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Ellastone, Staffordshire, England



Latitude: 52.9836350, Longitude: -1.8291310


Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann  Abt 1581Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I40223
2 Ellen  Abt 1581Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I40225
3 Ellen  1602Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003055
4 Helen  1523Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003374
5 Bott, Ellen  Oct 1719Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I52860
6 Holme, ann  24 Sep 1544Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003377
7 Holme, Dorothy  1550Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003375
8 Holme, Hellen  1546Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003376
9 Holme, Lawrence  1519Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003373
10 Holme, Margery  1548Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003057
11 Poyser, Dorothy  26 Jan 1623Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003060
12 Poyser, Ellen  20 Apr 1548Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121004379
13 Poyser, Helen  1529Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121004385
14 Poyser, Hugh  1600Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003056
15 Poyser, Hugh  20 Aug 1621Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003061
16 Poyser, Isabell  21 Feb 1627Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003059
17 Poyser, James  1538Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121004383
18 Poyser, Johane  1546Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121004382
19 Poyser, John  1547Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121004380
20 Poyser, John  7 May 1583Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003123
21 Poyser, Lawrence  1500Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121004384
22 Poyser, Lawrence  23 May 1595Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003124
23 Poyser, Margery  1593Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003121
24 Poyser, Mary  1520Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003120
25 Poyser, Nicholas  21 Jan 1546Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003062
26 Poyser, Nicholas  1562Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003119
27 Poyser, Olyver  1585Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003122
28 Poyser, Richard  24 Mar 1635Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003058
29 Poyser, Thomas  13 Jun 1637Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003054
30 Poyser, William  1520Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003118
31 Poyser, William  21 Oct 1539Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121004381
32 Walker, Dorothie  Bef 1606Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I40212
33 Walker, Elizabeth  Sep 1755Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I41391
34 Walker, Hannah  Nov 1761Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I41392
35 Walker, John  1753Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I41387
36 Walker, John  Mar 1844Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I52298
37 Walker, Joseph  Nov 1727Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I41385
38 Walker, Joseph  Apr 1759Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I41393
39 Walker, Joseph  1815Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I52296
40 Walker, Joseph  Sep 1851Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I52301
41 Walker, Margaret  Aug 1601Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I40220
42 Walker, Mary  Nov 1725Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I41370
43 Walker, Raphe  Abt 1580Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I40224
44 Walker, Ruth  1768Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I41395
45 Walker, Thomas  Nov 1601Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I40221
46 Walker, Thomas  Dec 1764Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I41396
47 Walker, William  Apr 1606Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I40209


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ellen  23 Feb 1676Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003055
2 Holme, Lawrence  15 Sept 1564Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003373
3 Holme, Margery  21 Jan 1595Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003057
4 Poyser, Ellen  12 Oct 1549Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121004379
5 Poyser, Hugh  15 Jan 1644Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003056
6 Poyser, Hugh  28 Jul 1662Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003061
7 Poyser, Johane  15 Oct 1585Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121004382
8 Poyser, John  10 Oct 1593Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121004380
9 Poyser, John  18 Sep 1597Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003123
10 Poyser, Lawrence  1555Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121004384
11 Poyser, Margery  30 Nov 1594Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003121
12 Poyser, Mary  13 Oct 1617Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003120
13 Poyser, Nicholas  12 Mar 1563Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003119
14 Poyser, Nicholas  30 Sep 1619Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003062
15 Poyser, Olyver  22 Nov 1684Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003122
16 Poyser, Richard  2 Jun 1686Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003058
17 Poyser, Thomas  5 Feb 1697Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003054
18 Poyser, William  29 Sep 1567Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121003118
19 Poyser, William  3 Aug 1606Ellastone, Staffordshire, England I121004381


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Poyser / Holme  12 Mar 1562/3Ellastone, Staffordshire, England F121002231
2 Unknown / Walker  1606Ellastone, Staffordshire, England F2665
3 Walker /   Abt 1600Ellastone, Staffordshire, England F2669
4 Walker /   Abt 1600Ellastone, Staffordshire, England F2670