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Essendon, Hertfordshire, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.763307, Longitude: -0.154821


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Draper, EllenMary  1862Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I208988287
2 Glanfield, Alice Matilda  1888Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I201985373
3 Glanfield, Ann  1840Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I132139972
4 Glanfield, Arthur Edward  1890Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I201985547
5 Glanfield, Deborah  1840Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200992223
6 Glanfield, Emma  1834Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200807975
7 Glanfield, Fanny  Abt 1827Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200989643
8 Glanfield, Fanny  1848Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200808164
9 Glanfield, George Thomas  1837Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200805109
10 Glanfield, James  1844Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200806602
11 Glanfield, Jemima  1846Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200807424
12 Glanfield, John  Abt 1833Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200806714
13 Glanfield, Margaret  Abt 1830Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200990263
14 Glanfield, Mary Ann  Abt 1810Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200814448
15 Glanfield, Mary Ann  1824Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200991528
16 Glanfield, Mary Louisa  1881Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I260249544
17 Glanfield, Robert  Abt 1816Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200816482
18 Glanfield, Robert Alfred  1885Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I201986341
19 Glanfield, Sophia  1852Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200807631
20 Glanfield, Stephen  Abt 1817Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200817417
21 Glanfield, Thomas  1842Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200805013
22 Glanfield, William  Abt 1807Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200800686
23 Glanfield, William Thomas  1860Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I201007408
24 Green, Ann  1772Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I225305407
25 Green, Ann  1806Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200800688
26 Green, Charlotte  1779Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I225306180
27 Green, Elizabeth  1790Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I222190419
28 Green, Frances  1774Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I225305169
29 Green, George  1810Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I222190547
30 Green, Isaac  1770Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I225306613
31 Green, James  1798Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I222190994
32 Green, Jane  1769Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I225305733
33 Green, John  1808Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I222191133
34 Green, Joshua  1812Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I222190721
35 Green, Mary  1766Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I225307480
36 Green, Mary  1800Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200984654
37 Green, Sarah  1792Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I222190797
38 Green, Thomas  1796Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I222191628
39 Green, Thomas  1816Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I222191251
40 Green, William  1774Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I225304926
41 Green, William  1794Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I222191508
42 Green, William  1803Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I222191779
43 Kenney, John  1846Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200813165
44 Page, Martha  1847Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200844985
45 Phipps, David  1748Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I245206740
46 Phipps, John  Abt 1743Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I245206349
47 Phipps, Jonathan  Abt 1741Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I245206274
48 Phipps, Joseph  Abt 1737Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I245206085
49 Phipps, Martha  1750Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I245207209
50 Phipps, Mary  Abt 1754Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I245207328

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Green, Isaac  30 Nov 1770Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I225306613
2 Slight, William  14 Mar 1847Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I202797005
3 Taylor, Ann  8 Mar 1812Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I58332
4 Taylor, Eliza  26 Dec 1813Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I58338
5 Taylor, George  8 Mar 1818Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I58340
6 Taylor, Harriet  1 Oct 1815Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I58345
7 Taylor, James  24 Jun 1821Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I58347
8 Taylor, Martha  9 Nov 1823Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I58352
9 Taylor, Richard  5 Aug 1810Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I58354
10 Taylor, Susan  9 Oct 1831Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I58357
11 Taylor, William  8 May 1825Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I18617


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bolton, Charlotte Louisa  23 Jan 1943Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I201984665
2 Glanfield, Alfred Hubert  14 Dec 1918Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I201986687
3 Glanfield, William Thomas  16 Apr 1937Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I201007408
4 Green, William  2 May 1795Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I222191508
5 Slight, John  c 1891Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I479832550
6 Slight, Mary Ann  Abt 1864Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I202796619
7 Slight, Samuel  12 Jul 1893Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200994395


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Say, Elizabeth  Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I1750054375


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Glanfield, Ann  29 Mar 1840Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I132139972
2 Glanfield, Deborah  23 Feb 1840Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200992223
3 Glanfield, Emma  16 Nov 1834Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200807975
4 Glanfield, Fanny  25 Mar 1827Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200989643
5 Glanfield, Fanny  1848Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200808164
6 Glanfield, George Thomas  23 Jul 1837Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200805109
7 Glanfield, James  17 Mar 1844Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200806602
8 Glanfield, Jemima  27 Jan 1850Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200807424
9 Glanfield, John  14 Jul 1833Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200806714
10 Glanfield, Margaret  7 Feb 1830Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200990263
11 Glanfield, Mary Ann  11 Mar 1810Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200814448
12 Glanfield, Mary Ann  1 Aug 1824Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200991528
13 Glanfield, Robert  5 Oct 1817Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200816482
14 Glanfield, Sophia  12 Dec 1852Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200807631
15 Glanfield, Stephen  5 Oct 1817Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200817417
16 Glanfield, Thomas  30 Jan 1842Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200805013
17 Glanfield, William  19 Feb 1809Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200800686
18 Green, Ann  14 Oct 1772Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I225305407
19 Green, Ann  27 Apr 1806Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200800688
20 Green, Charlotte  9 May 1779Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I225306180
21 Green, Elizabeth  1 Aug 1790Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I222190419
22 Green, Frances  3 Jul 1774Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I225305169
23 Green, George  29 Apr 1810Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I222190547
24 Green, James  3 Jun 1798Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I222190994
25 Green, Jane  25 Jan 1769Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I225305733
26 Green, John  27 Mar 1808Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I222191133
27 Green, Joshua  9 Aug 1812Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I222190721
28 Green, Mary  8 Aug 1766Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I225307480
29 Green, Mary  4 May 1800Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200984654
30 Green, Sarah  17 Jun 1792Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I222190797
31 Green, Thomas  21 Feb 1796Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I222191628
32 Green, Thomas  10 Mar 1816Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I222191251
33 Green, William  3 Jul 1774Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I225304926
34 Green, William  16 Mar 1794Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I222191508
35 Green, William  19 Jun 1803Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I222191779
36 Parrick, Ann Elizabeth  12 Apr 1868Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I132139970
37 Phipps, David  21 Aug 1748Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I245206740
38 Phipps, John  19 Feb 1743Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I245206349
39 Phipps, Jonathan  31 Jan 1741Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I245206274
40 Phipps, Joseph  30 Oct 1737Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I245206085
41 Phipps, Martha  16 Sep 1750Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I245207209
42 Phipps, Mary  25 Aug 1754Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I245207328
43 Phipps, Richard  23 Sep 1739Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I245206192
44 Phipps, Sarah  24 Aug 1746Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I245206517
45 Phipps, Thomas  14 Sep 1735Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I245205987
46 Slight, Elizabeth EmmaMargaret  22 Jul 1866Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I200994905
47 Slight, EmmaMargaret  22 Dec 1861Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I202793642
48 Slight, Noah  22 Jan 1858Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I202797622
49 Turner, Ann  28 Jul 1695Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I225298811
50 Turner, Ann  4 Oct 1772Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I220243437

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Taylor, George  Abt 1841Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I18615
2 Taylor, John  Abt 1871Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I18609
3 Taylor, John  Abt 1881Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I18609
4 Wilmot, Henry Josiah  1871Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I1750206538


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Say, Sir William  Essendon, Hertfordshire, England I1750054374


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Glanfield / Green  1832Essendon, Hertfordshire, England F582627
2 Green / Turner  25 Jul 1789Essendon, Hertfordshire, England F582893
3 Grey / Whitbread  18 Jun 1795Essendon, Hertfordshire, England F1944150429
4 Phipps / Turner  20 Oct 1734Essendon, Hertfordshire, England F582946
5 Taylor / Sanders  27 Dec 1809Essendon, Hertfordshire, England F30557
6 Turner / Beadle  1704Essendon, Hertfordshire, England F582405
7 Turner / Lawman  2 Oct 1769Essendon, Hertfordshire, England F582905
8 Turner / Saunders  20 Jan 1730Essendon, Hertfordshire, England F582906