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Easington, County Durham, England



City/Town : Latitude: 54.7853447, Longitude: -1.3564682


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1794Easington, County Durham, England I12963
2 Mary  1815Easington, County Durham, England I480042805
3 CHISMON, Elizabeth  Abt 1849Easington, County Durham, England I122025478
4 Conlin, Daniel  27 Mar 1868Easington, County Durham, England I77402664098032
5 Conlin, Daniel   I77402664098320
6 Conlin, Daniel Patrick  1897Easington, County Durham, England I77402664098316
7 Elliotson  Abt 1500Easington, County Durham, England I12406524
8 Fenner, Jean W   I77402664109696
9 Glass, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1884Easington, County Durham, England I77402647513744
10 Greener, George W   I18035591
11 HART, Ann  Easington, County Durham, England I122021216
12 Kitson, Albert   I18035580
13 Kitson, Brook   I18035529
14 Kitson, Jane  1 Sep 1921Easington, County Durham, England I18035575
15 Kitson, John R   I18035577
16 Kitson, Margaret   I18035579
17 Kitson, Mark   I18035528
18 Kitson, Mary   I18035576
19 Kitson, Thomas   I18035531
20 Kitson, Thomas W  1 Jun 1879Easington, County Durham, England I18035584
21 Kitson, Violet   I18035578
22 Kitson, William   I18035573
23 Lambton, Ernest James  Sep 1896Easington, County Durham, England I93645
24 LOWES, Christopher James  4Q 1856Easington, County Durham, England I122018835
25 Maw, Alan Hunter  30 Aug 1925Easington, County Durham, England I479759370
26 Maw, George H  Jun 1916Easington, County Durham, England I479756277
27 Maw, George H  Sep 1923Easington, County Durham, England I479759369
28 Maw, Georgina  Jun 1921Easington, County Durham, England I479759368
29 Maw, John  14 Jul 1917Easington, County Durham, England I479756457
30 Maw, Robert Taylor  9 May 1914Easington, County Durham, England I479755293
31 Maw, Thomas  13 Oct 1919Easington, County Durham, England I479759367
32 Mcdermott, Mary Ann  1869Easington, County Durham, England I77402664098307
33 Miller, Edward  1890Easington, County Durham, England I77402664102891
34 Miller, JohnM  1883Easington, County Durham, England I77402664102888
35 Miller, Mary  1881Easington, County Durham, England I77402664102889
36 Miller, Robert  1882Easington, County Durham, England I77402664102890
37 MILLER, William  1858Easington, County Durham, England I77402664102887
38 Miller, William  1885Easington, County Durham, England I77402664102656
39 Overton, Christopher  Abt 1500Easington, County Durham, England I9190451
40 Pine, Sarah J  Sep 1891Easington, County Durham, England I3500640177
41 Skelton, Henrietta Jane  Dec 1876Easington, County Durham, England I81900
42 Smurfoot, Henry  Between 1755 and 1756Easington, County Durham, England I22001460
43 Smurthwaite, Alice  Oct 1781Easington, County Durham, England I22001452
44 Stevenson, Margaret J  Abt 1864Easington, County Durham, England I48394293
45 Stonehouse, Irene  Sep 1921Easington, County Durham, England I70963
46 Stonehouse, Laura  Jun 1930Easington, County Durham, England I70966
47 Stonehouse, Ronald   I70740
48 Stonehouse, Thomas  Jun 1927Easington, County Durham, England I70965
49 Stonehouse, Veronica  Mar 1925Easington, County Durham, England I70964
50 Symcox, Margaret Emma  Dec 1906Easington, County Durham, England I8560

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLOOMFIELD, Robert  7 Jun 1860Easington, County Durham, England I122025472
2 BULMER, Margaret  Q3 1855Easington, County Durham, England I122025477
3 CHISMON, Harriet  Dec 1926Easington, County Durham, England I122025494
4 CHISMON, William  Nov 1833Easington, County Durham, England I122025470
5 Elliotson  Abt 1529Easington, County Durham, England I12406524
6 Kitson, Jane  1 Mar 1922Easington, County Durham, England I18035575
7 Maw, George Henry  Dectr 1925Easington, County Durham, England I479753143
8 Wood, Jonathan Colpitts  Mar 1924Easington, County Durham, England I122025501


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Elliotson  Abt 1529Easington, County Durham, England I12406524


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Callan, Mathew Vivian   I0705322091
2 Conlin, William L  Easington, County Durham, England I77402664095011
3 Smurthwaite, Alice  30 Oct 1781Easington, County Durham, England I22001452


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Pullen, Clara  1881Easington, County Durham, England I479935793
2 Raine, Mary Ann  1841Easington, County Durham, England I77402664110116
3 Smurfoot, Henry  1781Easington, County Durham, England I22001460
4 Toes, Daniel  1738Easington, County Durham, England I22001468
5 Toes, Daniel  1761Easington, County Durham, England I22001468
6 Toes, Mary  25 Jun 1781Easington, County Durham, England I22001461


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Apperley / Jordan  1 Dec 1936Easington, County Durham, England F28023031
2 Brooks / Watson  1 Mar 1871Easington, County Durham, England F28024399
3 Callan / Almond  2 Jul 1916Easington, County Durham, England F01826002
4 CHISMON / BULMER  Q4 1848Easington, County Durham, England F122015054
5 Cunningham / HORDON  1 Dec 1904Easington, County Durham, England F3333820263
6 Grimley / Unsworth  19/07/1879Easington, County Durham, England F90511325
7 Hall / Kitson  1 Sep 1880Easington, County Durham, England F28023867
8 Harrison / Craggs  1 Jun 1893Easington, County Durham, England F01826014
9 Kitson / Osborne  1 Sep 1880Easington, County Durham, England F28022836
10 Kitson / Watson  1 Jun 1874Easington, County Durham, England F28024414
11 Kitson / Wright  1 Mar 1921Easington, County Durham, England F28024145
12 Maw / Walker  Juntr 1914Easington, County Durham, England F846332
13 Pearce /   Apr 1866-Jun 1866Easington, County Durham, England F1944360191
14 Sincock / Martin  1867Easington, County Durham, England F10141
15 Smurfoot / Toes  25 Jun 1781Easington, County Durham, England F22000253
16 Woodward / Kenney  1868Easington, County Durham, England F01826208