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Guisborough, Yorkshire UK



Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Byers, William Thompson  20 Sep 1871Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111293
2 Byers, William Thompson  11 May 1905Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111294
3 Chisom, Arthur  1881Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111396
4 Chisom, Richard Young  14 Dec 1885Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111248
5 Lockwood, Alfred George  13 Jun 1888Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111321
6 Lockwood, Amy Jane  5 Nov 1892Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111276
7 Lockwood, Annie Thompson Byers  7 Jul 1894Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111330
8 Lockwood, Burley  22 Apr 1877Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111263
9 Lockwood, Burley Johnson  18 Oct 1854Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111242
10 Lockwood, Clara  15 Jan 1889Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111275
11 Lockwood, Fred Moffat  6 Oct 1885Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111274
12 Lockwood, George  26 Feb 1894Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111269
13 Lockwood, Hannah  1883Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111265
14 Lockwood, Hannah Montgomery  28 Mar 1890Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111322
15 Lockwood, Herbert Robinson  21 Sep 1882Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111273
16 Lockwood, Isabella  29 Mar 1898Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111312
17 Lockwood, Jane  28 Dec 1891Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111268
18 Lockwood, Joseph  1856Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111243
19 Lockwood, Joseph Dawson  14 Apr 1896Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111270
20 Lockwood, Mary Ann  6 Nov 1891Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111329
21 Lockwood, Mary Ellen  8 Sep 1879Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111264
22 Lockwood, Robert  1885Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111266
23 Lockwood, Ruth  1900Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111271
24 Lockwood, William  31 Jan 1888Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111267
25 Lockwood (Natural child), Harriet  10 Oct 1863Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111244
26 Lockwood (Natural son), George Walter  4 Mar 1880Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111394
27 Robinson, Mary Ann  1857Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111272
28 Sanderson, George  1866Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111371
29 Sanderson, John W.  1868Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111372
30 Sanderson, John William  15 Sep 1867Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111343
31 Taylor, William Ernest  22 Oct 1902Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111280
32 Waller, Alice  4 Mar 1872Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111254
33 Waller, Charles William  25 Jan 1875Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111255
34 Waller, Elizabeth Mary  13 Mar 1865Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111250
35 Waller, Hannah  19 Sep 1870Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111253
36 Waller, James  1883Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111259
37 Waller, Jane  1878Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111257
38 Waller, John George  25 Mar 1869Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111252
39 Waller, Joseph Lockwood  1876Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111256
40 Waller, Maria  1881Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111258
41 Waller, Martha  1 Jan 1867Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111251


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Byers, William Thompson  15 Oct 1871Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111293
2 Byers, William Thompson  16 Jun 1909Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111294
3 Lockwood, Alfred George  26 Jul 1888Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111321
4 Lockwood, Amy Jane  9 Dec 1892Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111276
5 Lockwood, Annie Thompson Byers  24 Jul 1894Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111330
6 Lockwood, Burley  10 May 1877Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111263
7 Lockwood, Clara  20 Feb 1889Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111275
8 Lockwood, Fred Moffat  4 Nov 1885Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111274
9 Lockwood, Hannah Montgomery  17 May 1890Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111322
10 Lockwood, Herbert Robinson  11 Oct 1882Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111273
11 Lockwood, Isabella  7 Apr 1898Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111312
12 Lockwood, Mary Ann  12 Dec 1891Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111329
13 Lockwood, Mary Ellen  12 Dec 1905Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111264
14 Lockwood, William  11 Nov 1889Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111267
15 Lockwood (Natural child), Harriet  12 Jan 1870Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111244
16 Lockwood (Natural son), George Walter  19 Oct 1881Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111394
17 Waller, Alice  2 Oct 1872Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111254
18 Waller, Charles William  10 Nev 1875Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111255
19 Waller, Elizabeth Mary  13 May 1865Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111250
20 Waller, Hannah  4 Jan 1871Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111253
21 Waller, John George  12 Jan 1870Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111252
22 Waller, Martha  5 Feb 1868Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111251


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Johnson, Isabella  1880Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111233
2 Lockwood, Alfred George  1889Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111321
3 Lockwood, Isabella  1898Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111312
4 Lockwood, John  1870Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111232
5 Lockwood, John  1921Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111238
6 Lockwood, Mary Ann  1913Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111234
7 Lockwood, Robert Merry  20 Feb 1911Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111237
8 Normington, Mahalah  1856Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111353
9 Robinson, Ruth  1902Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111261
10 Sanderson, Danvers  1903Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111350
11 Sanderson, William  1865Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111352
12 Sanderson, William  1895Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111361


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Lockwood, John  8 Apr 1870Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111232
2 Lockwood, Mary Ann  2 Aug 1913Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111234
3 Sanderson, John William  8 Feb 1961Guisborough, Yorkshire UK I111343


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Byers / Lockwood  1906Guisborough, Yorkshire UK F26323
2 Lockwood / Hallam  22 May 1876Guisborough, Yorkshire UK F26316
3 Sanderson / Shaw (Natural Child)  10 Jun 1865Guisborough, Yorkshire UK F26334
4 Waller / Dale  31 Dec 1894Guisborough, Yorkshire UK F26319
5 Waller / Lockwood  14 Mar 1864Guisborough, Yorkshire UK F26314