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Durham, County Durham, England



City/Town : Latitude: 54.7786923, Longitude: -1.5596051


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Annie  Abt 1876Durham, County Durham, England I0700425494
2 Elizabeth  1813Durham, County Durham, England I87028
3 Elizabeth  Abt 1841Durham, County Durham, England I1810
4 Elizabeth  Abt 1851Durham, County Durham, England I1749125883
5 Elizabeth  1882Durham, County Durham, England I77402664102213
6 Jane  1794Durham, County Durham, England I86984
7 Jane  1886Durham, County Durham, England I0745879496
8 Mary Anne  1791Durham, County Durham, England I77402664110501
9 Abdy, Christopher Stephen   I0769150979
10 Abdy, Kelly Anne   I0769150961
11 Adams, Henry Jonathan  Abt 1875Durham, County Durham, England I87499
12 Alderson, Charles  Abt 1840Durham, County Durham, England I86715232
13 Alderson, Elizabeth  Abt 1838Durham, County Durham, England I70166650
14 Alderson, Jane  Abt 1846Durham, County Durham, England I1921882
15 Alderson, Margaret  Abt 1857Durham, County Durham, England I19433672
16 Alderson, Mary Ann  1849Durham, County Durham, England I49277081
17 Alderson, Sarah  Abt 1850Durham, County Durham, England I90626668
18 Alderson, Thomas  Abt 1855Durham, County Durham, England I61890142
19 Argyle, Denis   I1748485875
20 Argyle, SylviaMary   I1748485876
21 Armstrong, Ann  1808Durham, County Durham, England I87012
22 Ashurst, Joseph  Abt 1868Durham, County Durham, England I3500308932
23 Atkinson, Michael  1 Jul 1827Durham, County Durham, England I40318
24 Ayre, John  1826Durham, County Durham, England I77402664101384
25 Ayre, Margaret  1857Durham, County Durham, England I77402664101387
26 Ayre, Thomas  1852Durham, County Durham, England I77402664101391
27 Backhouse, Christopher  Q4 1909Durham, County Durham, England I77402664093216
28 Bagley, Elsie  28 Feb 1917Durham, County Durham, England I122019591
29 Bambridge, Frances S   I18027816
30 Bambridge, Joseph   I18027817
31 Bambridge, Mary   I18027815
32 Bare, Eleanor  1870Durham, County Durham, England I0736379305
33 BARKAS, John  1710Durham, County Durham, England I77402664109355
34 Beadling, Susannah  1916Durham, County Durham, England I77402504353977
35 BENNETT, Andrew Hall  1851Durham, County Durham, England I122018962
36 Benson, Annie Agatha Stewart  02 Feb 1868Durham, County Durham, England I84165106
37 Bishop, Ian Keith   I1750124613
38 Blackbird, Sarah Ann  1853Durham, County Durham, England I479780476
39 Bonetta, Gladys Gertrude  18 Feb 1898Durham, County Durham, England I77402109330291
40 Bonetta, Harriett Luballa  28 Nov 1896Durham, County Durham, England I77402109330290
41 Boyle, Anne M   I77402664104669
42 Boyle, David   I77402664104672
43 Boyle, Dennis P   I77402664104671
44 Boyle, Francis E   I77402664104449
45 Boyle, Geraldine   I77402664104668
46 Boyle, John P   I77402664104670
47 Bradley, Jane  1789Durham, County Durham, England I77402664098173
48 Brown, Hugh E,  1899Durham, County Durham, England I77402101174988
49 BROWN, Jane Oliver  Jul 1870Durham, County Durham, England I122021016
50 Bulmer, William Henry  1883Durham, County Durham, England I77402664101959

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Barrass, Barbara  03 Apr 1859Durham, County Durham, England I80813968
2 Barrass, Isabella  29 Jun 1864Durham, County Durham, England I39259148
3 Barrass, Mary Jane  26 Jun 1855Durham, County Durham, England I44712831
4 Hutchinson, Isabel  26 Dec 1735Durham, County Durham, England I20863380
5 Lambton, Alice  05 Sep 1736Durham, County Durham, England I37799074
6 Lambton, James  06 Jan 1735Durham, County Durham, England I66048612
7 Lambton, John  19 Feb 1740Durham, County Durham, England I75816588
8 Lambton, Mary  29 May 1743Durham, County Durham, England I33565245
9 Lambton, Robert  18 Nov 1744Durham, County Durham, England I84783824
10 Lambton, William  15 Oct 1738Durham, County Durham, England I73605606


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alderson, Barbara  Abt 1900Durham, County Durham, England I48577366
2 Alderson, Margaret  Abt 1882Durham, County Durham, England I88239934
3 Alderson, Rachael  Jul 1904Durham, County Durham, England I13602819
4 Alderson, Ralph  Jun 1887Durham, County Durham, England I99705432
5 Alderson, Ralph  1901Durham, County Durham, England I30048252
6 Antcliff, Archibald Ethelbert White  Jun 1935Durham, County Durham, England I1100
7 Armstrong, Ann  Apr 1888Durham, County Durham, England I87012
8 Bagley, RobertMarley  Oct 1903Durham, County Durham, England I122026439
9 Barber, Elsie  Apr 1988Durham, County Durham, England I3500640342
10 BARKAS, John  1769Durham, County Durham, England I77402664109355
11 Barnard, Edward  1 Jul 1987Durham, County Durham, England I28344
12 Beadling, Charles  1 Dec 1888Durham, County Durham, England I77402364953062
13 Bell, Elizabeth  Abt 1884Durham, County Durham, England I1322372
14 Benson, Ellen  Dec 1906Durham, County Durham, England I18039808
15 Blakey, James Guy Hutchinson  Sep 1979Durham, County Durham, England I6398338
16 BRADY, Francis  1852Durham, County Durham, England I77402664098598
17 Brooks, Charlotte  1 Jun 1899Durham, County Durham, England I18026121
18 Caffery, El Len  1943Durham, County Durham, England I77402664099889
19 Caffrey, Sarah  1949Durham, County Durham, England I77402664095547
20 Charlesworth, Reuben B  Between Jul-Sep 1920Durham, County Durham, England I80276
21 Clark, Charles  1986Durham, County Durham, England I15467390
22 Clough, Rachel  1944Durham, County Durham, England I77402664107664
23 Coleman, Bridget  Sep 1912Durham, County Durham, England I53652963
24 Conlin, JamesMichael  AMJDurham, County Durham, England I77402664098041
25 Conlin, William L  JAS 1A 394Durham, County Durham, England I77402664095011
26 Cornforth, Donald  Sep 1947Durham, County Durham, England I3500640408
27 Cornforth, Irene M  Mar 1943Durham, County Durham, England I3500640406
28 Coulson, Martin  1712Durham, County Durham, England I87381
29 Cowan, Joseph  Feb 1994Durham, County Durham, England I3500640433
30 Cumiskey, Owen  Jun 1957Durham, County Durham, England I68373
31 de Comyn (Comines), Robert Earl of Northumberland  28 Jan 1069Durham, County Durham, England I1750061253
32 de Hay, Sir David  17 Oct 1346Durham, County Durham, England I1750063292
33 de Neville, Ralph 2nd Baron, Lord Neville de Raby  05 Aug 1367Durham, County Durham, England I1748584752
34 Devine, Kenneth B  May 2003Durham, County Durham, England I77402664109622
35 Dixon, John  1881Durham, County Durham, England I07419171403
36 Edwards, Constance Edith Annie  1993Durham, County Durham, England I0700419030
37 ELLIOTT, Martha  1Q 1884Durham, County Durham, England I122022906
38 Ferens, Alexander Watson (Alec)  29 May 1888Durham, County Durham, England I122023223
39 Ferens, Angus  11 Nov 1967Durham, County Durham, England I122022832
40 Ferens, Frank Simpson  3Q 1904Durham, County Durham, England I122023001
41 Ferens, Henry Edwin  16 Jun 1933Durham, County Durham, England I122022995
42 Ferens, James Jackson  3Q 1888Durham, County Durham, England I122022905
43 Ferens, Jane Maria  28 Apr 1882Durham, County Durham, England I122022938
44 Ferens, Joseph Berry  15 Mar 1942Durham, County Durham, England I122023163
45 Ferens, Lionel  19 Feb 1925Durham, County Durham, England I122024336
46 Ferens, Robert Jackson  1852Durham, County Durham, England I122017030
47 Freak, Thomas  1907Durham, County Durham, England I42303336
48 GARFOOT, Gladys  1 Jan 1990Durham, County Durham, England I18020038
49 Geldart, Robert  1 Oct 1942Durham, County Durham, England I18020822
50 GOTT, Millicent Amelia  1943Durham, County Durham, England I122025455

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Hutchinson, Isabel  28 Dec 1735Durham, County Durham, England I20863380
2 Hutchinson, William  09 Sep 1753Durham, County Durham, England I76582136
3 Lambton, Alice  26 Oct 1737Durham, County Durham, England I37799074
4 Lambton, James  04 Mar 1761Durham, County Durham, England I25517456
5 Lambton, Robert  27 May 1696Durham, County Durham, England I22669805

Alt. Died

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Died    Person ID 
1 STOBS, Ann  1783Durham, County Durham, England I77402664110250


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 BATTY, Arthur Dudley  25 Sep 1888Durham, County Durham, England I122023251
2 BATTY, Esther Ellen  23 Jun 1878Durham, County Durham, England I122023248
3 BATTY, George Ferens  05 Nov 1873Durham, County Durham, England I122023245
4 BATTY, Kate  18 Aug 1880Durham, County Durham, England I122023249
5 BATTY, Thomas Thorpe  5 Apr 1876Durham, County Durham, England I122023247
6 MARLEY, Margaret Jane  4 Mar 1851Durham, County Durham, England I122026438
7 MYERS, Mary Alice  5 Mar 1859Durham, County Durham, England I122023263


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARKAS, John  1710Durham, County Durham, England I77402664109355
2 STOBS, Ann  1707Durham, County Durham, England I77402664110250
3 STOBS, Nicholas  1671Durham, County Durham, England I77402664110252
4 Watson, Margaret  Abt. 1670Durham, County Durham, England I77402664110366


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Whitfield, Alfred  1871Durham, County Durham, England I7098277000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 Edgar'the Outlaw' Ętheling  28 Jan 1069Durham, County Durham, England I1748534590


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Bagley, William  14 May 1870Durham, County Durham, England I122017041
2 Bagley, William Ingledew  20 Oct 1944Durham, County Durham, England I122018716
3 COATES, Alice Mary  14 Feb 1958Durham, County Durham, England I122024656
4 Ferens, Arthur  7 Jul 1913Durham, County Durham, England I122022996
5 Ferens, Jane Maria  22 Feb 1883Durham, County Durham, England I122022938
6 Ferens, Joseph  2 Feb 1886Durham, County Durham, England I122022989
7 Ferens, Lionel  22 May 1925Durham, County Durham, England I122024336
8 Ferens, Robinson  6 Jul 1892Durham, County Durham, England I122022921
9 Ferens, William Henry  16 Nov 1881Durham, County Durham, England I122022987
10 Foster, Margaret Humble  17 Jun 1946Durham, County Durham, England I122023270
11 GUMMERSON, Leonard Herbert  14 Dec 1928Durham, County Durham, England I122026474
12 Ingledew, Ann  14 Sep 1900Durham, County Durham, England I122017044
13 Marshall, Dora Howard  18 Nov 1940Durham, County Durham, England I122024330
14 OLIVER, Nicholas  13 Nov 1858Durham, County Durham, England I122022939
15 Punshon, Joshua  10 Jan 1888Durham, County Durham, England I300156
16 STEPHENSON, Sarah  15 Dec 1888Durham, County Durham, England I122022922


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bradshaw, Peter  Durham, County Durham, England I7098358892
2 Haswell, Joseph  Durham, County Durham, England I1750063663
3 Machon, William  Durham, County Durham, England I65692
4 Stoddart, A  Durham, County Durham, England I7098333473


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Robinson  1871Durham, County Durham, England F3333806034
2 / Simpson   F3333809345
3 / Vann  Oct 1906Durham, County Durham, England F3333816578
4 / Woodward  1 Jun 1869Durham, County Durham, England F3333808305
5 Abdy / Hully   F01826762
6 Abdy / Turner   F01826882
7 Alderson / Barrass  Abt Dec 1878Durham, County Durham, England F78608823
8 Backhouse / Robson  Nov 1855Durham, County Durham, England F28025970
9 Bambridge / Kitson  1 Dec 1912Durham, County Durham, England F28023160
10 Belcher / Kelsey  Jun 1875Durham, County Durham, England F3627
11 Blakey / Howe  1909Durham, County Durham, England F4250888
12 Blakey / Robinson  1938Durham, County Durham, England F26921967
13 Boyle / Kennedy   F3333819994
14 Boyle / Pharoah   F3333819997
15 Bullock / Waterhouse  Between Oct-Dec 1899Durham, County Durham, England F3333885200
16 Bulmer / Thompson  1862Durham, County Durham, England F3333820003
17 Burke / Duffy  1859Durham, County Durham, England F3333820502
18 Caffery / Pyle  1877Durham, County Durham, England F3333820060
19 Carey / Conlin  1952Durham, County Durham, England F3333819350
20 Clark / Kitson  1 Sep 1914Durham, County Durham, England F28022464
21 Coates / Lumley  1898Durham, County Durham, England F3333820679
22 Conlin / Castling   F3333819900
23 Craggs /   1 Jun 1869Durham, County Durham, England F01826497
24 Cumiskey / Alexander   F19020899
25 Cumiskey / Robinson  Jun 1927Durham, County Durham, England F14431
26 Ferens / CHAPMAN  2Q 1897Durham, County Durham, England F122014300
27 Ferens / ELLIOTT  1Q 1843Durham, County Durham, England F122014272
28 Ferens / Marshall  3Q 1858Durham, County Durham, England F122014296
29 Ferens / MYERS  22 Sep 1885Durham, County Durham, England F122014376
30 Ferens / STEPHENSON  Apr 1857Durham, County Durham, England F122014277
31 Ferens / SURTEES  4 Oct 1939Durham, County Durham, England F122014718
32 Finlay / Lumley  1873Durham, County Durham, England F3333820958
33 Greenwell / Lumley  1908Durham, County Durham, England F3333820642
34 Grieveson / Snowball   F1345770758
35 Griffin / Kell  1952Durham, County Durham, England F3333809349
36 Guire / Benson  Jun 1864Durham, County Durham, England F28025794
37 Guire / Lynch  Mar 1889Durham, County Durham, England F28025793
38 HAMILL / Holmes  1 Mar 1933Durham, County Durham, England F28022029
39 Hansell / Blakey  Abt 1848Durham, County Durham, England F33892096
40 Hare / Ferens  2Q 1884Durham, County Durham, England F122014299
41 Henderson / Kelsey   F1345769368
42 Holmes / Eltringham   F28021878
43 Holmes / Turnbull  Jun 1933Durham, County Durham, England F28024950
44 HUNTER / BENNETT  26 Aug 1909Durham, County Durham, England F122012942
45 Hutchinson / Brown  10/05/1752Durham, County Durham, England F56121604
46 Hutchinson / Guy  15/04/1844Durham, County Durham, England F56990104
47 Hutchinson / Smith  1725Durham, County Durham, England F69218954
48 Jackson / Kelsey  Sep 1911Durham, County Durham, England F1345769468
49 Johnston / Kelsey  Sep 1944Durham, County Durham, England F1345769411
50 Jukes / Timmins  Dec 1945Durham, County Durham, England F21557

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