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Gravesend, Kent, England



Latitude: 51.44139, Longitude: 0.36869


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Backhouse, Albert Edward  14 Jan 1907Gravesend, Kent, England I77402664089483
2 Backhouse, George Leslie  Between Apr and Jun 1909Gravesend, Kent, England I77402664089479
3 Beers, James  1628Gravesend, Kent, England I21004042
4 Bere, Anthony  Abt 1624Gravesend, Kent, England I21000273
5 Bere, James  1559Gravesend, Kent, England I21000274
6 Bere, James  Between 1595 and 1602Gravesend, Kent, England I21004148
7 Bere, John  Abt 1560Gravesend, Kent, England I21004190
8 Bere, Mary  Abt 1601Gravesend, Kent, England I21003996
9 Bere, Richard  Abt 1616Gravesend, Kent, England I21004195
10 Bere, Samuel  Abt 1599Gravesend, Kent, England I21004197
11 Bradley, Ernest Joseph  Mar 1887Gravesend, Kent, England I77400352427241
12 Bradley, Frances Caroline  Sep 1883Gravesend, Kent, England I77400352427239
13 Bradley, Lilian Gertrude Susan  12 Sep 1885Gravesend, Kent, England I77400352427240
14 Chatton, Ada Annie  Abt 1873Gravesend, Kent, England I0679950819
15 Dann, Julia  22 Dec 1847Gravesend, Kent, England I39985
16 Groocock, Joseph  Gravesend, Kent, England I17060
17 Hardcastle, ElizabethMaria  Jun 1868Gravesend, Kent, England I61015
18 Henderson, Alice ElizabethMaud  Mar 1861Gravesend, Kent, England I40056
19 Hodge, Geoffrey TF  1938Gravesend, Kent, England I7049
20 Jennings, Edith A  Abt 1879Gravesend, Kent, England I1748483046
21 Kelty, Annie Josephine  1865Gravesend, Kent, England I40047
22 Kennedy, Harry Arthur Clement  19 Oct 1881Gravesend, Kent, England I98256
23 Kettle, Anthon John   I115989
24 kettle, Anthony John   I115986
25 Kettle, Jeremy Bentley   I115988
26 kettle, Jeremy Bentley  29 Jan 1937Gravesend, Kent, England I115985
27 Kettle, Susan Margery   I115990
28 Lear, Albert Edward  15 Nov 1866Gravesend, Kent, England I38858
29 Lewis, Heather Jane  Mar 1966Gravesend, Kent, England I711305
30 Lewis, Mark S  Jun 1964Gravesend, Kent, England I711309
31 Macer, William Joseph  Abt 1861Gravesend, Kent, England I7098358746
32 Mccarthy, Jon   I479779674
33 Molloy, Caroline Sophie  1884Gravesend, Kent, England I479961860
34 Newington, Kate Gertrude  Jul 1883Gravesend, Kent, England I77402664093610
35 Osborn, Julia Sarah  Mar 1839Gravesend, Kent, England I77402664092496
36 Seager, Maria  24 Sep 1853Gravesend, Kent, England I40065
37 Stewart, Emily Ellen  Oct 1834Gravesend, Kent, England I39971
38 Thomas, Alec Samuel  Jun 1898Gravesend, Kent, England I40063
39 Thomas, Annie Josephine  Sep 1888Gravesend, Kent, England I40049
40 Thomas, Charles Edgar  Dec 1901Gravesend, Kent, England I40064
41 Thomas, Charles Samuel  Mar 1901Gravesend, Kent, England I40054
42 Thomas, Charles?Stanley  Mar 1869Gravesend, Kent, England I39987
43 Thomas, Charlotte Alice Mary  Sep 1883Gravesend, Kent, England I40057
44 Thomas, Clara E  Abt 1877Gravesend, Kent, England I60896
45 Thomas, Cyril William  1901Gravesend, Kent, England I77402664226683
46 Thomas, Dorothy Mary  1897Gravesend, Kent, England I77402664226682
47 Thomas, Edmund C  Abt 1857Gravesend, Kent, England I60891
48 Thomas, Edward George  Mar 1905Gravesend, Kent, England I40055
49 Thomas, Ethel  Jun 1885Gravesend, Kent, England I40058
50 Thomas, Florence Louisa  Sep 1878Gravesend, Kent, England I38870

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Stewart, Emily Ellen  2 Nov 1834Gravesend, Kent, England I39971
2 Vernon, HelenMary   I479984047
3 Vernon, Marcus John   I479984044


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Colley, Hilda  Mar 1992Gravesend, Kent, England I62666
2 Hutchinson, Clara Amelia  Nov 1996Gravesend, Kent, England I7738448675
3 Lear, Albert Edward  Dec 1918Gravesend, Kent, England I38858
4 Osborn, Julia Sarah  Mar 1922Gravesend, Kent, England I77402664092496
5 Thomas, Charles  1869Gravesend, Kent, England I39882
6 Thomas, Helen  1934Gravesend, Kent, England I38852
7 Thomas, Henry George  15 Apr 1932Gravesend, Kent, England I40038
8 Thomas, Isaac George  Jan 1858Gravesend, Kent, England I40037
9 Thomas, Walter John  21 May 2008Gravesend, Kent, England I77402664112079
10 Thomas, William Samuel  2 Jun 1882Gravesend, Kent, England I40068
11 Trimingham, Stuart  Mar 1894Gravesend, Kent, England I18038527
12 Wiltcher, John Robert  Abt 1886Gravesend, Kent, England I83264640


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 JOYNES, Charlotte  14 May 1782Gravesend, Kent, England I122020497


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Henessey, Margaret  1 Jul 1847Gravesend, Kent, England I98964
2 McCready, Hugh  12 Mar 1864Gravesend, Kent, England I99720
3 SKELTON, John Thomas  3 Jan 1865Gravesend, Kent, England I122024648


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Trimmer, John  1 Jul 1847Gravesend, Kent, England I98963

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Freemantle, Nicholas  11 May 1840Gravesend, Kent, England I102214


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Backhouse, Albert Edward  02 Apr 1911Gravesend, Kent, England I77402664089483
2 Backhouse, Albert Edward  02 Apr 1911Gravesend, Kent, England I77402664089380
3 Backhouse, George Leslie  02 Apr 1911Gravesend, Kent, England I77402664089479
4 Newington, Kate Gertrude  1891Gravesend, Kent, England I77402664093610
5 Newington, Kate Gertrude  1901Gravesend, Kent, England I77402664093610
6 Newington, Kate Gertrude  02 Apr 1911Gravesend, Kent, England I77402664093610
7 Newington, Mark A  1901Gravesend, Kent, England I77402664092495
8 Osborn, Julia Sarah  1901Gravesend, Kent, England I77402664092496


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Backhouse / Newington  16 Jul 1903Gravesend, Kent, England F3333815119
2 Lane / Thomas  Sep 1868Gravesend, Kent, England F2626
3 Laudicino (a.k.a. Pennington) / Turner  1907Gravesend, Kent, England F3333813676
4 Payne /   Jun 1919Gravesend, Kent, England F23167
5 Roswell / Vickery  1930Gravesend, Kent, England F3333821311
6 Thomas /   Abt 1842Gravesend, Kent, England F12411
7 Thomas / Gillham  Dec 1842Gravesend, Kent, England F2435
8 Thomas / Henderson  Jun 1882Gravesend, Kent, England F2608
9 Thomas / Kelty  1888Gravesend, Kent, England F2606
10 Thomas / O'Keeffe  Dec 1881Gravesend, Kent, England F2314
11 Thomas / Seager  Dec 1874Gravesend, Kent, England F2609
12 Thomas / Watkins  Mar 1878Gravesend, Kent, England F2630