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Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England



City/Town : Latitude: 53.759426, Longitude: -0.794107


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann E(or Annie)  1853Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I1750127722
2 Elizabeth  Abt 1786Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I1750246233
3 Hannah  1801Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664084591
4 Anelay, Ann  Abt 1836Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I45104552
5 Anelay, Ann Elizabeth  Abt 1873Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I45104579
6 Anelay, Arthur  Abt 1870Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I45104546
7 Anelay, Edith  Abt 1889Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I45092954
8 Anelay, Edwin  Abt 1871Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I45104578
9 Anelay, Eleanor  Abt 1866Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I45104544
10 Anelay, Elizabeth  Abt 1838Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I45104551
11 Anelay, Ellen  Abt 1840Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I45104549
12 Anelay, Frederick  Abt 1863Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I45092912
13 Anelay, Henrietta  Abt 1868Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I45104545
14 Anelay, Herbert  Abt 1888Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I45092953
15 Anelay, John  Abt 1833Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I45104542
16 Anelay, Lillie  Abt 1883Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I45092951
17 Anelay, Lucy  Abt 1885Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I45092952
18 Anelay, Richard  Abt 1841Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I45104550
19 Anelay, Sarah  Abt 1835Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I45104553
20 Atkinson, Jane Elizabeth  Abt 1850Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I77398329202390
21 Beacock, Blanchard   I122003278
22 Beacock, Charles  1905Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I122003276
23 Beacock, Joseph   I122003279
24 Beacock, Lily   I122003280
25 Beacock, Lucy  1906Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I122003277
26 Birks, Jasper Boniston  1822Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I52090
27 Birks, Jasper Boniston  1828Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I52091
28 Brooks, William  1842Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I18011478
29 Bulliment, Ambrose  Dec 1895Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I07786819897
30 Bulliment, James  Abt 1870Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I07786830322
31 Chafer, Hannah  1839Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I18010574
32 Chafer, John  21 Oct 1798Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664085992
33 Chafer, John  Jun 1829Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664085985
34 Chafer, Mary  1835Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I18010575
35 Chantry, John James  1900Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I41056
36 Cottom, Hannah  Abt 1818Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I796484
37 Coult, Jane  Abt Nov 1792Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664085995
38 Dalby, John  Abt 1680Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I51988
39 Gilbert, Elsie Elizabeth  Jun 1911Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I99577
40 Gilbert, Emma Lavinia  29 Sep 1912Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I56
41 Gilbert, George William  3 Jul 1916Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I585
42 Gilbert, Walter Stanley Stephen  29 May 1914Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I286
43 Goalby, Alice  1808Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I1750127710
44 Groundrill, Eliza  1853Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I1750127730
45 Harrison, Dorothy May  21 Jun 1928Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I23662
46 Holey, Eliza Jane  Abt 1868Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I1750120075
47 Hutchcroft, Bessy  15 Oct 1820Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I7738448983
48 Hutchcroft, Betty  22 May 1791Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I7738448885
49 Hutchcroft, George  18 Mar 1849Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I7738449071
50 Hutchcroft, John  13 Feb 1781Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I7738448968

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Anelay, Ann  21 Aug 1836Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I45104552
2 Anelay, Elizabeth  10 Apr 1838Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I45104551
3 Anelay, Ellen  2 Feb 1840Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I45104549
4 Anelay, John  5 Apr 1833Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I45104542
5 Anelay, Richard  24 Dec 1841Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I45104550
6 Anelay, Sarah  11 Jan 1835Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I45104553
7 Chafer, John  19 Jul 1829Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664085985
8 Coult, Jane  25 Nov 1792Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664085995
9 Jibson, Robert  30 Nov 1755Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I625283
10 Moody, Elizabeth  7 Jan 1827Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664085986
11 Tune, Charles Seaton  23 Mar 1834Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I479679574
12 Tune, Charlotte  8 Apr 1832Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I479679573
13 Tune, Eliza  19 Apr 1836Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I479679572
14 Tune, Elizabeth  24 Aug 1828Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I479679570
15 Tune, Elizabeth  2 May 1830Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I479679571
16 Tune, Jonathon  7 Jul 1839Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I479679575
17 Youle, Richard  13 Oct 1808Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I3499966875


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Chafer, John  8 Aug 1853Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I77402664085996
2 Chantry, Mary Elizabeth  Between Jul-Sep 1972Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I1750251494
3 Chantry, William  25 Aug 1910Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I23019
4 Harrison, William  16 Jan 1949Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I23100
5 Hempsell, Mary  30 Oct 1882Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I1750130133
6 Parker, James  15 Mar 1887Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I1750127329
7 Seaton, Mary  25 Sep 1874Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I1750126372
8 Slack, Emma  14 Apr 1946Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I23268


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Hempsell, Mary  Oct 1882Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I1750130133
2 Parker, James  Mar 1887Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I1750127329


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Birks, Jasper Boniston  27 Jan 1822Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I52090
2 Birks, Jasper Boniston  21 Nov 1828Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I52091
3 Groundrill, Eliza  31 Jul 1853Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I1750127730
4 Hill, John  08 Apr 1827Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I08547778682
5 Holliday, Thomas  15 Dec 1824Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I08550004411
6 Vollans, Ann  16 May 1779Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I712530
7 Vollans, Edward  24 Jan 1782Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I712547
8 Vollans, William  13 Apr 1780Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I712591


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Anelay, George  1851Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I45104547
2 Anelay, George  1861Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I45104547
3 Anelay, George  1871Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I45104547
4 Anelay, George  1881Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I45104547
5 Anelay, John  1871Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I45104542
6 Chantry, William  1901Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I23019
7 Lindley, Jarve  Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I77400352429273
8 Lindley, John  1851Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I1748854345
9 Popplewell, Henry  1861Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I1748839664
10 Popplewell, Henry  1871Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I1748839664


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Mary  1841Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I45104863
2 Anelay, John  1891Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I45104542
3 Seaton, John  1841Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I08082746553
4 Seaton, John  1851Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I08082746553
5 Seaton, John  1861Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I08082746553
6 Seaton, Mary  1871Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I1750126372
7 Thompson, William  1841Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I104000432
8 Waterhouse, Hannah  1841Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I08082712736
9 Waterhouse, Hannah  1851Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I08082712736
10 Waterhouse, Hannah  1861Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England I08082712736


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Chafer / Moody  6 Jun 1841Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England F3333814116
2 Chafer / Pawson  24 Nov 1793Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England F3333814121
3 Coulson / Jibson  9 Apr 1811Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England F247691
4 Dalby / Harrison  13 Feb 1704Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England F29909
5 Easton / Foster  19 Nov 1793Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England F672807884
6 GILBERSON / BELL  26 Oct 1749Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England F247727
7 Graves / Arrand  15 Jan 1788Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England F14738
8 Haseltine / Swanne  6 Jul 1606Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England F27371
9 Hind / Wode  17 Sep 1780Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England F672312347
10 Holliday / Tune  1853Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England F837949
11 Holt / Threadgold  1851Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England F672669163
12 Jibson / Scruton  14 Dec 1819Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England F247734
13 Moody / Coult  6 Nov 1815Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England F3333814120
14 Prince / Longbones  29 Dec 1836Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England F45022902
15 Sanderson / Drewery  18 May 1790Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England F672670375
16 Scruton / Waterhouse  02/10/1860Eastrington, East Yorkshire, England F890551