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Frensham, Surrey, England



Latitude: 51.16584, Longitude: -0.79627


Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cole, Benjamin  Abt 1816Frensham, Surrey, England I3500301218
2 Cole, Daniel  1857Frensham, Surrey, England I3500296934
3 Cole, James  1788Frensham, Surrey, England I3500301222
4 Collyer, John  1754Frensham, Surrey, England I1748486487
5 Combes, John  1759Frensham, Surrey, England I3500301007
6 Freestone, Frederick G  1889Frensham, Surrey, England I1748486972
7 Fry, Elizabeth  1815Frensham, Surrey, England I3500301219
8 Fry, Stephen  Abt 1792Frensham, Surrey, England I3500301220
9 Joy, Elizabeth  1814Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485385
10 Keyes, Hannah  1729Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485399
11 Parratt, Jonathon  1842Frensham, Surrey, England I1748482050
12 Pink, Mary  1859Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485775
13 Small, Ann  Abt 1820Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485986
14 Small, Annie  1844Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485765
15 Small, Thomas  Abt 1820Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485985
16 Trusler, Abel  1848Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485398
17 Trusler, Alice  4 Apr 1852Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485393
18 Trusler, Anne  11 Oct 1767Frensham, Surrey, England I1748486451
19 Trusler, Caroline  16 Apr 1813Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485403
20 Trusler, Charlet  10 Nov 1771Frensham, Surrey, England I1748486453
21 Trusler, Edward  1843Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485389
22 Trusler, Elizabeth  1720Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485420
23 Trusler, Elizabeth  4 May 1753Frensham, Surrey, England I1748486449
24 Trusler, Elizabeth  25 Jan 1755Frensham, Surrey, England I1748486445
25 Trusler, Ellen  29 Jul 1849Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485396
26 Trusler, Emily  1852Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485392
27 Trusler, Frederick  27 Aug 1837Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485390
28 Trusler, Hannah  24 Nov 1758Frensham, Surrey, England I1748486454
29 Trusler, Hannah  1 Jan 1807Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485405
30 Trusler, Hannah  20 Mar 1811Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485404
31 Trusler, Henry  1809Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485386
32 Trusler, Henry  26 May 1833Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485394
33 Trusler, Henry  16 Nov 1834Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485397
34 Trusler, James  8 Sep 1764Frensham, Surrey, England I1748486446
35 Trusler, James  11 Jan 1798Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485401
36 Trusler, Jane  1846Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485346
37 Trusler, Lucy  Abt 1759Frensham, Surrey, England I3500301006
38 Trusler, Lucy  2 Feb 1817Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485402
39 Trusler, Margaret  16 Aug 1840Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485391
40 Trusler, Mary  22 Jun 1751Frensham, Surrey, England I1748486450
41 Trusler, Robert  26 Feb 1720Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485419
42 Trusler, Sarah  23 Aug 1759Frensham, Surrey, England I1748486448
43 Trusler, Susannah  2 Jul 1761Frensham, Surrey, England I1748486452
44 Trusler, William  4 Jan 1804Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485406
45 Wilkinson, Percy W  1894Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485778
46 Wilkinson, Richard  1837Frensham, Surrey, England I1748482057
47 Wilkinson, Thomas  1889Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485777


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Trusler, Abraham  15 Nov 1803Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485414
2 Trusler, Elizabeth  25 Jan 1755Frensham, Surrey, England I1748486449
3 Trusler, Henry  7 Jun 1833Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485394
4 Trusler, James  7 Apr 1777Frensham, Surrey, England I1748486446
5 Trusler, John  17 Apr 1760Frensham, Surrey, England I1748486447
6 Trusler, John  13 Dec 1804Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485418
7 Trusler, Mary  1796Frensham, Surrey, England I1748486444
8 Trusler, Robert  27 Jan 1759Frensham, Surrey, England I1748485408
9 Trusler, Sarah  23 Aug 1759Frensham, Surrey, England I1748486448


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Collyer / Trusler  10 Jul 1774Frensham, Surrey, England F672133113
2 Parratt / Trusler  1866Frensham, Surrey, England F672132859
3 Trusler / Joy  23 Jan 1831Frensham, Surrey, England F672132864
4 Trusler / Trusler  1749Frensham, Surrey, England F672133111