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Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England



City/Town : Latitude: 53.675463, Longitude: -1.358966


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1849Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I1748847261
2 Mary  1641Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I3500608750
3 Arran, Mary  Abt 1827Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I69624
4 Arran, William  Abt 1824Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I69623
5 Atkinson, Edmund  22 Apr 1810Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I1748911516
6 Atkinson, Edward  Abt 1810Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I1748847877
7 Atkinson, Elizabeth  Abt 1813Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I1748911518
8 Atkinson, Jane  Abt 1814Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I1748911517
9 Atkinson, Luke  Abt 1818Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I13997
10 Atkinson, Thomas  Abt 1838Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I1748847840
11 Atkinson, William  Abt 1808Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I1748911515
12 Axe, Ann  11 Nov 1660Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I3500608749
13 Axe, Anne  1664Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I3500608751
14 Axe, Jane  01 Jul 1655Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I3500608747
15 Axe, Mary  1640Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I3500608745
16 Axe, Thomas  1639Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I3500608744
17 Axe, Thomas  01 Nov 1657Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I3500608748
18 Backhouse, Constance  Abt 1888Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664090276
19 Baxter, Elizabeth  Abt 1875Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I7738448774
20 Baxter, Joseph  Abt 1877Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I7738448775
21 Baxter, Mary  1872Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I7738448554
22 Bellwood, Arthur Crabtree  Abt 1852Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I1748844342
23 Bellwood, Charles Henry  Abt 1849Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I1748844359
24 Bloome, Susannah  Abt 1682Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I3499832281
25 Briggs, David  Abt 1874Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I1748839891
26 Byton, Thomas  Abt 1874Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I08467210801
27 Carr, Annie  Abt 1882Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I1750250948
28 Clayton, John Arthur  22 Nov 1895Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664090424
29 Clayton, Joseph Wilfrid  Between and Oct 1895Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664088719
30 Cole, Rhoda  Abt 1888Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I1750245682
31 Cuttle, Doris  Dec 1899Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I77400352428521
32 Cuttle, Edith  5 Aug 1904Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I77400352428522
33 Frobisher, Mark  Abt 1853Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I1748859589
34 Gelder, Elizabeth  Abt 1826Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I45122047
35 Gelder, George  Abt 1822Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I45122048
36 Gelder, Robert  Abt 1824Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I45122050
37 Gelder, William  Abt 1827Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I45122049
38 Hanforth, Eliza  Abt 1828Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I1749402649
39 Helliwell, Jack  6 Jun 1903Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I77402109324856
40 Helliwell, Norman  27 Jul 1906Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I77402109324857
41 Hutchinson, Norman  Abt 1896Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I46071168
42 Moxon, Karen Patricia   I27258
43 Nettleton, John  23 Jul 1661Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I3500608753
44 Nettleton, Matthew  1688Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664110517
45 Robinson, Frederick  1844Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I480038903
46 Rooke, Emily  1875Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I077402664094277
47 Rooke, Henry  1872Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I077402664094315
48 Scott, Florence  1896Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I18029251
49 Scott, Kate  1898Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I18029252
50 Shillito, Bessie  Abt 1897Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I1748856932

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Arran, Mary  11 Mar 1827Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I69624
2 Arran, William  6 Jun 1824Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I69623
3 Atkinson, Edmund  10 Jun 1810Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I1748911516
4 Atkinson, Elizabeth  5 Sep 1813Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I1748911518
5 Atkinson, Jane  4 Dec 1814Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I1748911517
6 Atkinson, Luke  26 Oct 1818Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I13997
7 Atkinson, William  18 Dec 1808Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I1748911515
8 Frobisher, Amos  26 Aug 1855Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I1748859592
9 Frobisher, Jane  16 Mar 1851Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I1748859619
10 Frobisher, Mark  10 Apr 1853Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I1748859589
11 Gelder, Elizabeth  27 Mar 1826Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I45122047
12 Gelder, George  27 Mar 1826Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I45122048
13 Gelder, Robert  27 Mar 1826Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I45122050
14 Gelder, William  15 Apr 1827Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I45122049
15 Mullins, Charlotte  9 Mar 1864Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I7739396388
16 Mullins, Frederick  9 Mar 1864Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I7739396387
17 Nettleton, Matthew  2 Oct 1688Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664110517
18 Poskitt, William  18 Dec 1864Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I1748815302
19 Ripley, Ann  11 Aug 1833Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I1748949512


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Axe, Ann  03 Mar 1668Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I3500608749
2 Cardo, Matilda  1923Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I1750245530
3 Cuttle, Doris  Between Jul-Sep 1900Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I77400352428521
4 Radforth, SARAH  1873Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664226522


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Briggs, David  1871Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I1748839879
2 Frobisher, William  1851Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I1748859585


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Backhouse, Joseph  02 Apr 1911Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664091028
2 Brown, Jane  1901Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664093724
3 Brown, JohnMatthew  1901Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664088123
4 Brown, Robert John  1901Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664090025
5 Brown, Rosa  1901Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664090024
6 Clayton, Evelyn  02 Apr 1911Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664088784
7 Clayton, Samuel  02 Apr 1911Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664089354
8 Hoggard, Herbert  1881Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I07802264533
9 Senior, Eliza  02 Apr 1911Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664093646
10 Townend, Mary Elizabeth  02 Apr 1911Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England I77402664090429


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Arrand / Russell  24 Nov 1823Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England F14859
2 Axe / Uptonstall  04 Nov 1654Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England F1345703106
3 Fell / Askam  27 Apr 1818Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England F672314100
4 Flemmings / Briggs  18 Dec 1858Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England F672313443
5 Harling / Braime  28 Aug 1820Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England F672311765
6 Houlder / Tate  1 Oct 1860Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England F45019347
7 Nettleton / Axe  03 Nov 1687Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England F1345703109
8 Shillito / Arran  10 Jan 1859Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England F14877
9 Speed / Tate  31 Mar 1861Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England F45022337
10 Wainwright / Axe  24 Sep 1672Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England F1345703108
11 Walton / Newby  4 Oct 1866Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England F15364
12 Watson / Waide  24 May 1828Featherstone, West Yorkshire, England F28024463