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Exeter, Devon, England



Location : Latitude: 50.7295015, Longitude: -3.515625


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1815Exeter, Devon, England I77402109331172
2 Sarah Kelsey  Abt 1823Exeter, Devon, England I3500640536
3 Axe, Annie AgnesMary  12 Mar 1912Exeter, Devon, England I480087758
4 Axe, David George   I480232064
5 Axe, Dorothy Louisa  09 Jul 1908Exeter, Devon, England I1748592675
6 Axe, Elizabeth Rosemary   I480094806
7 Axe, Florence G   I1748584554
8 Axe, George Attwoll   I480080529
9 Axe, Joan Frances  26 Oct 1914Exeter, Devon, England I480080570
10 Back, Agnes  1801Exeter, Devon, England I3500311301
11 Baitup, Dawn   I77402489700596
12 Bowring, Mary A  Abt 1799Exeter, Devon, England I3500291160
13 Brabyn, AlisonM   I18029413
14 Brabyn, Andrew R   I18029414
15 Brabyn, Anthony David T   I18029428
16 Bradshaw  Abt 1751Exeter, Devon, England I54264
17 COX, George Edward P  1880Exeter, Devon, England I77402664107089
18 Dennis, Mary  Abt 1770Exeter, Devon, England I77402109331012
19 Densham, Harold   I27451
20 Densham, Julie   I27450
21 Fillingham, Mary Jane G  Abt 1883Exeter, Devon, England I6415
22 France, Caroline Elizabeth   I34498
23 Gooding, Kenneth David Clive   I77402109332247
24 Green, Emily Anna  Mar 1859Exeter, Devon, England I3500447434
25 Guest, Eleanor  Abt 1855Exeter, Devon, England I97415
26 Hallifax, Capt Albert Praed  Abt Feb 1841Exeter, Devon, England I1750043828
27 Harding, Signorina Zetella  4 Nov 1895Exeter, Devon, England I77400352429094
28 Harris, Elizabeth A  1947Exeter, Devon, England I3500608387
29 Harris, Hector Rowland  22 Feb 1909Exeter, Devon, England I480087759
30 Harris, Michael R  1949Exeter, Devon, England I3500608388
31 Hopping, EllenMartha  1836Exeter, Devon, England I480043418
32 Hunt, Alfred  1869Exeter, Devon, England I77402109328648
33 Hunt, Beatrice Nellie  1900Exeter, Devon, England I77402448098560
34 Hunt, Frank Thomas  3 Jun 1896Exeter, Devon, England I77402448098549
35 James, VeraMay   I77402597822716
36 Kelley, Marjorie  05 Jul 1921Exeter, Devon, England I480080530
37 Lamacraft, Michael Phillip George  28 Nov 1933Exeter, Devon, England I77402597822538
38 Lamacraft, Nicola   I77402597822565
39 Lamacraft, Sally  1956Exeter, Devon, England I77402597822628
40 Lewis, Joan  1505Exeter, Devon, England I18000904
41 Maidstone, John R  1956Exeter, Devon, England I77400352429264
42 Margetts, Arthur Ernest  1 Jun 1887Exeter, Devon, England I18024116
43 Margetts, Edith Louisa  1 Mar 1903Exeter, Devon, England I18030398
44 Margetts, Elsie Emily  1 Mar 1892Exeter, Devon, England I18024117
45 Margetts, Harold Ingram  1 Mar 1898Exeter, Devon, England I18030396
46 Margetts, Lily Annie  1 Dec 1883Exeter, Devon, England I18024115
47 Margetts, Millie Hilda  1 Mar 1894Exeter, Devon, England I18024118
48 Margetts, Olga Bessie  1 Sep 1899Exeter, Devon, England I18030397
49 Margetts, Tom Edgar  1 Sep 1889Exeter, Devon, England I18030395
50 Margetts, William TomMark  1 Jun 1911Exeter, Devon, England I18030402

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Attwooll, Annie  Between Apr-Jun 1979Exeter, Devon, England I480038920
2 Axe, George Axe  18 Jul 1959Exeter, Devon, England I480038910
3 Axe, Joan Frances  Nov 1997Exeter, Devon, England I480080570
4 Axe, Martha JudithMaria  Between Oct-Dec 1968Exeter, Devon, England I480062995
5 Bedwell, Ivy  23 Nov 1985Exeter, Devon, England I77402597822399
6 Boothby, Reginald Charles  Jun 1989Exeter, Devon, England I3500608802
7 Colwill, Martha  9 Mar 1922Exeter, Devon, England I480039352
8 Fordie, Eileen  13 Jul 2005Exeter, Devon, England I480232061
9 Fortescue, Hugh Earl Fortescue  14 Sep 1861Exeter, Devon, England I7739098641
10 Hallifax, Caroline Charlotte  Abt May 1883Exeter, Devon, England I1750050485
11 Hallifax, Octavia Gertrude  Abt Aug 1899Exeter, Devon, England I1750050487
12 Harding, Herbert  29 Jul 1898Exeter, Devon, England I77400352429037
13 Harding, John  21 Apr 1900Exeter, Devon, England I77400352429114
14 Harris, Hector Rowland  Between Apr-Jun 1981Exeter, Devon, England I480087759
15 Hunt, George  28 Nov 1948Exeter, Devon, England I77402433937391
16 Hunt, William  1914Exeter, Devon, England I77402109328645
17 Hunt, William  Abt 1931Exeter, Devon, England I77402433937356
18 James, Michael  10 Nov 1952Exeter, Devon, England I77402597822431
19 Jinkerson, EthelMarion  Between Jul-Sep 1960Exeter, Devon, England I3500608806
20 Johnson, Isabella  Dectr 1907Exeter, Devon, England I1750347862
21 Juster, William Henry  Oct 1990Exeter, Devon, England I77400352427074
22 Lewis, Geoffrey Mayor of Exeter  Exeter, Devon, England I18002831
23 Margetts, Arthur Ernest  1 Dec 1892Exeter, Devon, England I18024116
24 Margetts, Harold Ingram  1 Dec 1899Exeter, Devon, England I18030396
25 Margetts, Lily Annie  1 Sep 1887Exeter, Devon, England I18024115
26 Margetts, Tom Edgar  1 Dec 1912Exeter, Devon, England I18030395
27 Marshall, EdithMary  1845Exeter, Devon, England I1750043154
28 Maw, Alice  Martr 1895Exeter, Devon, England I1750347865
29 Maw, Elsie  Martr 1895Exeter, Devon, England I1750347866
30 Maw, Emily Gertrude  Dectr 1968Exeter, Devon, England I1750347868
31 Maw, Thomas  Dectr 1917Exeter, Devon, England I1750347850
32 Maw, Thomas Walter  Juntr 1946Exeter, Devon, England I1750347863
33 Newbury, Florance Eglah  23 Feb 1958Exeter, Devon, England I77402448097993
34 Noble, Alfred Boothby  5 Jul 1956Exeter, Devon, England I77883
35 Notley, Emma  17 Mar 1901Exeter, Devon, England I77400352429046
36 Oates, Ruth  11 Jul 1953Exeter, Devon, England I77402101175752
37 Philpott, Henry Bishop of Exeter  18 Sep 1869Exeter, Devon, England I1750064494
38 Pidgeon, Frank Charles  1981Exeter, Devon, England I18033994
39 Rowbotham, Elizabeth Emily  Sep 1991Exeter, Devon, England I77402664085318
40 Seldon, William Thomas  12 May 1966Exeter, Devon, England I77402422012110
41 Sookias, Leon Hacob  1980Exeter, Devon, England I480094807
42 St. Aubyn, Thomas  Exeter, Devon, England I7001592087
43 St. Leger, Sir Thomas  Abt 8 Nov 1483Exeter, Devon, England I1750043779
44 Sylvester, EmmaMary  1916Exeter, Devon, England I77402109334006
45 Voaden, Annie Irene  1974Exeter, Devon, England I77402420747834
46 Westaway, EmmaMargaret  28 Nov 1939Exeter, Devon, England I77402109327034
47 Westaway, Ernest  1942Exeter, Devon, England I77402109331223
48 Westaway, Frederick Widger  7 Dec 1851Exeter, Devon, England I77402109331669
49 Westaway, Henry Tripe  1938Exeter, Devon, England I77402109326999
50 Westaway, James  1872Exeter, Devon, England I77402109331286

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Gooding, Kenneth David Clive   I77402109332247
2 Westaway, Henry  19 Oct 1861Exeter, Devon, England I77402109327035
3 Westaway, Walter  Exeter, Devon, England I77402586316017
4 Westaway, William  Exeter, Devon, England I77402586316039


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Newman, Susanna"Susan"  1861Exeter, Devon, England I1750857455


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 Athelstan King of England  936Exeter, Devon, England I1748543949


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Baring, John (Johan)  1717Exeter, Devon, England I7739796858


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Kelsey, ArthurMachen  2 Apr 1911Exeter, Devon, England I7739832599
2 Newman, Susanna"Susan"  1861Exeter, Devon, England I1750857455
3 Spurway, Thomas  Exeter, Devon, England I18002828


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Maw, Ernest John Thomas  27 Oct 1947Exeter, Devon, England I630892
2 Maw, Percy Albert  27 Oct 1947Exeter, Devon, England I630893
3 Wicks, Elsie Mary  13 Oct 1950Exeter, Devon, England I634723
4 Wicks, Elsie Mary  13 Oct 1950Exeter, Devon, England I634723


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Holwell, Reverend William  Exeter, Devon, England I7739120819
2 Marshall, Rev John  Exeter, Devon, England I1750050462
3 Southcott, Thomas  Exeter, Devon, England I73931
4 Wrightson, EdithMary  2 Apr 1911Exeter, Devon, England I7739832613
5 Wyot, Hugh  Exeter, Devon, England I1117998


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Axe / Attwooll  Between Apr-Jun 1911Exeter, Devon, England F1828982
2 Axe / Kelley   F1838978
3 Axe / Tomes   F672148945
4 Billett / Margetts  1 Dec 1936Exeter, Devon, England F28023600
5 Dulling / Westaway  1872Exeter, Devon, England F3333807097
6 Edwards / Mitchell  Jun 1882Exeter, Devon, England F30306
7 Fiske / Wood  25 Aug 1900Exeter, Devon, England F1345572868
8 Gitsham / Loosemore  28 Mar 1813Exeter, Devon, England F1345574418
9 Gooding / Westaway  10 Nov 1923Exeter, Devon, England F3333811021
10 Hamilton / Swinton  7 Sep 1887Exeter, Devon, England F672623040
11 Harris / Axe   F1840791
12 James /   1 Apr 1952Exeter, Devon, England F3333809199
13 Lamacraft / James  28 Jan 1956Exeter, Devon, England F3333809200
14 Margetts / Hayden  1 Jun 1906Exeter, Devon, England F28023312
15 Patterson / Hall  1 Mar 1977Exeter, Devon, England F28021545
16 Pears / Pond   F3333806115
17 Philpott / Hallifax  Abt Aug 1840Exeter, Devon, England F672621318
18 Pitts / Marshall  Dec 1939Exeter, Devon, England F11060
19 Pocock / James   F3333809201
20 Scoines / Long   F3333807516
21 Simcock / Bradshaw  Abt 1774Exeter, Devon, England F11405
22 St. Aubyn / Godolphin  29 Mar 1638Exeter, Devon, England F1346042947
23 Stemson / Margetts  1 Sep 1927Exeter, Devon, England F28023692
24 Thomas / Payne  Sep 1871Exeter, Devon, England F2334
25 Thomas / Salter  Abt 1835Exeter, Devon, England F2333
26 Thring / Hewlett   F28023864
27 Upham / Westaway  18 Jun 1893Exeter, Devon, England F3333809488
28 Walker / Knapman  Dec 1883Exeter, Devon, England F12220
29 Westaway /   1849Exeter, Devon, England F3333807590
30 Westaway / Battishall  31 Jul 1679Exeter, Devon, England F3333807790
31 Westaway / Coombe  5 Jun 1734Exeter, Devon, England F3333809517
32 Westaway / Davey  1874Exeter, Devon, England F3333807099
33 Westaway / Stoneman  Exeter, Devon, England F3333807796
34 Westaway / Winzer  1874Exeter, Devon, England F3333807032