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Elmswell, Suffolk, England



Latitude: 52.23494, Longitude: 0.90253


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elliston, Alice S  Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748483209
2 Elliston, Arthur  1868Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748483216
3 Elliston, Arthur J  1879Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748483208
4 Elliston, Eliza  1842Elmswell, Suffolk, England I3500311356
5 Elliston, Frederick  1859Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748483215
6 Elliston, Frederick W  1886Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748490211
7 Elliston, George  1853Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748483213
8 Elliston, Harriot Ann  1834Elmswell, Suffolk, England I3500311357
9 Elliston, Henry G  1853Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748483206
10 Elliston, Henry G  1873Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748483207
11 Elliston, Herbert E  1864Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748483212
12 Elliston, Herbert Victor  1890Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748490213
13 Elliston, Mary  1802Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748483218
14 Elliston, Nora Ellen  1888Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748490212
15 Elliston, Rebecca  1828Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748483210
16 Elliston, Rosa  1855Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748483214
17 Elliston, Rose Emma  1883Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748490210
18 Elliston, Thomas  1828Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748483211
19 Elliston, William  1850Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748483217
20 Griss, Mary  1781Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748479489
21 Manning, Susannah  1856Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748483205