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Elmswell, Suffolk, England



Latitude: 52.23494, Longitude: 0.90253


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Manning, Susannah  1856Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748483205
2 Griss, Mary  1781Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748479489
3 Elliston, William  1850Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748483217
4 Elliston, Thomas  1828Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748483211
5 Elliston, Rose Emma  1883Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748490210
6 Elliston, Rosa  1855Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748483214
7 Elliston, Rebecca  1828Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748483210
8 Elliston, Nora Ellen  1888Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748490212
9 Elliston, Mary  1802Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748483218
10 Elliston, Herbert Victor  1890Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748490213
11 Elliston, Herbert E  1864Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748483212
12 Elliston, Henry G  1873Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748483207
13 Elliston, Henry G  1853Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748483206
14 Elliston, Harriot Ann  1834Elmswell, Suffolk, England I3500311357
15 Elliston, George  1853Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748483213
16 Elliston, Frederick W  1886Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748490211
17 Elliston, Frederick  1859Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748483215
18 Elliston, Eliza  1842Elmswell, Suffolk, England I3500311356
19 Elliston, Arthur J  1879Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748483208
20 Elliston, Arthur  1868Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748483216
21 Elliston, Alice S  Elmswell, Suffolk, England I1748483209