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Greenwich, Kent, England



Latitude: 51.47879, Longitude: -0.01068


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cecilia  Abt 1833Greenwich, Kent, England I13101
2 Sarah E  Abt 1842Greenwich, Kent, England I61795
3 Aird, Sir John 1st Baronet  3 Dec 1833Greenwich, Kent, England I7739595278
4 Allen, Catherine   I27914
5 Austwick, Nicholas  Abt 1858Greenwich, Kent, England I1748843411
6 Aylett, Rose  Abt 1890Greenwich, Kent, England I07821597106
7 Aylett, William Stanley  Abt 1888Greenwich, Kent, England I07821597105
8 Barrier, David  13 Mar 1924Greenwich, Kent, England I1750312195
9 Baulf, Charlotte  Abt 1818Greenwich, Kent, England I18023861
10 Booker, Holley Danzel  4 Jun 1888Greenwich, Kent, England I43081
11 Borner, Frederick John  1879Greenwich, Kent, England I243747918
12 Borner, Gertrude  1884Greenwich, Kent, England I243781731
13 Borner, Helena  1883Greenwich, Kent, England I243782077
14 Borner, Jane Elizabeth  1878Greenwich, Kent, England I243747797
15 Borner, Nelson  1890Greenwich, Kent, England I243783110
16 Borner, Rose Edith  1888Greenwich, Kent, England I243781371
17 Borner, Sidney Herbert  1891Greenwich, Kent, England I243780936
18 Brabyn, Florence Elizabeth  1 Dec 1898Greenwich, Kent, England I18022594
19 Brown, Ada Dorothy  Abt Aug 1852Greenwich, Kent, England I1750060288
20 Brown, Ethel Louisa  Abt Nov 1854Greenwich, Kent, England I1750060306
21 Carr, Eleanor Rosina  Dec 1871Greenwich, Kent, England I12077
22 Carr, Isaac  Jun 1847Greenwich, Kent, England I12003
23 Cobb, Eliza Louisa  11 Feb 1870Greenwich, Kent, England I77402664228491
24 Curness, Ada Elizabeth  1884Greenwich, Kent, England I185828936
25 Dawes, SusanMelanie   I27180
26 Diett, Charles Henry  May 1903Greenwich, Kent, England I18042934
27 Fenney, Michael E  Sep 1942Greenwich, Kent, England I84664
28 Foalle, Emily Amelia J  1 May 1893Greenwich, Kent, England I18034800
29 GRANTHAM, Matilda  1838Greenwich, Kent, England I37589
30 Green, Lucy Mary  1883Greenwich, Kent, England I216227636
31 Greenaway, Ellen  29 Dec 1878Greenwich, Kent, England I77402655337184
32 Grindell, Joyce  19 Mar 1911Greenwich, Kent, England I77402109331789
33 Harding, Ann  Bef 17 Nov 1834Greenwich, Kent, England I1748592610
34 Harding, Arthur  1848Greenwich, Kent, England I1748592597
35 Harding, Catherine  1854Greenwich, Kent, England I1748592599
36 Harding, Charles  Abt 1798Greenwich, Kent, England I1748592594
37 Harding, Charles  Bef 29 May 1839Greenwich, Kent, England I1748592596
38 Harding, Edward William  Bef 14 Dec 1845Greenwich, Kent, England I1748592588
39 Harding, Elizabeth Sarah  Bef 15 Oct 1841Greenwich, Kent, England I1748592614
40 Harding, Emily  Jun 1851Greenwich, Kent, England I1748592598
41 Harding, Fanny  Bef 21 Feb 1836Greenwich, Kent, England I1748592612
42 Harding, FrancesMatilda  30 Nov 1843Greenwich, Kent, England I1748592609
43 Harding, Francis Norman  Abt 1888Greenwich, Kent, England I1748592592
44 Harding, Henry  Abt 1849Greenwich, Kent, England I1748592613
45 Harding, Madeline Cawthorn  Sep 1893Greenwich, Kent, England I1748592593
46 Harding, Maria  Bef 22 Feb 1837Greenwich, Kent, England I1748592611
47 Hargreaves, Dora Elizabeth  16 Sep 1838Greenwich, Kent, England I6000048052
48 Hawkes, William AC  Sep 1912Greenwich, Kent, England I66629
49 Hobart, John 2nd Earl of Buckinghamshire, 6th Baronet Hobart, of Intwood, Norfolk  17 Aug 1723Greenwich, Kent, England I3500287664
50 Horwell, Helen   I3500301767

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Dunn, Patrick Louis   I31529
2 Everest, Sir George  Greenwich, Kent, England I9863
3 Noel, Baptist 5th Earl of Gainsborough  12 Jul 1740Greenwich, Kent, England I7739039069


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Betts, Cecelia Jane Boyd  1881Greenwich, Kent, England I99254
2 Blaxter, Joseph  23 Aug 1847Greenwich, Kent, England I77402664111844
3 Borner, Frederick John  1899Greenwich, Kent, England I243747918
4 Borner, John Frederick  1909Greenwich, Kent, England I243746887
5 Borner, Nelson  1890Greenwich, Kent, England I243783110
6 Buttery, Edith  Between Jan-Mar 1959Greenwich, Kent, England I480103589
7 Carr, Isaac  Oct 1882Greenwich, Kent, England I77402664111357
8 Carr, James  1 Jul 1904Greenwich, Kent, England I77402664111328
9 Cleverly, Charlotte  31 Aug 1951Greenwich, Kent, England I77402664094265
10 Courtenay, William Earl of Devon  9 Jun 1511Greenwich, Kent, England I1750057642
11 Crane, William  Sep 1891Greenwich, Kent, England I08544403173
12 Creasey, Thomas  4 May 1950Greenwich, Kent, England I80416
13 Darby, Terence  Between Jul-Sep 1976Greenwich, Kent, England I3500598610
14 Davies, Ann Elizabeth  Mar 1879Greenwich, Kent, England I77402664228954
15 DAWSON, Bertha Woodall  11 Jul 1978Greenwich, Kent, England I122021184
16 Dunn, Louis Henry  1932Greenwich, Kent, England I31499
17 Goddard, Alice  Abt 1906Greenwich, Kent, England I77400352436112
18 Harding, Charles  Sep 1875Greenwich, Kent, England I1748592594
19 Harrington, Jane Edith  1913Greenwich, Kent, England I243745486
20 Hawkins, Charles George  1973Greenwich, Kent, England I1748485756
21 Herklots, Rosamund Eleanor  1987Greenwich, Kent, England I99610
22 Jenkyns, Ellenor (Eleanor)  13 Jul 1855Greenwich, Kent, England I122024045
23 Johnson, Willam  1956Greenwich, Kent, England I480193283
24 Luchford, Florence Regina Dora  1971Greenwich, Kent, England I37951421
25 Major, William  Abt Jun 1878Greenwich, Kent, England I7739797732
26 Margetts, George Phillip  1 Mar 1842Greenwich, Kent, England I18023863
27 Maw, John  Apr 1996Greenwich, Kent, England I479756457
28 Naughton, Sarah Welling  1941Greenwich, Kent, England I31506
29 Nugent, Ada Ellen  1882Greenwich, Kent, England I101822
30 Osborne, Herbert Court  1959Greenwich, Kent, England I102396
31 Pease, Josephine Sophia  Sep 1847Greenwich, Kent, England I18040152
32 Phillips, Edwin S  1977Greenwich, Kent, England I7739695179
33 Scatchard, Ovid Terry  Q2 1903Greenwich, Kent, England I45103613
34 Sincock, Ronald Arthur  1997Greenwich, Kent, England I45618
35 Stopford, Richard Bruce  Abt Nov 1844Greenwich, Kent, England I1750046913
36 Thomas, Albert Edward  1872Greenwich, Kent, England I77402664228488
37 Thomas, Beatrice Louisa  1920Greenwich, Kent, England I77402664228500
38 Thomas, Charles James  23 May 1917Greenwich, Kent, England I3143
39 Thomas, Eliza Alice  19 May 1956Greenwich, Kent, England I9791
40 Thomas, Ethel Frances  29 Nov 1995Greenwich, Kent, England I77402664228581
41 Thomas, Florence Rose  Jun 1960Greenwich, Kent, England I77402664228577
42 Thomas, Francis  Jul 1897Greenwich, Kent, England I77402664228654
43 Thomas, Harold  11 Dec 1940Greenwich, Kent, England I24335
44 Thomas, Jessie Amelia  1874Greenwich, Kent, England I77402664228490
45 Thomas, Lilian  1905Greenwich, Kent, England I77402664228499
46 Thomas, Rosamund Sarah  1907Greenwich, Kent, England I77402664228498
47 Williams, Mary  Apr 1900Greenwich, Kent, England I77402664111327


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Fenton, Lavinia  03 Feb 1760Greenwich, Kent, England I525475
2 Page, Thomas  4 Nov 1763Greenwich, Kent, England I7739098949
3 Ruthven, Barbara  29 Dec 1625Greenwich, Kent, England I7739127033


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Aird, John  Between 1828 and 1848Greenwich, Kent, England I7739796687


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Aylett, Rose  1901Greenwich, Kent, England I07821597106
2 Aylett, William Stanley  1901Greenwich, Kent, England I07821597105
3 Crane, John  1881Greenwich, Kent, England I07821545281
4 Crane, Joseph  1871Greenwich, Kent, England I07821546874
5 Crane, Joseph  1881Greenwich, Kent, England I07821546874
6 Crane, Joseph  1891Greenwich, Kent, England I07821546874
7 Crane, Joseph  1901Greenwich, Kent, England I07821546874
8 Crane, Martha  1871Greenwich, Kent, England I08557807901
9 Crane, Mary  1871Greenwich, Kent, England I08544403167
10 Crane, Mary  1901Greenwich, Kent, England I08544403167
11 Crane, Samuel  1871Greenwich, Kent, England I07821546579
12 Crane, Samuel  1881Greenwich, Kent, England I07821546579
13 Crane, Samuel  1891Greenwich, Kent, England I07821546579
14 Crane, Samuel  1901Greenwich, Kent, England I07821546579
15 Crane, William  1871Greenwich, Kent, England I08544403173
16 Crane, William  1881Greenwich, Kent, England I08544403173
17 Crane, William  1891Greenwich, Kent, England I08544403173
18 Cross, William  Greenwich, Kent, England I1750060372
19 Crowley, Elizabeth  Greenwich, Kent, England I82598
20 Dye, Caroline  1871Greenwich, Kent, England I08544403172
21 Dye, Caroline  1881Greenwich, Kent, England I08544403172
22 Dye, Caroline  1891Greenwich, Kent, England I08544403172
23 Higgs, Ann  1871Greenwich, Kent, England I07819144698
24 Higgs, Ann  1881Greenwich, Kent, England I07819144698
25 Higgs, Ann  1891Greenwich, Kent, England I07819144698
26 Jackson, Annie  1871Greenwich, Kent, England I07836309395
27 Jackson, AnnMaria  1901Greenwich, Kent, England I08544397905
28 Jackson, Emily A  1871Greenwich, Kent, England I07836310624
29 Jackson, Frederick  1871Greenwich, Kent, England I07836303751
30 Jackson, Frederick W  1871Greenwich, Kent, England I07836310620
31 Jackson, George  1871Greenwich, Kent, England I08557808717
32 Jackson, Harry  1871Greenwich, Kent, England I07836309396
33 Jackson, Herbert  1871Greenwich, Kent, England I07836310623
34 Jackson, Joseph B  1871Greenwich, Kent, England I07836310627
35 Jackson, Maria Hall  1871Greenwich, Kent, England I07836309394
36 Jackson, Sam C  1871Greenwich, Kent, England I07836310625
37 Jeffry, Annie  1881Greenwich, Kent, England I07819138189
38 Jeffry, Annie  1891Greenwich, Kent, England I07819138189
39 Jeffry, Annie  1901Greenwich, Kent, England I07819138189
40 McNally, Ellen  1861Greenwich, Kent, England I07821624505
41 McNally, Ellen  1871Greenwich, Kent, England I07821624505
42 Owen, Ada F  1881Greenwich, Kent, England I07819138193
43 Owen, Amy F  1881Greenwich, Kent, England I07819138192
44 Owen, Annie E  1881Greenwich, Kent, England I07819138203
45 Owen, Annie E  1891Greenwich, Kent, England I07819138203
46 Owen, Arthur  1871Greenwich, Kent, England I07819239692
47 Owen, Ayah  1871Greenwich, Kent, England I07819239693
48 Owen, Benjamin Richard  1881Greenwich, Kent, England I07819138188
49 Owen, Benjamin Richard  1891Greenwich, Kent, England I07819138188
50 Owen, Benjamin Richard  1901Greenwich, Kent, England I07819138188

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Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Axe / Sagnez  1920Greenwich, Kent, England F1827198
2 Aylett / Stanley  3 Apr 1887Greenwich, Kent, England F1943987380
3 Bonner / Borner  1915Greenwich, Kent, England F582420
4 Brabyn / Bridge   F28021542
5 Brabyn / Nash  1 Jun 1897Greenwich, Kent, England F28022869
6 Bunn / Pease  Mar 1855Greenwich, Kent, England F28025908
7 Carr / Clarke  Sep 1888Greenwich, Kent, England F393
8 Collins / Jackson  Dec 1853Greenwich, Kent, England F12191
9 Ducker / Daly  Between Jul and Sep 1846Greenwich, Kent, England F672313497
10 Green / Moore  1898Greenwich, Kent, England F672928365
11 Grey / Holland  Oct 1466Greenwich, Kent, England F672622564
12 Haig / Brown  Abt Nov 1864Greenwich, Kent, England F672628067
13 Hand / Aylett  25 Dec 1899Greenwich, Kent, England F1943987719
14 Ingham / ERB  1 Sep 1920Greenwich, Kent, England F122011734
15 Jackson / Crane  3 Aug 1872Greenwich, Kent, England F1943987083
16 James / Harding  Sep 1857Greenwich, Kent, England F672232968
17 Lee / Bullass  1911Greenwich, Kent, England F672668617
18 Loines / Bennett   F28026705
19 Mann / Harmer  21 Jul 1923Greenwich, Kent, England F673064885
20 Norton / Starling  1867Greenwich, Kent, England F672667798
21 Owen / Jeffry  1868Greenwich, Kent, England F1943987375
22 Parker / STOVOLD  Jul 1863Greenwich, Kent, England F3333884964
23 Pease / Jolly  Mar 1856Greenwich, Kent, England F28025903
24 Pease / Taplin  Sep 1887Greenwich, Kent, England F28025898
25 Robertson / Tomlin  Mar 1926Greenwich, Kent, England F3333782623
26 Seymour / Stewart  22 Jun 1610Greenwich, Kent, England F17663
27 Spink / James  Between Jan and Mar 1864Greenwich, Kent, England F672803405
28 Spink / James  Between Jan and Mar 1864Greenwich, Kent, England F672312481
29 Stanley / McNally  1 Oct 1855Greenwich, Kent, England F1943987381
30 Sulman / Greenaway  21 Dec 1901Greenwich, Kent, England F3333809356
31 Thomas / Lisle  Sep 1905Greenwich, Kent, England F1829
32 Thomas / Littlefield  Jun 1865Greenwich, Kent, England F2620
33 Tottle / Endersby  1867Greenwich, Kent, England F3333819363
34 Unknown / Pease  Sep 1895Greenwich, Kent, England F28025895