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Dudley, Worcestershire, England



Latitude: 52.50867, Longitude: -2.08734


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eliza  Abt 1832Dudley, Worcestershire, England I45125
2 Elizabeth  Abt 1806Dudley, Worcestershire, England I62419
3 Jemimah  1827Dudley, Worcestershire, England I18041922
4 Maria  Abt 1810Dudley, Worcestershire, England I52664
5 Mary  Abt 1806Dudley, Worcestershire, England I44297
6 Mary  Abt 1810Dudley, Worcestershire, England I44300
7 Mary  Abt 1814Dudley, Worcestershire, England I52330
8 Sarah  Abt 1815Dudley, Worcestershire, England I52536
9 Aston, Prudence Williams  Jun 1861Dudley, Worcestershire, England I58629
10 Adams, Bert R  Abt 1908Dudley, Worcestershire, England I58651
11 Allport, James  Abt 1860Dudley, Worcestershire, England I41398
12 Allum, Mary Ann  1805Dudley, Worcestershire, England  I67985
13 Ashman, Alfred  1912Dudley, Worcestershire, England I53030
14 Baird, Robert Anderson  1883Dudley, Worcestershire, England I60475
15 Beard, Martha  1 Oct 1867Dudley, Worcestershire, England I57036
16 Beck, Lucy  Abt 1870Dudley, Worcestershire, England I3499893613
17 Bill, Benjamin  1833Dudley, Worcestershire, England I77402664106137
18 Bill, Catherine R  1846Dudley, Worcestershire, England I77402664106146
19 BILL, CharlesM  1863Dudley, Worcestershire, England I77402664106364
20 Bill, Emma  1855Dudley, Worcestershire, England I77402664106139
21 BILL, James Harper  1816Dudley, Worcestershire, England I77402664106131
22 Bill, James Harper  1859Dudley, Worcestershire, England I77402664106140
23 Bill, John Pool  1857Dudley, Worcestershire, England I77402664105920
24 Bill, Mary Ann  1861Dudley, Worcestershire, England I77402664106141
25 BILL, Matilda  1850Dudley, Worcestershire, England I77402664106136
26 Bill, Sarah  1865Dudley, Worcestershire, England I77402664106142
27 Bill, Walter  1852Dudley, Worcestershire, England I77402664106138
28 Bishton, William  1819Dudley, Worcestershire, England I60492
29 Blakesley, Job  1869Dudley, Worcestershire, England I52441
30 Boden, Catharine  1834Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7738448008
31 Boden, David  1827Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7738448005
32 Boden, Elizabeth  9 Sep 1838Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7738448009
33 Boden, Emma  1847Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7738447997
34 Boden, Frances  27 Jan 1841Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7738448010
35 Boden, George  1831Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7738448007
36 Boden, Hannah  1823Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7738448003
37 Boden, John  14 Feb 1816Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7738447993
38 Boden, John  24 Dec 1849Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7738447989
39 Boden, Leonora  9 Oct 1840Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7738447995
40 Boden, Martha  29 Apr 1821Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7738448002
41 Boden, Mary  1819Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7738448001
42 Boden, Silas  1829Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7738448006
43 Boden, Thomas  14 Aug 1825Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7738448004
44 Boden, William  1817Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7738448000
45 Boden, William  9 Dec 1843Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7738447996
46 Bowman, Mary  1 Nov 1838Dudley, Worcestershire, England  I67980
47 Bowman, William A  1849Dudley, Worcestershire, England  I67982
48 BowmanSpouse, Elizabeth  1806Dudley, Worcestershire, England  I67981
49 Bradley, Elizabeth  1818Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7738447994
50 Bramhill, Ernest  Abt 1897Dudley, Worcestershire, England I1750247558

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Dudley, John  31 Jan 1802Dudley, Worcestershire, England I101080
2 Foster, John  17 Dec 1809Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7739803379


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Catherine  Dec 1675Dudley, Worcestershire, England I55587
2 Mary  Abt 1870Dudley, Worcestershire, England I44297
3 Allum, Mary Ann  1865Dudley, Worcestershire, England I67985
4 Ault, Herbert  Dec 1878Dudley, Worcestershire, England I50746
5 Baggott, GwendolenMarjorie  3 Nov 1995Dudley, Worcestershire, England I57804
6 Ball, Hilda  1993Dudley, Worcestershire, England I1750135608
7 Ball, Keturah  May 1886Dudley, Worcestershire, England I58628
8 Bamford, Mary Ann  Nov 1919Dudley, Worcestershire, England I12769
9 Baroness Dudley Sutton Willoughby, Lady Cecily Margaret  Aug 1539Dudley, Worcestershire, England  I104095
10 BILL, James Harper  1892Dudley, Worcestershire, England I77402664106131
11 Blake, Amelia Ann  Between Oct-Dec 1933Dudley, Worcestershire, England I77400352429295
12 Blakesley, Job  1870Dudley, Worcestershire, England I52441
13 Boden, David  1827Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7738448005
14 Boden, Thomas  9 Apr 1866Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7738447998
15 Bowman, Mary  Dec 1902Dudley, Worcestershire, England I67980
16 Bowman, William A  Abt 1910Dudley, Worcestershire, England I67982
17 BowmanSpouse, Elizabeth  Aft 1881Dudley, Worcestershire, England I67981
18 Brettle, Leslie Arthur  1999Dudley, Worcestershire, England I1750135607
19 Bridgewater, Jesse Decimus  Abt Jun 1838Dudley, Worcestershire, England I48965
20 Bridgewater, Samuel  Abt Jun 1906Dudley, Worcestershire, England I47567
21 Brooks, Fanny  22 Jan 1923Dudley, Worcestershire, England I45370
22 Burchell, Charles  Dec 1854Dudley, Worcestershire, England I50935
23 Cadby, Eliza  1 Mar 1878Dudley, Worcestershire, England I77402664111411
24 Clewer, Annie  1911Dudley, Worcestershire, England I51063
25 Cole, Mary  Abt 1870Dudley, Worcestershire, England I50560
26 Cutler, Joyce Mary  Dudley, Worcestershire, England I0746702940
27 Dickens, Mark Whyghtman  6 Jun 1866Dudley, Worcestershire, England I77402664111410
28 Dickins, Ann  Abt 1896Dudley, Worcestershire, England I77402664228826
29 DICKINS, Charles  Sep 1928Dudley, Worcestershire, England I77402664228829
30 Dickins, Edwin Tew  Abt 1884Dudley, Worcestershire, England I77402664228822
31 Dickins, Emma  Abt 1901Dudley, Worcestershire, England I77402664228828
32 Dickins, George  May 1924Dudley, Worcestershire, England I77402664228823
33 Dickins, Thomas  Dudley, Worcestershire, England I77402664228825
34 Dickins, William  Abt 1899Dudley, Worcestershire, England I77402664228827
35 Dolman, John  Sep 1884Dudley, Worcestershire, England I48491
36 Dolman, Joseph  Sep 1901Dudley, Worcestershire, England I53575
37 Dunckley or Duncalfe, Sarah  1931Dudley, Worcestershire, England I53536
38 Eley, Thomas  Between Jul-Sep 1920Dudley, Worcestershire, England I77400352426306
39 Elwell, Elizabeth  1881Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7738447999
40 Elwell, Frances  Mar 1870Dudley, Worcestershire, England I50796
41 Evans, Judith  Aug 1750Dudley, Worcestershire, England I55632
42 Flavel, Beatrice  13 May 1968Dudley, Worcestershire, England I55792
43 Grainger, Hannah  1790Dudley, Worcestershire, England I55607
44 Griffin, Elizabeth  Abt 1830Dudley, Worcestershire, England I50685
45 Hampton, James  6 Oct 1818Dudley, Worcestershire, England I55627
46 Hancox  29 May 1667Dudley, Worcestershire, England I55600
47 Hancox, Abiathar  Jun 1760Dudley, Worcestershire, England I55589
48 Hancox, Abiathar  1832Dudley, Worcestershire, England I55669
49 Hancox, Abiathar  Nov 1890Dudley, Worcestershire, England I54709
50 Hancox, Alfred Dennis  2002Dudley, Worcestershire, England I58404

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Dickins, George  Jun 1924Dudley, Worcestershire, England I77402664228823
2 Hancox, Benjamin  1844Dudley, Worcestershire, England I56780
3 Hancox, Thomas  28 Aug 1920Dudley, Worcestershire, England I54848
4 Hancox, William  27 Mar 1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I56009


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Bills, Thomas  21 Jun 1846Dudley, Worcestershire, England I77402664106122


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 Hancox, Abiathar  1776Dudley, Worcestershire, England I55661


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Hancox, John  1782Dudley, Worcestershire, England I55664


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Dickens, Mark Whyghtman  Dec 1866Dudley, Worcestershire, England I77402664111410


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 de Somery, John  Dudley, Worcestershire, England I1750052615
2 de Somery, Sir Ralph  Dudley, Worcestershire, England I1750044724
3 Dickins, Alfred  3 Apr 1861Dudley, Worcestershire, England I77402664228830
4 Dickins, Job  3 Apr 1841Dudley, Worcestershire, England I77402664228824
5 Hallam, Annie  1891Dudley, Worcestershire, England I22000723
6 Hallam, Annie  1901Dudley, Worcestershire, England I22000723
7 Pearsall, Lucy  1841Dudley, Worcestershire, England I22000509
8 Pearsall, Lucy  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I22000509
9 Rushton, Albert Vickery  1891Dudley, Worcestershire, England I22000737
10 Rushton, Daisy  1901Dudley, Worcestershire, England I22000733
11 Rushton, Edward  1891Dudley, Worcestershire, England I22000731
12 Rushton, Elsie  1891Dudley, Worcestershire, England I22000732
13 Rushton, Jane  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England I22001301
14 Rushton, Laura A  1891Dudley, Worcestershire, England I22000735
15 Rushton, Laura A  1901Dudley, Worcestershire, England I22000735
16 Rushton, Laura A  1901Dudley, Worcestershire, England I22000735
17 Rushton, Lilly  1891Dudley, Worcestershire, England I22000726
18 Rushton, May  1891Dudley, Worcestershire, England I22000734
19 Rushton, Reginald Norman  1901Dudley, Worcestershire, England I22000728
20 Rushton, Reginald Norman  1901Dudley, Worcestershire, England I22000728
21 Rushton, Sidney Arthur  1901Dudley, Worcestershire, England I22000729
22 Rushton, Sidney Arthur  1901Dudley, Worcestershire, England I22000729
23 Rushton, Thomas William Pearsall  1891Dudley, Worcestershire, England I22000725
24 Rushton, Thomas William Pearsall  1901Dudley, Worcestershire, England I22000725
25 Rushton, Thomas William Pearsall  1901Dudley, Worcestershire, England I22000725
26 Sutton, Sir John  Dudley, Worcestershire, England I1750053476


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Cutler  2 Mar 1963Dudley, Worcestershire, England F01826017
2 / Fisher  Jun 1872Dudley, Worcestershire, England F11348
3 Arter / Walker  Sep 1865Dudley, Worcestershire, England  F11012
4 Ashman / Walker  Jun 1911Dudley, Worcestershire, England F11213
5 Axe / Lloyd   F672177159
6 Baker / Hancox  Jun 1918Dudley, Worcestershire, England F11957
7 BILL / Harper  13 Aug 1840Dudley, Worcestershire, England F3333821997
8 Black / Peeler  Jul 1887-Sep 1887Dudley, Worcestershire, England F1944362736
9 Blackham / Bate  25 Nov 1793Dudley, Worcestershire, England F1944360196
10 Caldwell / Yates  Jul 1860-Sep 1860Dudley, Worcestershire, England F1944364059
11 Cliff / Gibson  28 Nov 1873Dudley, Worcestershire, England F3333770442
12 Dickins / Bamford  6 Feb 1859Dudley, Worcestershire, England F540
13 Dickins / Spittle  Mar 1864Dudley, Worcestershire, England F14304
14 Dimberline / Craddock  21 Dec 1845Dudley, Worcestershire, England F672670358
15 Follos (Follows) / Simcox  Mar 1875Dudley, Worcestershire, England F11346
16 Freiensener / Walker  Jun 1929Dudley, Worcestershire, England F11022
17 Grafton / Gregory  Between Jan and Mar 1871Dudley, Worcestershire, England F672337819
18 Guest / Foster  15 Feb 1869Dudley, Worcestershire, England F1944362072
19 Haden /   Sep 1877Dudley, Worcestershire, England F13935
20 Hancock /   Abt 1825Dudley, Worcestershire, England  F12750
21 Hancox / Aston  Abt 1887Dudley, Worcestershire, England F11981
22 Hancox / Dudley  20 Feb 1735Dudley, Worcestershire, England  F11603
23 Hancox / Green  Dec 1866Dudley, Worcestershire, England F11489
24 Hancox / Haynes  Dec 1843Dudley, Worcestershire, England F12303
25 Hancox / Johnson  Mar 1913Dudley, Worcestershire, England F11806
26 Hancox / Prosser nee Phillips  Sep 1877Dudley, Worcestershire, England F12264
27 Hancox / Smallman  Jun 1840Dudley, Worcestershire, England F11491
28 Hancox / Tomlinson  Apr 1882Dudley, Worcestershire, England F11842
29 Hawkes / Norton  1865Dudley, Worcestershire, England F13821
30 Heeley /   May 1879Dudley, Worcestershire, England F700377
31 Higgs / Walker  Jun 1859Dudley, Worcestershire, England  F11008
32 Jones / Hancock (Hancox)  1853Dudley, Worcestershire, England  F12736
33 Lee? / Simcock  1912Dudley, Worcestershire, England  F11352
34 Littlewood /   Abt 1835Dudley, Worcestershire, England  F11115
35 Lunn / Hawkes  Mar 1857Dudley, Worcestershire, England F13803
36 Malpass / Hancox  Jun 1885Dudley, Worcestershire, England F11761
37 Margetts / Nightingale  1 Mar 1877Dudley, Worcestershire, England F28023263
38 McDowell / Walker  Jun 1918Dudley, Worcestershire, England F11023
39 MILLS / DUNN  1851Dudley, Worcestershire, England F3333822042
40 Morris / Dickens  Dec 1885Dudley, Worcestershire, England F537
41 Morris / Dickins  Mar 1876Dudley, Worcestershire, England F539
42 Northall / Hancox  1865Dudley, Worcestershire, England  F12224
43 Pearson / Hancox  Mar 1951Dudley, Worcestershire, England F18005
44 Plant / Watson  14 Nov 1869Dudley, Worcestershire, England F672132586
45 Round / Simcox  Mar 1882Dudley, Worcestershire, England  F10431
46 Rushton / Peters  Jul 1844Dudley, Worcestershire, England F22000236
47 Silvers / Foxall  3 Feb 1733Dudley, Worcestershire, England F22000421
48 Simcox / Barnett  Dec 1843Dudley, Worcestershire, England F3333887053
49 Simcox / Bassett  Dec 1883Dudley, Worcestershire, England F11347
50 Simcox / Kidson Price  Jun 1840Dudley, Worcestershire, England  F10334

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