magens, John  Jun 1879Dover, Kent, England I76018
9 Everett, Charles Slade  1902Dover, Kent, England I480088475
10 Everett, George  1871Dover, Kent, England I480088512
11 Jarvis, Rosina  Sep 1988Dover, Kent, England I77402664089535
12 Johnson, James  Apr 1902Dover, Kent, England I1160
13 Landall, Eliza Ann  1895Dover, Kent, England I480088505
14 Latham, Eliza  Abt Feb 1884Dover, Kent, England I1750059628
15 Latham, John  Bef 31 May 1801Dover, Kent, England I1750059629
16 Latham, Samuel  Bef Mar 1834Dover, Kent, England I1750059626
17 Latham, SamuelMetcalfe  Abt May 1866Dover, Kent, England I1750059627
18 Luland, John  1882Dover, Kent, England I3499833403
19 Luland, Mary Ann  7 Feb 1836Dover, Kent, England I3499833404
20 Parfett, Eleanor Caroline  4 Jul 1932Dover, Kent, England I77400352427445
21 Parton, EdithMary  3 Aug 1936Dover, Kent, England I3500608378
22 Peters, James Nelson  Aug 1986Dover, Kent, England I77402109324086
23 pilcher, stephen  1885Dover, Kent, England I9652
24 Popham, Edward  19 Aug 1651Dover, Kent, England I691787
25 Stanton, Grace Mary  23 Jan 1935Dover, Kent, England I98261
26 Warrington, EllaMary  Between Jul-Sep 1962Dover, Kent, England I73514


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 arnold, elizabeth  1895Dover, Kent, England I9238
2 pilcher, stephen  1885Dover, Kent, England I9652


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Thomas, Joseph  31 Mar 1901Dover, Kent, England I61238
2 Thomas, Joseph  Apr 1911Dover, Kent, England I61240


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 Stuart, Charles II King of England, Scots and Ireland  25 May 1660Dover, Kent, England I1750113064


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Arbuthnot, Sir John Sinclair-Wemyss 1st Baronet of Kittybrewster, MBE, TD  Between 1950 and 1964Dover, Kent, England I84716
2 Luland, John  1841Dover, Kent, England I3499833403


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Mary Stephana  1871Dover, Kent, England I76019
2 Dorrien-Magens, John  1871Dover, Kent, England I76018
3 Latham, Eliza  Dover, Kent, England I1750059628
4 Latham, John  Dover, Kent, England I1750059629
5 Latham, SamuelMetcalfe  Dover, Kent, England I1750059627
6 Scruton, John  Between 1951 and 1953Dover, Kent, England I890504


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Andrews / Landall  Abt 1861Dover, Kent, England F1840943
2 Andrews / Pilcher  1895Dover, Kent, England F1840947
3 Burrin / Coughlan   F1944438464
4 Cocks / Taylor  1885Dover, Kent, England F1840932
5 Croombes / Taylor  1862Dover, Kent, England F1840930
6 Everett / Hussey  1883Dover, Kent, England F1840946
7 Everett / Landall  1868Dover, Kent, England F1840941
8 Everett / Martin  1876Dover, Kent, England F1840917
9 Everett / Roberts  1888Dover, Kent, England F1840953
10 Greenwood / Spain  Sep 1845Dover, Kent, England F271039
11 Hatton / Taylor  1874Dover, Kent, England F1840931
12 Johnson / Parker  Nov 1845Dover, Kent, England F3333885237
13 Parker / McGill  Sep 1919Dover, Kent, England F3333884959
14 Robson / Luland  Jun 1865Dover, Kent, England F672322693
15 Simpson / Burrin   F1944438465
16 Smith / Huish  12 Apr 1892Dover, Kent, England F1944437996
17 Stokes / Everett  1872Dover, Kent, England F1840944
18 Stokes / Fagg  1898Dover, Kent, England F1840945
19 Taylor / Everett  25 Dec 1831Dover, Kent, England F1840928
20 Temperton / Nightingale  1 Sep 1858Dover, Kent, England F3333820922
21 Thomas / Nazer  1874Dover, Kent, England F12416
22 Thomas / Pond  Mar 1846Dover, Kent, England F12415
23 Thomas / Streeting   1908Dover, Kent, England F613
24 Thomas / Watkins  Sep 1880Dover, Kent, England F12618
25 Thoroton / Dorrien-Magens  20 Jan 1857Dover, Kent, England F17473
26 Tickner / Margetts  1 Dec 1867Dover, Kent, England F28023440
27 Worsley / Stroud  1874Dover, Kent, England F1389310052